Situation In Sardinia Remains Critical

CAGLIARI – The severe storm that ravished Sardinia, Italy on Monday has left the area in critical condition. Several sewer water purification plants are still out of commission ever since the electricity went down because of the flooding early this week. Cyclone devastates island of…

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Power Grumps AU: The Profiles (complete)

Suzy: “The Lioness”: she has the ability to turn animals into horrific, deadly, magical, monster-fied versions of themselves at will. She has a natural bond with any animal she meets and they all pledge loyalty to her once she shares her bond with them. She can posses them as well, able to see through their eyes and use their abilities if she is incapacitated. She also shares some characteristics with animals, such as an amazing sense of smell, cat-like reflexes and grace, and the dark amber eyes of a wolf. She is dangerous, chaotic, and reckless. She kills for fun.

Dan: “The Wave”: He manipulates water in all of its forms. He can conjure huge, devastating storms that could level mountains at the lift of a hand. His favorite trick is pulling water from thin air and messing with it, his best party trick, he calls it. He can perform blood bending, but prefers not to, as he respects simple human dignity. He used to use his powers for evil fun, but changed his outlook when he drove his family away with his power. He ran away to start anew, and tries his hardest to use his powers for good. He’s slick, smooth, charming, and not to be underestimated.

Arin: “The Nurse”: He has the ability to heal wounds, diseases, and ailments with ease. Knowing he had this ability from a young age, he spent his time fighting a lot, just because he knew he wouldn’t have to worry about injuries. He learned how to fight and he learned how to heal. His family was approached by the government, and he was sent into the military against his will to heal soldiers in battle. However, when a bomb nearly cost him his life, he fleed from the army. He changed his name and tried to start over. He is still being pursued by the government.

Ross: “The Witch”: Pure evil. He can take someone’s will away from them and enforce his own with simple eye contact. The victim’s eyes will turn a vivid blue as a sign of their will being taken over. He has used and still uses this power for evil. His endgoal is to literally take over the world. He has spent years building and rebuilding his army, trying to create an invincible team of soldiers. His current worry has, however, been moving from place to place. He is being hunted by Arin’s group, and has been for years.

Barry: “The Vampire” : He is half human, half vampire. His mother dug too far down the rabbit hole, and fell in love with a vampire, who fell in love right back. They produced Barry. He is what the ancients refer to as The Golden Vampire, because he can withstand the sun, unlike any other vampire in existence, due to his half-human side from his mother. His eyes are a permanent black, and his teeth are permanently fangs. He is magnificently deadly, able to shred a person to pieces with his claws in one swift slice. He is incredibly strong, fast, and skilled in combat. He’d been shunned by his parents, being too much of a human to fit into the dark world, and too much of a monster to fit into the human one. He lives in the shadows. Dark. Dangerous. Silent. Be bold around him, he can smell when you’re afraid. It’s unknown whether he chooses the path of good or evil.

Holly: “The Shield” : She has the ability to create an impenetrable shield of any size. It’s like a bubble surrounding whatever she wants to protect. She just recently, a few years ago, realized she had this power after saving her best friend from a car crash. She was then taken into the pentagon, ordered to have a shield around it 24/7. She couldn’t do it, and didn’t want to, so she ran away as well, and found Arin’s group. Everyone immediately took her in as family.

Brian: “The Transporter” : He can teleport. He can go from where he’s standing to a completely different country and back in the blink of an eye. As long as he knows where he’s going, he can go there. He used to work for the mafia, having his power used to pull off the biggest heists and robberies in history. He has since ran away in pursue of an education, acquiring a PhD along the way. However, he wasn’t satisfied with the cookie cutter life he was living, so he found Arin’s group and now lives with them. Currently, he uses his powers to annoy his friends.

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