Big trees absorb more carbon than many little trees, and they are fast disappearing. It’s time to work harder at conserving the planet’s big trees, to protect them from logging, invasive species, devastating storms, catastrophic fires, and encroaching development. It’s one of the reasons forests require management, a term that many people find odd. Trees are the planet’s lungs. ~AR

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Vine by ズマお

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A lot of creepy things live in the depths of the ocean, and Lugia is certainly no exception. The pokédex says that this pokémon lives deep in the ocean to control it’s power. In the sky, flapping Lugia’s wings creates storms and devastating winds. In the high pressures of the deep ocean, it does not have such strong effects.

Water is more viscous then air, which means that it takes more effort to displace and push water to move through it. This is why it is harder to walk in water. As with most fluids, the more pressure is increased, the more viscous it becomes, and thus the harder to move through. Deep in the oceans, pressure is very high, crushed under the weight of miles of water. So while Lugia’s powerful wings can cause disasters in the air, in the high pressure of the water they make much less of an impact. In the deepest ocean, about 36,000 feet (nearly 7 miles/11 km down), the surrounding pressure is equivalent to lifting 50 jumbo jets. Film director James Cameron holds the record for the deepest dive (in a submarine, of course) by reaching the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Lugia probably doesn’t hide down that deep, but withstands huge pressures nonetheless.

So how does Lugia survive those kind of insane pressures? Furthermore, how can its body survive both in those deep pressures and flying in the air? For these answers, we’re going to look at whales. 

Sperm whales, specifically, are known to dive over 7,000 feet to hunt giant squid. Being mammals, they also have to return to the surface regularly to breathe. This is a pressure difference of roughly 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch), which would easily collapse human lungs and snap bones. But the sperm whale has a unique advantage. Unlike human lungs, whale lungs, sinuses, and other air cavities are actually anatomically meant to collapse. Whales have flexible bodies and bendable cartilage supporting their rib cage, for example. Additionally, both whales and crustaceans have a collection of veins called venous plexuses which fill to get rid of the air spaces like their ear cavity when diving.

As for the lungs, lung collapse forces air away from the alveoli, the part of the lungs where the air enters the bloodstream. In diving humans, too much air transfer at high pressures can cause high nitrogen levels in the blood, which leads to “the bends”. But a whale obviously has no need to breathe underwater, since they hold their breath when they dive. Therefore, whales don’t even use their lungs underwater, so they can collapse safely. The whale survives off of the oxygen that is already in their body from their most recent breaths. Since a whale has 3-4 times more blood than a human, they can hold much more oxygen. Additionally, whales have about 10 times higher concentration of myoglobin than humans, which is the oxygen-storing protein in muscles (the equivalent of hemoglobin in the bloodstream). Since whales can store so much oxygen in their bodies, they have no use for their lungs underwater and therefore can withstand the high pressures.

Lugia’s body is anatomically built to adapt to high changes in pressure, enabling it to both soar through the skies and dive deep into the ocean. Its body is flexible and it can store much more oxygen in its muscles and blood than a human can, so its lungs, ear cavities, and other air spaces in the body can safely collapse in the high pressures of the ocean.

13th century Mongolian ship Kublai Khan sent to invade Japan found

Archaeologists have discovered the wreck of a Mongolian ship that was part of a fleet dispatched by Kublai Khan to invade Japan in the 13th century.

The ship is the second to be located off southern Japan from two massive armadas – each reputedly made up of more than 4,000 ships and with an invasion force of 140,000 men – sent by the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty to conquer Japan in 1274 and 1281.

Both invasion fleets were destroyed by devastating typhoons, with the storms going down in Japanese history as “kamikaze”, or divine wind, that saved the nation from foreign invasion. The kamikaze were again invoked in the dying days of the Second World War, with the crew of aircraft and miniature submarines carrying out suicide missions against the Allies. Read more.


Randall and Lix from the people that know them the best.

I really get the feeling Anna is as affected by Randall’s Beautiful Suffering as the rest of us – and the way Peter is looking at her he knows it too – because I swear she’s having a hard time not crying while Peter is explaining why Randall HAD to come back and find Lix again.

And if that’s not big-R Romantic enough for you, then Abi Morgan says :

Okay, admittedly, she didn’t say it over this particular image, but dammit she should have, so that’s what I’m using!

(The very little bit we get of Peter and Anna in the behind-the-scenes dvd extra is clearly only a portion of the full interview with them. What I wouldn’t give to see the whole thing! Did Pilfrey and Estelle come up at all I wonder? Because Pilfrey and Estelle is exactly the same kind of big-R Romance as Randall and Lix except obviously the complete opposite.)

Something that I keep expecting to come across but haven’t seen is speculation on whether Furiosa knew there would be a storm - had been waiting for it, planning on it.  

As soon as I saw her driving deliberately towards it, I had this quote in my head:

[Stilgar] said, “Very soon, Mua’Dib.  Sooner than we expected.  It is a great-great-grandmother of a storm…perhaps even more than you wished.”

“It’s my storm,” Paul said, and saw the silent awe on the faces of the Fedaykin who heard him.  “Though it shook the entire world it could not be more than I wished.”

Paul Adreides (Dune) had waited until an enormous sand storm would destroy the shields and communications of the enemy before launching his most devastating attack.  The storm was his ace in the hole.

Furiosa was driving the heaviest vehicle in the chase, and knew she would be right from the start.  She had the greatest chance of surviving those winds - the war rig would stay on the ground while lighter vehicles were whirled away.  Did she know a storm was on its way? (a legit question for a couple of reasons: for one, people and animals living close to the elements can sense all kinds of things; and for two, they had tech at the Citadel and predicting deadly storms is a big survival advantage)  Did she pick that particular supply run day to move the wives because she knew she’d have this perfectly timed advantage?

Whether she had that forecast or whether she took the opportunity…it was her storm, for sure.

Crisis is not the word to describe it. You need a stronger word. It is much worse. There is no food for people to eat.
—  Elancie Moise, Department of Agriculture director in southern Haiti on the effects of Hurricane Matthew on the nation. Read more.

Situation In Sardinia Remains Critical

CAGLIARI – The severe storm that ravished Sardinia, Italy on Monday has left the area in critical condition. Several sewer water purification plants are still out of commission ever since the electricity went down because of the flooding early this week. Cyclone devastates island of…

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My heart once tried to tell me to
never fall for every person who
can makemy pulse quicken.
It didn’t tell me to look out for
the warning signs, either:
chest caving in like the weight
of a metal roof during a tornado,
senses being swept away like dirt
in a flash flood, judgment shattering
like a hammer thrust down upon
a mineral.
Each breath taken was an earthquake
rattling my insides, desperate to cradle
myself around the fault line that is you.
We can become the most beautiful
wreckage this world has ever seen
if we can just ignore the guilt seeping
out of our hearts like silk.
We can become the most devastating
storm and harness enough shock in
one kiss to equal twenty bolts of
lightning; the sound of our bodies
in bed pressing together would be
the equivalent of ninety thunderous
We can blossom into an apocalyptic
catastrophe and still stand amidst the
debris holding hands.
—  one burst of insane courage and we’ll be on top of the world // Haley Hendrick

Every masterpiece of a love poem
can seductively be turned into
a devastation,
restless storm of hate.
And that’s why I adore being a poet.
I can eat your soul
and then smoke it out of my lungs
without getting addicted to you.

They Kill Themselves For My Poetry by Royla Asghar

So I thought I’d show people why the weather going to Katsu was so bad.

This is Bertholdt’s “There’s going to be a snow storm so bad that the ability to get to Katsucon is going to be so difficult that many people won’t be able to attend.” position.

Sources say he’d been sleeping in this position for about a week prior to the convention, but sources (including our very own Reiner Braun) insisted upon saying, “Nah, that’s his ‘Slight windy and overall a bit moist’ position.” However they have since redacted that statement by recalling that “No, wait. It’s Bertholdt's left leg that goes over his head when the weather’s slightly windy. Yeah that’s totally the devastating storm position.”

Bertholdt’s sleeping position has since returned to normal.

(Bertholdt Fubar is commanderspockvevo)

Okay, but, imagine if everything went wrong in the Seychelles:
  • The first night they’re there, a freak tropical storm devastates the resort and knocks out the electricity all over the islands. The government declares a state of emergency—well, what else is new?
  • Jemma stays awake for twenty-eight hours straight, working triage. Fitz spends that time tooling around the islands in a variety of small boats and golf carts, getting essential generators up and running.
  • The only time they see each other for 36 hours is when she removes the splinters he’s picked up hauling trees out of the roads. Each pricked place receives a kiss.
  • Before he leaves, he tucks her hair behind her ear, kisses her hairline, and tells her she’s his hero
  • The wi-fi is out. So are the phones. They get SHIELD on the sat-phone, but Stuff Is Happening so
  • Once things settle, they are given a room in the only hotel with electricity. It is five miles inland. The carpet is fuzzy and green because it hasn’t been replaced since the seventies. The walls are fuzzy and green because they’re covered with a mold they discover Fitz is allergic to
  • If you think Jemma doesn’t try to get a sample to take home you’re wrong
  • It grows too quickly thank goodness
  • There’s running water, of a sort, but it’s so brown they decide unilaterally that showers are not to be thought of. Sponge baths are the order of the day and Fitz helps Jemma wash her hair so it doesn’t get in her eyes
  • However, they cannot exist without tea. Fortunately, Jemma brought a tin of proper tea that actually survived the storm. Fitz rigs up a burner using her curling iron that gets the water both hot and clean enough to drink, but there’s no milk because powdered milk is an abomination
  • Someone drops by a bag of groceries every four days or so
  • Fitz complains of hunger every four minutes or so
  • There are bugs everywhere, breeding in the standing water leftover from the storm. Jemma is allergic to bug bites, they find, and spends several days with cool washcloths on the bites, which are as swollen as cricket balls
  • They pass the time playing Twenty Questions: Scientists Edition and interminable rounds of Go Fish with a sticky deck of cards Jemma found in the drawer. It has indigenous fish species on it
  • By the end of the vacation the score stands Fitz 1,465 and Jemma 1,523
  • Naturally she gloats but Fitz thinks she’s adorable when she’s smug so he may throw a game or a hundred
  • Their vacation wardrobes are entirely out of season so they spend the whole time in the two oversized jumpers Jemma brought just in case. This cues another round of gloating when she reminds Fitz that he tried to talk her out of them
  • The last night Fitz manages to scrounge up enough emergency candles to make the ambiance in the room romantic rather than scary and they make a little island on the disgusting, nubby bedspread and make a splash with the rations and drink tea out of glasses and Fitz pulls out a box of chocolates he’s been hiding somehow
  • They arrive back at the base with no tans, no photos (except silly selfies Jemma forced Fitz to take somewhere in the middle of Go Fish and Twenty Questions and the rest of it), and the broadest grins on their faces
  • “It was the best vacation ever,” they say

Design based on herding/sheepdogs 

Collewe (Collie + Ewe) - The Nipping Pokemon

Dark or Normal/Dark

This highly energetic pokemon loves to chase around pokemon much larger than themselves. It is often used by ranch owners to keep their flocks in control.

Collewe’s fur is very similar to a Mareep’s wool. It tends to hide amongst large flocks of Mareep to avoid capture.

Manegrel (Mane + Mongrel) - The Charging Pokemon


When faced with something unfamiliar, Manegrel will charge at it with full force. Even trainers of this pokemon have to be very cautious of its mood.

It is said that when a Manegrel pack charges through an area, it means a devastating storm is soon to follow.

Lupiter (Lupus + Jupiter, Roman Zeus) - The Gatekeeper Pokemon


Despite its intimidating appearance, Lupiter are known for being great and gentle protectors. They will often let smaller pokemon rest in their soft mane.

Its howl resembles that of loud rolling thunder. In battle it runs around its opponents charging up powerful amounts of static electricity. Its horns shine brightly when it is fully charged. (Note: This is more like an in-battle animation rather than an alternate form)