Lavadore, top left. Deumore, top right. Creech, middle. Fangry, bottom left. Slenderman, bottom right.
August 2011. 

Current personal record for tarantulas in a photo.
All were placed one by one, meticulously, and with a lot of patience and time. We stopped every time an individual began to move slightly, and chose where to put which gauged on the individual themselves. There were multiple hands at the ready and prepared to abort the photo.

Deumore and Misdreavus the Misfortunate.
July 2011.

Quite different than the original, and nowhere near as glamorous. The initial attempt had been at one with both of my Avics, but they were too fast and unpredictable for me to do much with, and a single shot where they were both in frame or looking semi-acceptable was an uncommon thing. As most would be aware, I settled for a deeply vivid one with just Deumore, but I always felt a bit sad that nothing had come of my attempts with both.

July 2011.

I’m a bee, I’m a bee, I’m a blue bumblebee!

That shoot actually brought so many amazing photos that I could never choose between, the post got two images (which I try and avoid,) and among this one there were still at least two others that I loved. This shoot was, after all, the one that finally brought me to love her.


July 2011.

Suggested by thepolishpotatoedourflag.
“Could you take a few photos with huge contrasts? E.g. A. versicolor on a bright yellow, maybe orange, background or one of the darker spiders on something white?” “A simple natural contrast would be nice.”

Does this suffice? Deumore is very difficult to work with, she rarely stays still, and the setting I often use takes four seconds to process each photo. I would love to do a light tarantula on a dark background in the future, I often prefer that, opposed to a darker on a lighter surface. Though, I saw a brilliant picture as such with a grown Pulchra and milky white hands, now I cannot wait for Abigail to grow.

Suggest a photo, here.

This set up ended up being what brought Deumore and I together finally. I mostly use her as my hook, she’s the beauty that catches eyes and attention. Whatever I need to catch one’s interest and to have them give tarantulas a chance. I had difficulty being fond of her though, because of how much attention she gets, compared to my others. When she’s “lost her luster,” her blue, I’ll end up loving her, as she settles into her adult form. But when she crawled off of the flower and down the leaf stalk, I could not help but ring out in smiles at it, as she inched towards me. She even snapped up an aphid at one point, faster than I could notice. I just saw it there in her tiny mouth, then, ulp! Gone. So endearing.