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Don’t forget to pick up your Free The Loud House Comic book tomorrow at your local participating comic shops. I got two full pages in this one. I got to write, rough and clean up my first ever published comic book. Amazing colors by our Art Director, Amanda Rynda.

Chris Savino also asked me to design the Gas Monster for “Deuces Wild”. I had a FARTastic time designing him.

Mercy part 3 🔥 - Marco Vendetti Deuces wild

As I pull out, you roll on your side crying, hoping it is over. Not by a long shot. Turning you over, I enter you from behind, brutally and start fucking your pussy again, with deep brutal thrusts. This goes on for some time, before I send another load of sperm deep into your womb.

Not finished with you yet, I move around to the front of you, as you lay on your front. Yanking the gag out, I shove my cock into your mouth while you try to gasp for air. You don’t react on time, and I get it deep into your mouth.

“Bite me and I will fuck you with the blade!”

I really don’t need to threaten you. I’ve heard millions of women in conversations saying that if a guy ever tried to force her to do oral they would bite it off. Brave words. None of my prior victims had the courage to try that. You will be no different.

Pushing it deep into your mouth, I start fucking your face, ordering you to suck on it, and use your tongue. Sheer terror overrides your sense of dignity, and you suck on my hardened flesh like your life depends on it. You try to refrain from gagging as I hammer my cock against the back of your mouth; against your throat as you desperately suck air in through your nose when you can. As my excitement builds, I start fucking your mouth harder, hurting your throat as my cock head bangs against the opening at the back of your mouth. You are frightened, that I might injure your throat. Maybe, but that’s really not my problem. Fucking harder, I feel an orgasm pending. Grabbing your hair, I force my cock head against the back of your throat, forcing it past your larynx as you choke and struggle. Pushing harder, I force it into your throat, and begin savagely hammering your throat as you are now unable to breathe. I fuck your throat for a full minute as you thrash desperately for air, in terror of dying with my cock in your throat. Several more brutal thrusts of my hips and I plant myself balls deep, as I pump my semen right down your throat into your belly.

I hold my cock there for a few seconds more, but then notice your struggles weakening

Lack of oxygen is about to render you unconscious, and I don’t want that. Pulling out rapidly, I hear you suck in air desperately as your body re-oxygenates itself, while you choke and cry.

Your torment is far from over. As a matter of fact it’s about to get a whole lot worse! Putting the gag back in, before you recover enough to scream, I have you silent for the next torment as you roll onto your back and look up at me, praying for pity.

“Hey baby doll, I think I have one more good fuck left in me. Ever been fucked in the ass?”

I hear you cry out into the gag, in terror. Of course. Ladies like you don’t do such disgusting perverted things. You try to plead with me through the gag, begging me not to do that. Fucking a woman in the ass hurts her, even when it’s consensual, and the guy has plenty of lube, and is real gentle. Since I don’t appear to have a jar of Vaseline on me, you know it would be a dry ass-fuck, and you also know now, that I am anything but gentle.

Your screams are coming through the gag, as like most women, you fear that this could seriously injure or kill you.

“What, you don’t want this? I understand……this will fucking hurt you.”

I am a well endowed man, and even pussy sex can be rough on a woman if I’m not gentle. Anal…god have mercy on you!

“Tell you what there doll, I’ll make you a deal. The sun should be up in about three hours. Maybe I’ll just go down on you instead. If you can hold out, and refrain from orgasm until the sun comes up, I let you go with your ass intact. If, however, I can make you cum….then I guess I will fuck your ass so hard, you’ll be screaming. Well doll…..just a little willpower. How hard can that be?”

As you cry out, at the implications of the deal, I lower my face down to your tender womanly flower. It is sore from my prior abuse, but I know how to get it heated up. With that, I spread your labia, opening your flesh as you whimper in terror. Slowly, I start licking your flesh, very gently, the tongue barely touching you. Every time I come close to your clitoris, I stop just at the edge, not wanting to touch that quite yet. I keep this up for several minutes, and then I start working closer to your sensitive little button. Gently, I move my mouth over it, blowing warm air on it as my tongue starts gently flicking it, again and again. Gradually the licks get harder as I start working on you, eating your delicious center, as your body quivers, with the early signs of arousal, despite your defiance. Can you hold out? We shall see! That will teach you to turn down Marco Vendetti when he wants you. You are mine now!

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Update 02-Aug-2017

got an other story to the list even thought I said I would not add another one.

its a marco vendetti from deuces wild, there the read is Leon and Bobbys little sister who has been seeing Marco behind people back some mounths before Allie’s death, 

Roses know that Marco did not give Allie the drugs but no one would lisson to her, but no matter what she stilled loved him 

Alos there is smut for all you diry bitches out there lol

Mercy part 1 - Marco Vendetti Deuces Wild 🔥

Marco POV

You never saw it coming. Your thoughts were abruptly interrupted as my hand clamped over your mouth hard enough to pull you off your feet and throw you to the ground as I drop on top of you, winding you.

Before you can regain your breath I have you tied and gagged. It is a practiced art to do both of those things in seconds, but I do it.

Then your terror really begins, because I grab you by your ankle and drag you slowly across the grass towards some bushes. You are trying to scream through the gag, but only muffled squeaks would get out as you see the relative safety of the path disappear and I drag you into the blackness, taking you far away from the path so there will be no chance of us being interrupted.

Then out comes the knife and a swift backhanded slap. Your entire body is shaking in sheer overwhelming terror; your heart is pounding so hard it hurts. You hear your friends warnings, when they told you repeatedly that you shouldn’t go through here at night. Tears are pouring out of your eyes as you think of how stupid it was to go through here at night.

Then the questions start coursing through your head. Why was I so stupid, and, oh god….please get me out of this…please!. ,

You’re mind is envisioning all the terrible things I could do to you here in the darkness where nobody can hear your muffled screams since the fountains in the park would help disguise muffled screams.

I look down at you with cruel merciless lust, like a predator, cornering it’s meal. You are at my mercy….and I will show you none!

You’re praying. Looking desperately into the darkness, praying that someone will walk by, close enough to hear you scream. There will be no knight in shining armour riding to the rescue love. I have you all to myself and I have as much time as I want..

I start cutting off your jacket leather, and then your shirt. A few flicks of the knife and your bra is off. Then I yank your skirt up around your waist , bunching the material. Now, looking down at your panties, I see your labia outlined through the soft material. This is the last barrier between me and your pussy. Rather than cutting them off, I tear them off, leaving deep red welts in your skin.

I then press the tip of the blade against your throat as you cry desperately in terror, your wet eyes pleading with me not to kill you.
“Move and I will fucking cut you…..just stay fucking still baby doll!”

With that I start tracing the tip of the blade down your neck as you whimper and quiver in mortal terror. Slowly I trace it over your breast, touching the tip to your nipples as you scrunch your eyes shut, in fear. I am very careful not to cut you. I want fear, not pain just yet.

“OPEN YOUR EYES BITCH !” I bark. I want to see the terror in your eyes. They open, staring in fear at me. You know I can do anything to you right now; hurt you…even kill you…

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