i’m tired and stressed so here’s some random thoughts:

i know i could probably write decent (if not fairly good) fanfiction….but i’m just not confident enough to post lmaooo

like, i think i’m honestly decent at writing….and i have a completely unused ao3 account

idk it might be a summer project *shrugs*

I literally just read a post that said “abortion clinics are worse than Hitler because they killed more babies than how many Jewish people were killed by Hitler.”…….do these fanatics ever just….re read what they just wrote, or listen to themselves when they speak? Do they ever just…realize what they said made absolutely NO sense? Not to mention completely disrespects the real victims of the holocaust….how dumb, insensitive, and off base can you be? What reality are these people living in? (And that is putting it lightly….I have some more elaborate language pent up in me after that post but….)

I don’t understand why everyone is so angry/shocked that fob released ‘electronic’ music????? Like?,,?? After abap did u literally not see that coming???? this was going to happen all along you really can’t expect them to release something like irresistible ft demi lovato and then suddenly revert to something like futct or folie

Estela’s Kitchen

Summary: Estela is assigned kitchen duty and she has no idea what to cook. She does know one recipe, but isn’t prepared for how her cooking would impact her friends.

Author’s note: This is for #ChoicesCreates, with the prompt “kitchen”, hosted by @choicesmyway (Rating: T)

Estela’s Kitchen

They say that people can feel what the cook feels when he prepares his dish. That night in La Huerta, everyone had gone off on their own to cry.

The dish was a simple one — bread pudding, a recipe from home. While it brought comfort to the baker, it made those who took a forkful of the pudding pine for home, but not in the way one expects home to be. The yearning the pudding had pulled out of each one was for a home that wasn’t defined by four walls and a roof, but something else.

It was her turn in the kitchen. Estela dreaded the night dinner was assigned to her. After Raj had opened up the kitchen to the group, saying he shouldn’t be the only one feeding everyone (at least during dinner), each one had taken turns at the kitchen. Estela had gone last, and now there was no backing out.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit. The kitchen reminded her too much of her mother. She recalled sitting on a kitchen stool, watching her mother whip up various dishes to satisfy the large appetites of her always-hungry uncles. She would help her mother on occasion — slicing vegetables, mixing soup, but the kitchen to her was a place where she could just sit back and relax. No trainings, no exercises, no mental games to be played. It was a cove of comfort, and one that she would always associate with her mother.

This is why she had been avoiding kitchen duty in The Celestial. That, and she had no idea how to cook. Except for one dish — the dish her mother would prepare for her when she’d come home from a long and tiring day from school or training. Bread pudding.

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A Thought on Controversy

I’m going to stop reblogging content about “minor controversy of the day” when it comes to social issues because I think we’ve failed to realise that by doing so, we derail our own movement.

It is much easier for a journalist to write an article called “Activists Criticise Snapchat Filter as"Racist”“ than it is for them to cover "Minorities Still Face Horrific Inequalities”.

If instead of wasting our time on minor stuff, we got back to trying to create real change, we would stop alienating natural allies on the left (minority and majority) and we could draw attention to the issues that matter.

I want to see more headlines like ‘Activists Overturn Local Government Policy that Disproportionately Targets Ethnic Minorities’ than the minor mountains-out-of-molehills controversies because real change is happening and we can only get more people on our side by focusing on the real good that we are causing.

Stand up for the changes you’ve caused!


Instead of doing my calculus assignment, I decided to spend my night playing around with some brushes and colors in Photoshop, in the effort to make my MC resemble myself/makeup routine/current hair color a tad more. I do more graphic design than digital painting + haven’t sketched faces in ages, so 😬  she still looks too white to be me. But, she does feel slightly more like Chinese Maggie now! 👀

I admit that I scrutinize East Asian portrayal to the point that it can be too extreme. But then I think about all the Whitewashing™ in both western and Asian beauty/cosmetic/entertainment industries, and how it makes Asian people, myself included, feel icky about our natural looks. 

@playchoices does a spectacular job with representation, but there’s always room for improvement. For instance, I would like to see body shape variety and specific ethnic features, rather than just slapping a different skin color onto a caucasian face, which I felt was the case for the Freshman MC here. 

(And of course, not everyone who plays Choices is female! Let’s represent all genders, and not just in Endless Summer.)

I was very happy with the MC customization options in the The Royal Romance. I liked East Asian MC (though she looked strikingly like LoveHacks MC) and of course, the Prince. 😉  It would be cool if we could choose our character/family race for Rules of Engagement, and if the The Royal Romance MC options could be applied to all other books.

Anyways, it’s amazing how Choices can inspire me to pick up the drawing tablet after 2+ years again. 😊  Now, it’s time to stop questioning my racial identity and start my calculus assignment! Too bad Zig isn’t here to offer moral support…😞