deutsche in amerika


these western scrub jays were sitting our house while we were gone.

when we came in through our front door everything reminded me of the time
i fell in love with this place two years ago:
we had just arrived in california from cold and rainy germany and have been living in a hotel for a few weeks while searching for a place to stay. lars had to start working pretty soon, i had to study for my exams - so we spent every free minute searching for housing opportunities. we ran into massive hickups and had to cut through a lot of red tape - not knowing how things work in this foreign country. we wanted to move out of the hotel so badly and finally start LIVING in california but couldn’t find a decent place to stay/that lets us stay.

when we arrived at the open house appointment we found on craigslist i was immediately smitten with this place we call home now. the smell of wood! the bayview! the huge deck! i almost ran out to the deck to indulge in the stunning vista…and the california sunshine.
that’s when i saw them: a pair of blue jays flying from palmtree to palmtree, tweeting out of pure joy. all i could think of was: are you kidding me? this is heaven! (compared to colorless german birds they looked like birds of paradise to me).
i smiled at lars and both of us knew: this is perfection!
oh how we’d love to live here!!! 
though things did not look all too good for us at the beginning (another long story) we eventually managed to seal the deal.

so we moved in with only a bed, sleeping bags and camping dishes (our container from germany with all our household goods was still in the middle of the pacific ocean) and camped in this house until we got any furniture. but this was OURS now and felt so much better than being trapped in a hotel. i vividly remember our first starry night out on the deck: we were tucked in our sleeping bags, sipping some nice red wine out of plastic cups.
what more could one possibly ask for?

this is our home ever since (which we share with these western scrub  jays)
- and will be for one more year, until we return to germany.

we’re SO grateful to live in the golden state!
i savor every day right now as the countdown is on.
let’s see what the last year of our expat experience will bring!