dev is having a heart attack


“S-So… That’s a thing. A thing you can do. Noted.” 

- Henry

I’ve gotten a few questions asking if the transportation method used in Rosa’s fanfiction is canon, and the answer is: Partially. Dev can indeed possess and move between the merchandise, but it does have a limited range and there is no hallway of doors involved; It’s completely based on gut feeling and as such carries some risk. 

There also has to be enough ink available to re-form at his destination (which can leave him woozy), and it leaves behind a considerable amount of discarded ink on the origin-end which seriously contributes to the studio’s searcher problem

Think of it more as moving his consciousness around rather than teleporting; The benefits of not having a physical object as an anchor.

(There was talk in-stream of him using pretty much anything Bendy-licensed and plushies exploding/barfing out a fully-formed Dev, but as hilarious as that would be it leaves the issue of the ink unaddressed. xD )

I’m honestly so sad about how vicious some people have been to the Bioware devs over this game. It’s just… some of the responses I’ve seen to this backlash are straight up cruel. 

Scrambla, the master of hugs, is now the tenth boss to be complete! She constantly chases you around and summons extra-dimensional eyeballs and maws to attack you. This is probably as far as I’ll take the grotesque factor. The best part is those teeth that pop out and follow you around her body.

This boss represents Trypophobia which is something something I have. It’s like a very intense repulsion to certain clusters of holes and stuff. I wouldn’t recommend looking up pictures of it!

I get it guys, it’s not the devs fault and it shouldn’t be their job to have to tackle these issues, but that’s the thing. Their company has put them in the position where they have to by refusing to hire a PR rep and just generally being really shitty to them. None of us are trying to attack the devs. We are fighting for them because the company they work for won’t make pricing decisions that put their best interests at heart by allowing people who want to support them be able to afford to so. I would love to take this directly to the people who make the decisions, but unless one of you is a venture capitalist who has Lina Chen’s cell number, I have no way of doing that. But just because I am not able to talk to her directly doesn’t mean I’m willing to let her or Naomi Ladizinsky get away with taking advantage of their customers or their employees.

Please don’t stop fighting for something better. Sitting down and taking it while the company in charge of it sabotages the Arcana’s popularity and profitability is not doing the devs any favors. They are victims too and if we give up now, it’s going to hurt them in the long run.

I’ve seen several suggestions about movies of some sort starring both Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed… That is a great idea in theory but I’m pretty sure I would literally have a heart attack if I ever saw those two on screen at the same time.

Actually, do it, so I can at least die a happy woman.

lord-owlsnake  asked:

Would you be ok with me drawing your AU Seb where it looks like he's burning from the inside? Because i really like it ggggg

Are you referring to sad ghost dad? 

Because, since im talking about headcanons, there’s a lot to this AU that i feel like talking about ahahaha. 

It’s basically what happened if Seb had died in STEM. His death corrupted the server and he straight up became Malware. Or, more gently, he’s a glitch. The glitch jacked him up pretty bad and even though he’s mostly benign, he causes a lot of trouble. He doesn’t have a physical form of his own so he made one out of debris and dust, meaning you can’t physically attack him. 

However, the game dev in me went ahead and made him a boss fight. One of those shitty recurring ones too. The pieces of his heart, the things that root him inside STEM, are floating around in his chest and if you can disperse them, he can’t rebuild himself. 

He also can’t physically interact with the world, but he can set shit on fire and control the environment to an extent. 

He has two different moods when it comes to people trapped in STEM: he will either help them out or trap them. If he sees anyone show signs of turning haunted he will kill them. Sometimes he just likes the company. Out of spite, he actually trapped a lot of people inside STEM just to fuck with Mobius. They’re working on building a firewall to keep him still, but he finds a way around it eventually. 

He’s currently trying to pull a Ruvik and escape through a compatible host, but no such luck thus far. Being trapped has really messed up his moral compass and he’s kind of a passive aggressive dick aaaahhahaaa

so the allison road kickstarter is cancelled, nearly giving this horror blog owner a heart attack before he frantically googled details.

turns out the developers have partnered up with dev/publisher team17 to fund everyone’s favorite future p.t. replacement. so no worries, the game is funded, everyone who donated keeps their money, and everything is fine until konami buys up team17 and cancels it. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Honestly, all these Sikhs protesting Nanak Shah Fakir is so freaking ridiculous. 

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj is NOT being depicted by a human being, his depiction is completely CGI throughtout the entire film. Moreover, we only see Guru Maharaj’s back during the entire film and they do not show his face even once.

Also, the story is being a told from the point of view of Bhai Mardana Ji, Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s best friend and companion on his Udasis. So no kachi bani is being attributed to Guru Sahib either.

Moreover, why are people getting upset over a CGI, which is pretty much the same thing as a painting of the Guru Sahibaan, except it moves? Many Sikhs are adopting an Islamic interpretation of depictions of the Guru Sahibaan, but that does not line up with Sikh history. If you look inside Harmandir Sahib, you’ll see the interior covered with frescos depicting Guru Sahib- although these are restorations, the original frescos date back hundreds of years. There is absolutley NOTHING written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, or Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Vaaraan that opposes the use of images to depict the Guru Sahibaan.

Images have been used in the sikh tradition to convey Sikhi’s message, but we do not treat them the way Catholics and Orthodox Christians treat icons. Where we draw the line is worshipping these images. We do not bow to these pictures, because all they are are lines and smudges arranged in different colours on a piece of canvas. Similarly, Guru Sahib’s depiction in the CGI is nothing but pixels arranged together and is not put forward for the purpose of people to worship the image in the way we worship our Eternal Guru. So why are you protesting this CGI when image depictions have been in our Panth for centuries?

Above everything, I am puzzled as to why these people are wasting their time protesting a film that is trying to do NOTHING other than spreading Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message. We live in a time where there are people out there who are ACTUALLY opposed to our faith, who are ACTUALLY trying to wipe away our sovereign identity, and who are ACTUALLY attacking our Guru- some going as far as burning Guru Maharaj’s Pavan Saroop. To be quite honest, the protest of this film seems quite petty and stupid.

It broke my heart when I heard that this movie was removed from some theatres in Punjab. We have movies that openly advocate sexism, and degrade women on the screen, and people pay big money to watch these movies and perpetuate these injustices, yet you ban a movie that tries to share Guru Ji’s message? Kalyug…ghor Kalyug.

Please, save your breath and quit protesting the film. Who knows how many souls it will touch?