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So, combination of helping people move and being sick have delayed some things.  Anyways here’s current progress.  Improved animations a little, got turning animations working, and worked out a new jump animation, but it hangs on landing for some reason so I need to look into that.  Also got weapons sorta working…  Just need to figure out how to attach them to the player…

Also need to figure out how exactly I want to do the inventory for the game.  Thinking something simple like how it’s done in Breath of the Wild, but I’m not sure I plan for enough non-weapon items to be in the game to warrant such an inventory.

Oh yeah, also started working on a shader/post processing thing to give it a better look, but it hasn’t worked out too well yet, so I’ll get back to it later once I figure out more basic mechanics.

I’ll post more later, need to recover more now.


I’m sorry you couldn’t have your own kids.

What are you saying?

We… We weren’t blank pages, were we? Like your own would have been. You weren’t just adopting us but our past as well. And I feel like we’re killing you.


And all of those clichés I had about the country and the people, it kind of was all dispersed straight away. So we had a lot to talk about.

Dev Patel on his experience portraying the true story of Saroo Brierley in Lion


nowiwannaseehimfly requested: my favorite boys (John Boyega, Aaron Tveit, Dev Patel, and Oscar Isaac) + their sunshine smiles ✨✨✨


This ask has been sitting in my inbox for 300 years OTL im so sorry anon

Anyway, have a Nohr sibs ballet Au for your trouble! to go off of my Azura ballet Au. Thanks for the Message!

Daily #1,603! Today was overwhelmingly inspiring, and honestly the least alone I’ve felt about being a woman who codes since I first learned how over ten years ago.

Current mood: top right corner wraith

also disclaimer: so many of the stream concepts were REAL hard to see so I had to improvise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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whats a upcomming little known rpg horror game your looking forward to a lot? im trying to find new blogs for them to follow so i can play them all

there’s nothing I’m particularly looking forward to right now since I’m a bit focused on developing my own game and a few other online and irl stuff, but here’s some of the blogs I’m following that fall under the category of horror:

Check ‘em all out - everyone has something different to offer. c:

also coins are there

I mentioned on twitter I wanted to make an “enemy” dog that moves around the garden that you gotta avoid touching - if you do you accidentally mow some of its fur off and it makes a :O!! face and fades away…

Dallas: where did you learn to knit
Dev: I have a younger sister
Dev: which is completely unrelated to my knitting skills
Dev: she’s just so good at everything
Dev: I had to beat her at something
Dev: also my knitted sweaters look good on her
Dev: I can knit you a sweater
Dallas: ok