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Anonymous: We are the Midnight Crew, we will fuck up your shit. And if you think we can’t, we’ll punch you in the dick! That’s why the people of this city are scared of Boxcars, Diamonds Droog, and Slick, and Clubs Deuce!

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eaglebower asked:

So, does this ever happen to you? Lately I've been noticing clothes that fit really well for certain MH characters. I was at a clothing swap saw this jacket and thought "Hey! That'd be perfect for Deuce... you know, if he was actual person size...." The same thing happened when I passed this cool vintage store, I thought, "Wow, that dress would be great on Operetta!" I have more of an eye for clothes for dolls I don't even own than for myself. Puff, what am I becoming?!

I know the feel; there was this Holt shirt at work in October.


Anything is possible