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[1933 Human AU

After 1929, the economic situation of the Weimar Republic was quite bad and particularly the population in rural areas were fit hard by unemployment. Germany hadn’t been a democracy for long, many people were still skeptical of the concept, so even openly “democracy-critical” parties were popular. 

NSDAP (Nationalsozialiste Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) - the Nazi party
Center Party - a Catholic centrist party from empire times that was among the bigger parties 
DDP (Deutsche Demokratische Partei) - a moderate party that was in steady decline from 1919 but was among the core parties; most popular with the middle class]

For me the most beautiful team in Germany will always be St. Pauli because;

  • They are anti fascists
  • Once they said fascism is not an idea but a crime
  • Volker Ippig
  • Left wing fans
  • They changed their stadium’s name (to Millerntor) after Koch became a member of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
  • They have a statue for fans who were killed during Hitler era
  • They supported Daum against Hoeneß who alleged Daum (who lost his job because of him) took cocaine (“We did drugs with Daum and we bought it from Hoeneß”). And they all signed it!
  • Their fans celebrate a goal like they just won the UCL even when they are losing 4-0 or 5-0.
  • According to Oberender, the skull on their flags (also you can see it on their website, crest and literally everywhere) stands for  Störtebeker, a pirate who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Hamburg’s Robin Hood. They see themselves as pirates against capitalism.
  • AC/DC’s famous “Hell’s Bells” is their unofficial anthem.
  • You can see Che or Karl Marx posters in the stands.
  • They travelled Cuba for pre-season, played a friendly against them, supported Palestine and Iraq.
  • They organized a World Cup for countries that don’t recognized by FIFA (which means they can’t join the WC); Zanzibar, Greenland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Tibet… (They called themselves Republic of St. Pauli) (Later St. Pauli beats Tibet 7-0 and their fans call it ‘rude’)
  • They had a homosexual president (Corney Litmann), they fight against homophobia and sexism.
  • They join protests with townsfolk. Once footballers and the board joined a protest against closing the hospitals with carrying a pankart which was saying “We will put the government in goal and take penalty”.
  • They didn’t use scoreboards until 2007 to protest modern football. Even then, they only used it because DFB forced them to.

Now this is why I call a team “more than a club”. Forza St. Pauli!