deus ex human

The broken in mirror in Adam Jensen’s apartment in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a tiny piece of interactive storytelling, that reinforces Adam’s character in incredibly intricate ways. In smashing the mirror, he clearly punched it, but he himself was not damaged by it; he hates this image of himself, but has become invulnerable, and cannot destroy what he now is. In allowing the player to discover this area on their own, the game’s narrative gives itself room to expand with other characters and plot beats, by indicating that Adam’s character is as much a function of himself as his environment.

Dating Adam Jensen would include

∆ Trying to flirt with you, but ends up making a fool of himself.

∆ He will pick you up, but then never put you back down.

∆ Will whisper dirty things in your ear at the most random times

∆ Sweet kisses mid conversation

∆ Tracing detailed patterns or writing words with a finger when you can’t sleep.

∆ Lying in his arms when he reads in the evening then falling asleep as he rests his head on yours.

∆ Adam trying to push you away because he doesn’t want you to get hurt. You stay with him nevertheless and he just can’t get rid of you. (Or get enough of)

∆ Staying up late cooking sweets for each other then blind fold tasting them.

in real life:

me: *gets good grades*

me: *is a law abiding citizen*

me: *has never touched drugs or alcohol*

me: *is 90% asexual*

me: *would rather stay in and watch Netflix than go out to a crazy party*

shopping for a new video game:

rating: this game contains graphic violence, drug references, suggestive situations, and mature themes

me: nice. *buys game*