Winter update!

Got a quick little bit to update all ya'lls on!  

     First off, Such Gold tour is going really well.   Love that we have Drug Church and Pentimento on this tour.    It’s only a few shows, but I am way into it so far.   A little bit of bad news, our exhaust is fucked on the Such Bus, and we’ve decided to at this point retire the old gal.   We just bought a new trailer, and it’s just not made to pull something that big and it’ll just be a huge problem and not worth investing any more money in.   Kind of sad but oh well.   We don’t need a vehicle until Spring, so we’ll be shopping for something but for now We’re riding with Drug Church.  They’re pulling our trailer too, and it’s fun to pile into the van and hang with each other instead of just sleeping all day.    

    Next news is good news.   My Iron Lung has asked me to play drums for them, basically as their full time drummer when I’m free from Such Gold.    I’m at this point scheduled to tour with them next week, write/play on their full length record that they’re recording, and another full US tour in the Spring after Such Gold gets home from overseas touring.   I’m still 100% dedicated to Such Gold will always take priority with everything we’re doing, but there’s a little bit free time opening up and I want to stay busy playing drums.  I’ll post all the dates on the shows page as they’re announced.  

     I’m also looking into giving drum lessons on the road, for beginners to intermediate players.   I’m spending a good hour a day, usually at the show, studying through the classic books, and would love to be turning other drummers onto them as well.   If anyone is interested, you can email me at .    One lesson went pretty well already, I guest listed this kid, gave him a half hour lesson and just basically talked with him about what I do to warm up, what I listen to, answer grip questions, gave him some rudiments to work on, talk technique and set up etc.   I’ve taken many lessons myself from drummers who really pushed me to be better, and that’s all I want to do for others, help them with questions and really just get them pumped to play.  

ok, I’m rambling, I’ll stop now!   Come out to a show, we’ve got a few left.   See my “shows” page for details. 



My Iron Lung at Kuppa Joe in Fresno, CA… ignore the crowd (: