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True fact: one of the most savage murderers in all of Homestuck is Clubs motherfucking Deuce. He’s killed two of Caliborn’s minions, Jade, Jake, and both kings

But what makes CD so special is his absolute lack of remorse. Jack has killed billions of people, but he can’t kill Jade, no matter how hard he tries. He has some form of a conscience, no matter how small.

But CD? CD doesn’t give a single fuck. This is him after murdering Jade:

Look how happy he is. He just blew up a 13 year old girl and he’s doing a motherfucking umbrella dance

He took a snack break right before assassinating a teenager. Yes, he’s officially an assassin

CD is a cold-blooded killer and he doesn't even know it. To him, he’s just following orders he doesn't even understand. Jack needed the powers of every single prototyping to carry out his rampage. CD kills with shaving cream and peanuts.

Don't fuck with Clubs Deuce


Romantic Dinner

Everytime I think I know everything about Deuce he finds a new way to surprise me. Tonight, he invited me to what he called a new fashionable restaurant, so exclusive that even I had never heard about it. Deuce asked me to meet him at his place, which I found odd since he doesn’t have a driving licence. When the limo dropped me off, I noticed candles along the path and on the steps to his front door. The most exquisite smells were coming out of the house and Deuce’s mother opened the door even before I had time to knock. “Welcome to Chez Gorgon, mademoiselle De Nile, let me lead you to your table.” Completely stunned, I followed her without a question to a table for two lit by a few candles, where she pulled a chair for me.

“The chef won’t be long, he asked for the honor of waiting on you tonight.” I was recollecting myself when Deuce came out of the kitchen with tapas on a silver plate. “Oh! My! Râ! Deuce!” I said “You did all that?” He just nodded and I could tell he was nervous, but he didn’t need to be : everything was delicious! Four courses later, we were sitting in the garden to another candle-lit table, sipping a coffincino and sharing the dessert. People are always asking me what I find in Deuce; but I simply answer : “Everything!”.

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 5 : Cleo De Nile (Part 3) Close ups of locker picture and middle picture and a quick translation of the diary entry.

Monster High-Themed Asks

Abbey Bominable: Do you have an accent?

Andy Beast: Have you ever visited a tropical island?

Amanita Nightshade: Have you ever stolen anything?

Astranova: What’s your favorite constellation/star?

Avea Trotter: Are you stubborn?

Batsy Claro: What’s your favorite type of forest?

Bonita Femur: Do you have any bad habits?

Casta Fierce: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Catrine DeMew: What’s your favorite landscape?

Catty Noir: Do you believe in bad luck?

Clawd Wolf: Did you play any sports in high school?

Clawdeen Wolf: Do you have a large family?

Clawdia Wolf: Who’s your favorite author?

Cleo de Nile: Are you afraid of the dark?

Deuce Gorgon: What’s your favorite style of food?

Elissabat: Have you ever wanted to be an actor/actress?

Elle Eedee: What’s your favorite genre of music?

Finnegan Wake: Do you live your life to the fullest?

Frankie Stein: What’s your favorite body part?

Garrott du Roque: What’s your favorite fashion style?

Ghoulia Yelps: What’s your favorite subject?

Gigi Grant: What’s your biggest wish?

Gilda Goldstag: Have you ever been in a student council?

Gillington “Gil” Webber: Did you grow up in a traditional household?

Gooliope Jellington: Have you ever been the circus?

Heath Burns: Do you get excited easily?

Holt Hyde: How big is your vocal range?

Honey Swamp: Do you own a professional camera to take photos with or do you just use your phone?

Hoodude Voodoo: Do you feel like you have an effect on people’s emotions?

Howleen Wolf: Do you ever feel like you’re living in the shadow of someone else?

InvisiBilly: Do you like pulling pranks?

Iris Clops: What’s your eye color?

Isi Dawndancer: What’s your favorite type of dance?

Jackson Jekyll: Have you ever felt like an outcast?

Jane Boolittle: What’s your favorite animal?

Jinafire Long: Are you competitive?

Johnny Spirit: Have you ever gotten a detention?

Kieran Valentine: What’s your favorite pick-up line?

Kiyomi Haunterly: Have you ever had a history of shyness?

Kjersti Trollsøn: What’s your favorite video game?

Lagoona Blue: Have you ever been the ocean?

Lorna McNessie: Do you like having photos taken of you?

Luna Mothews: What’s your favorite musical?

Manny Taur: Have you ever had or been a bully?

Marisol Coxi: When did you realize that you have a beautiful body?

Mouscedes King: Have you ever been to a big city?

Nefera de Nile: Do you have any siblings?

Neighthan Rot: Are you clumsy?

Operetta: Have you ever been to the opera?

Porter “Paintergeist” Geiss: What’s your favorite medium to create art with?

Robecca Steam: What’s your favorite old-time piece of technology?

River Styxx: Do you like ghost stories?

Rochelle Goyle: Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?

Scarah Screams: Is it easy for you to read people’s faces?

Seth Ptolemy: What’s your passion?

Sirena Von Boo: Do you get distracted easily?

Skelita Calaveras: Have you ever transferred schools?

Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch: Do you have a hard time communicating your feelings?

Spectra Vondergeist: Do you try to avoid gossip?

Toralei Stripe: Do you like causing drama?

Twyla: What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

Vandala Doubloons: Have you ever been on a ship?

Viperine Gorgon: Have you ever met someone famous?

Venus McFlytrap: What’s your favorite flower?

Wydowna Spider: Do you feel like you get ignored in webisodes and Universal movies?