deva and i

Persona 1 lyrics ask meme


“Dream of a butterfly, or is life a dream?”

“Don’t wanna wake up ‘cause I’m happier here.”

“I was glad just to have you by my side It was the only reality I needed.”

“But it was all just a dream.”

“When I woke up, no one was really there.”

“There is nothing certain.”

“What should I believe in to live on in this ever changing world?”

“I’m drowning in sadness”

“I can’t believe in you, but I cannot forget you.”

“I will dig up my faith and march on.”

“I believed that it’s because you are by my side that I could grow strong.”

“I cannot see ahead but I can’t keep standing still.”

“I was afraid of suffering“

“Can’t lay the blame on you but I cannot forgive you.”

“That day I realized my weaknesses are because of you. They all are.”


“Leave this buried memory. This fear-ridden self-consciousness.”

“I’m just a lone prayer.”

“The hate-crazed thoughts just don’t stop.”

“The world deletes all I said to you.”

“Overwrite this pain tearing me apart.”

“Ready for a trip to nowhere.(?)”

“Let me feel alive.”


“Until the dawn. Nobody comes.”

“Let butterflies spread until the dawn.”


“Don’t you want it, baby?”

“Keep it real, let’s keep it real.”


“Save me from that bloody destiny.”

“How do you feel seizing me now?”

“ You made me like this.”

“Oh God, you can’t Let me down.”


“Everyone will surely find the dream that they had when they were young.”

“We’re no longer children any more but, we’ll never fully become adults.”

“We’ve never noticed it, our dreams are within our reality. When we finally did, we had already become adults.”

DEVA YUGA (Arrange version)

“What are you living for?”

“Where do people come from and where are they going?”

“I don’t know.”

“Me neither.”

“Tell me.”

“There’s no meaning.”

“I want to change.”

“That’s a waste of time.”

“I can’t change…”

“There’s no meaning in life, you should know that.”

“I don’t want to be alone! Someone get me out of here! It’s so dark in here!”

“You and I are the same.”

“Grief and joy, anger and sadness… it’s all an illusion. Who needs such transience in life?”

“The past, the present, the future… they’re but a glittering dream, holding nothing to me.”

“Being alive is a mere illusion.”

“Why are we born?”

“Why are we alive?”

“Nobody has the answers.”

“It’s an endless labyrinth for the soul.”

“The heavy cross that we bear goes by the name of ‘karma’. No one can escape it.”

“We surrender our bodies to fleeting pleasures and try to forget, but the eternal doubt still remains, shimmering deep in our souls.”