tumblr overwatch fandom reaction to seeing mei
  • people who didnt play the game and just like the characters: mei! shes such a cutie
  • people who play the game: THE DEVIL THE DEVIL THE DEVEIL REPENT

Do people who support the burkini ban really not understand that forcing Muslim women to unveil will have the opposite effect of what they want?

Do they not understand that forcing women wearing burkinis to take them off will prevent them from going to the beach? That it will encourage those Islamophobic idiots who already yell at, harass, follow, and beat up women wearing veils?

And that those women will thus be forced more and more to stay at home due to the virulent anti-veil sentiment brewing outside?

Do they not understand that such attempts to force women to deveil only empower the most patriarchal, misogynistic aspects of Muslim societies by literally proving them right about Western hypocrisy regarding freedom and human rights?

That using the police’s guns to humiliate people does not to lead to a conversation, it only leads to pain and anger, and rightfully so?

Do they not realize this road has been travelled before?

That in Iran in the 1930s, a law was passed that banned chador and in the years that followed police ripped the veils off of thousands of women, forcing many who previously took part in society to return to their homes for fear of being humiliated for their clothing?

That years later after this forced deveiling, the same country would institute forced veiling as a direct ideological response? That patriarchy and misogyny breed patriarchy and misogyny?

Whatever you think about veiling is irrelevant. Attacking women for what they wear, for the presence or lack thereof of a piece of cloth above their head, is misogyny, pure and simple.

Arguing that women wearing cloth around their bodies is a threat to national security and to secularism doesn’t make any sense and is completely counterproductive, unless your goal is to terrify Muslim women from going outside for fear of being attacked.

And if you are still proferring tepid apologies for this law, then you have made your position clear.

—  Alex Shams