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Now You Know | Raphael Santiago

“Raphael, what are you doing here?” You craned your neck towards him. This wedding was already a disaster. Alec was getting married to someone he didn’t even love and then your secret boyfriend had to show up.

“Relax, angel, I didn’t come for you,” Raphael laughed to himself. Of course, you knew he was just saying that because the others were around. “I came to watch over Simon.”

You rolled your eyes, sighing. “Of course you did. His seat is in between Clary and I’s if you want to go steal mine for a second.” You pointed over to the front of the aisle. The wedding had yet to start and you were feeling quite nervous, even though it wasn’t exactly your wedding. You were cramming down every piece of fruit you could, something you did when you were anxious. When you got the memo that the wedding would soon begin, you hurried off to your seat- your new seat, considering Raphael had decided to stick around longer than the usual.

Out of habit, Raphael reached over and grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers together. And you didn’t notice it, you were already so used to Raphael giving you affection that you didn’t really think anything of it. That was until Simon’s eyes bulged out of his head as he leaned in closer to get a look at your linked fingers. You quickly pulled your hand away from the man and he too knew why.

Magnus Bane had appeared mid-wedding, causing quite the scene as well. Everyone had looked back and you and a few others knew why he was here. He was here for his precious Alexander and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Alec looked in awe as he stared at Magnus. Magnus looked rather insecure at the way Alec was staring, considering he was about to be wedded to a beautiful wife. Alec hopped off the center and sauntered over to Magnus, pulling him by the collar and delivering a well-deserved smooch.

Everyone was stunned. It was no secret that shadowhunters messed around with downworlders, but at a wedding where everyone could see? That has never been done.

At that, Raphael reached over and grabbed your hand again. You stared at him in confusion as he slowly began to lean to your ear.

“I’m going to kiss you now, okay?” he let his lips linger against your ear for a moment.

“Wait, no, Raph- but everyone’s watching.” you quietly exclaimed.

“And that means I can’t show how much I love my girlfriend?” Raphael said a bit louder than he should have, catching a few eyes. There wasn’t much you could do at the moment. His fingers was already tangled with yours and people, including your friends, had already heard the word ‘girlfriend’ escape Raphael’s lips.

When you didn’t protest, Raphael grabbed the bottom of your chin and captured your lips with his. You could feel a blush come on, but you had to admit, it felt nice not hiding for once.

“Whoa, hold on. Slow your boat,” Simon held out his arm, pointing at the two of you. “I knew about Alec and Magnus, how come no one knew of you two?”


Raphael is debuffer extraordinaire, and holder of the most spells, sitting at a full 17. He’s very poorly equipped for frontline combat, and he’s even generally lacking in magical damage. He does one thing well, and that’s crippling others. It should be noted that in Draug’s Resurrection, while stat downs are not terribly powerful per cast, they stack and do not fade or decay over time. Once someone’s, say, Attack has been lowered, it will remain that way until the battle’s end.

The bread and butter of Raphael’s repertoire are three simple debuff spells, Palsy (Attack), Spore (Speed), and Enfeeble (Defense). In addition, Raphael has access to a number of both basic and unique Ailments. First, as any self-respecting plant mage would have, is simply Bind, restricting Skills. He can essentially remove a target from the fight by using Cocoon, making them nigh invincible but unable to do anything, or he can cause a slow death with Devil Seed, sapping all stats (Including Max HP and MP, reducing healing capabilities) over time.

Getting Raphael as a party member is not quite so simple. He works at Estoc’s Library, where one of Draug’s artifacts is being kept. While you can easily just overpower him and take it, you’ll lose out on him as a party member that way. And probably upset a couple others, while you’re at it. Alternative methods include sucking up and doing sidequests to earn his favour or simply doing other artifacts, waiting until the situation in Estoc changes to something more dire, when Raphael might be more inclined to take help from one he deems less desirable.

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29 raphael, idk if you write for him

Little Baddie | Raphael Santiago

You coughed loudly, grabbing the vampire’s attention, waiting for a ‘thank you’ or anything similar to that sorts. Raphael Santiago seemed to be extremely surprised, still even after you’d killed all those demons for him. You weren’t exactly fond of the shadowhunters in your Institute, but that was the reason why you went on missions by yourself.

A horde a Ravener demons had followed a mundane to the Hotel Dumort. Not necessarily to the Hotel Dumort, near the hotel. There, you found yourself fending for that mundane before the mundane could run off and escape, therefore leading the Raveners to trail into the hotel. Normally, shadowhunters would just leave considering this was now the vampires’ problem, but you were actually quite fond of them so you let yourself in and helped them. It was a big lot as well, you were surprised you had gotten them all. You were a little, what the mundanes would call, a ‘baddie’, disregarding the fact that the angel blood in you was quite a contradiction.

Still waiting for the token of appreciation, you whistled, grabbing your stele from your back pocket, tracing over the iratze, not exactly reacting to the burning feel.

“I um, I don’t know how to thank you, shadowhunter.” Raphael seemed puzzled. He’d heard of your legendary skills, why would you stop by just to kill a few demons that attacked a few vampires, it wasn’t like you. You were quite the celebrity in the downworld, even if you were an angel and Raphael had been dying to meet you (no pun intended).

Now, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me already,” you laughed to yourself, “actually, you know what? I’m not surprised, happens quite often. But I’ll see you around, vampire.” You flashed him your teeth before backing out of the Hotel Dumort, leaving him standing there astonished.