A Note From the Assistant: Livestream Broadcast December 10, 2011

So the next livestream is set for Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 7:30 pm EST, if there are no delays. However we are going to throw a bit of structure into this!

For this next livestream, Lazard is going to be playing a game with the audience and Mad-Libbing a song for everyone.

What kind of game, you ask? It’s a drinking game. Don’t worry, folks. You don’t have to drink. In fact…you have to make LAZARD drink as many times as possible. There are going to be fifteen shots on his desk tomorrow. Your job as the audience is to get him to drink them all. How do you do this? Well, it’s easy.

You simply have to embarrass the hell out of him with a question he’ll refuse to answer. Each participating audience member will have a turn at asking Lazard highly embarrassing questions; should you succeed, he will be forced into drinking some utterly vile concoction from the labs. However, if Lazard successfully answers your question, you get a strike. Three strikes and you’re out of the game.

So yes. Small recap of the ‘Embarrass Lazard’ game.

  • Participating audience members are picked.
  • Each member gets a maximum of three strikes. Until they use them all up, the audience member can keep asking questions for as long as they want.
  • As a general rule -to be fair- you can’t ask any questions about Rufus or Crisis. Failure to not ask about them will result in automatic loss. Be creative people. There’s so much to figure out about Lazard!

Winners, longest embarrassment streaks and other fun statistics will be posted after the livestream.

And then there will be mad-libbing! Lazard will ask the audience to provide words such as verbs and nouns and the like and place them in a song. Afterward, he will sing the song with the newly written in lyrics for your enjoyment.

Once that segment is over, there will be a quick Q & A session. Normal questions and odd requests may be made then.

This time, we hope to keep the show only for an hour this time. All good things come in moderation after all.

After many months of pestering and promises of good fortune, Tseng has at long last dragged me into the foreign land of Tumblr, as I am certain is the reason you are even seeing this post. I am a role player, have been for four years now, and recently got off of hiatus after a not so happy end with the Facebook community. I am entirely new to this, so do be patient if you send me a message and I still have yet to figure out the ins and outs of this new social media device. 

As far as role plays are concerned, I am fairly versatile. From Final Fantasy to The Elder Scrolls, if the fandom exists, I will most likely be able to role play with it; OC universes included. As, I am assuming the majority of you will be of the Final Fantasy 7 genre, I will give you a quick list of muses I typically revolve around (considering this is a multi-character account:)

Rufus ShinRa

Lazard Deusericus

Irys Kerr (Original Character)



This, of course is not a complete list, but I assure you that of these muses, my best can come out. I hope to meet you all very soon. 

Over and out, Yuka