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Argentina is in the Final, Get Over It

Okay so I am beyond tired of all the hate Argentina has been receiving this World Cup, I thought reaching the finals would change that but no, I’ve never even seen as much hate as there is now. Why?

At first it started with Bosnia, everyone defended Bosnia because they “deserved” it and everyone became fond of them. In the end Argentina won and everyone attacked them. 

Then we beat Iran and again, everyone defended Iran and was angry when Argentina won.

Then we have the same thing again with Nigeria and Switzerland and Belgium and now the Netherlands. Why? Everyone screamed that other team deserved it, completely ignoring the scores and facts. In all matches Argentina had more or almost tied ball domination, more successful passes, more shots on goals, more actual goals, etc. In soccer you don’t win by “deserving” to win or winning the audience’s heart, in soccer you win by making goals. There’s no such thing as “the referee favored them” because the referee doesn’t make goals, the team does. In no game did Argentina miss a goal and the referee called it anyway, in no game did the other team make a goal and the referee say it wasn’t. Argentina won every game fair and square. They didn’t even tie, they won every single game in the tournament. 

I saw a post saying “teams that played better than Argentina in the World Cup” and it had every team that played. Really? If they really played better than Argentina why did they lose to Argentina? Or why did they lose to whoever they lost? If they really played so much better they wouldn’t have lost. It’s really as simple as that. Argentina scored, the other teams didn’t. Argentina didn’t cheat, they didn’t dive (cough cough Robben), they didn’t purposely foul just to win, Argentina actually played a pretty decent game. They scored goals and won games. 

The worst thing I’ve seen is how everyone speaks of Germany compared to Agentina and I find that very interesting. Every single comment i’ve seen about Germany, has been about “crushing Argentina”. I have yet to see any posts talking about genuine support and love for their team, everyone only talks about how much they want them to beat Argentina. The same thing happened with Brazil, Brazilians would joke about Argentina losing and would go to Argentina games just to cheer on the opponent and in the end they lost. If Brazil had just dedicated all that energy that they spent hating Argentina supporting Brazil they may have done better. Plus why does everyone want Germany to “crush” Argentina so much? Germany aren’t really that much of a superpower. The main reason they scored 7 goals is because Brazil was weak and didn’t have its two best players. Why is everyone so happy about Germany but mad about Argentina? Why does Germany deserve to be in the final and not Argentina? Again, Argentina has won every single game, we never tied, and yes I am comparing Argentina to Germany and Brazil who both ended games tied to another country they deemed “inferior”. 

Argentina want this just as much as everyone else. They don’t want to win so they can beat Germany, yet the way most people speak of Germany they only care about them beating Argentina. And there is a difference. There is a huge difference in wanting your team to win, and wanting your team to win just so they can beat the other team. Argentina deserves this just as much as anyone else and all the hate is ridiculous. Saying other countries deserved this, even though they lost, just makes you sound immature, resentful and as if you have no idea of how the game works.

Argentina is in the final, get over it. They played great in the tournament and wouldn’t have reached the final if they didn’t. Both teams are incredible and deserve to be there. This final is going to be superb and I am super excited. Support your team and stop bashing others.