deuce the devil dog


Self care for Matt Murdock from Daredevil (anon) 

Kinetic Sand: $12.99 Just close your eyes and feel the sand. Don’t pay attention to how it looks. How does it feel and smell? 

Vanilla Bath: $11.95 Focus on the smell. it’s not just vanilla. There’s so much more to it than that. Can you smell the milk protein? Almost taste the shea butter? Hyperfocus on it. 

Forever Red Lotion: $17.94  A vanilla rum and pomegranate blend.

Sleep Masks: $10.99 Not just for sleep! Wear one while using fidgets, listening to music, etc. I don’t suggest walking or bathing while wearing one though. 

Braille For The Sighted: $9.95 A complete guide to braille for the sighted. 

Pocket Braille Cube: $3.95 + $5.90 It apparently makes learning braille a lot easier! 

Dark Red Journal: $11.99 A wonderful color, like his sunglasses. 

German Shepard Journal: $14.99 Like Deuce The Devil Dog! 

Workout Video: $15.97 I suggest you keep your eyes open and sighted during this one if you are not used to be being effectively blind.