Die Entbehrliche

“The Shocker, The Mechanic, The Geek, The Shield.”

After getting ass kicked and beating the shit out of lil’ kids who are playing siege past their bedtime and didn’t get their fun because of me, I realised that I’m more used towards playing with the GSG-9 because of their cool weapons like the MP7 or the flash shield. So I decided to create a r6siege fanart outta them and what’s more, I wouldn’t have done this artwork if not for my fellow encouraging and helpful friend, ✪ Graffy ✪ or should I say Anya, hope you guys enjoy my artwork though!

and a short disclaimer to put, I’ve seen some of my old siege artworks getting uploaded on other sites without my permission, and what’s worst, its them not crediting me but themselves. So please do not be like those individuals, at least just contact me or leave a credit for my artworks. Both works as well.