*on my deadbed* ok but hear me out…have you considered…droogdeuce…a tall dude who is v stoic dating a short dude whos not stoic at all? just…think about their relationship dynamic for a sec…think about it and smile

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imagine an au where things don't go wrong and while deuce still leaves hu bc of musical differences they still stay good friends -> imagine danny and deuce having a friendly rivalry over who sings better. imagine deuce and hu occasionally doing colllabs and they always sound awesome and both fandoms love them to bits. srsly just imagine them being one big happy family like it was supposed to be.


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So I discovered Hollywood undead back in '08 so I couldn't really find out much about their actual names so when I did find out deuces real name it was in like 2010 and I thought his last name was enrichment and only now have I been told it's erlichman and I feel bad

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry

The signs as Hollywood Undead lyrics #2
  • aries:My body doused in ash with two empty cans of gas. The only evidence they have is a police sketch of my mask.
  • taurus:Hey, I never meant to let go. All I want - and you're all I ever wanna know - can't hide in the attic of a pretty home, of a pretty home.
  • gemini:If I went out the back door, nobody would stop me, but where would I go? Cause I ain't ever had a real home, so what do I know? So I could keep running, hide until they find me; but what would that do? If they could only know what I knew, what would it prove?
  • cancer:So watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me. I am trying to be what you're dying to see. I feel like "Fuck man, can't take this anymore, this heartbreak. This is life that's so thankless. How could he just forsake us?"
  • leo:I look alive, I'm dead inside. My heart has holes and black blood flows. We'll do some drugs, we'll fall in love and get fucked up while the world just shrugs. With no thought logically, we're wandering the streets so aimlessly.
  • virgo:I guess I'm a man of no recourse. As I crack another bottle, got no remorse. And I'll say a little prayer for the child in me; I swear I used to be what I truly believe.
  • libra:And I've lost it all, fell today, it's all the same. I'm sorry, oh... I'm sorry, no. And I've been abused, I feel so used, because of you. I'm sorry, oh... I'm sorry, no.
  • scorpio:It's the end of the world. As on heaven, as on earth; we've been dead since our birth.
  • sagittarius:One more song and I'm finally free. I'll meet you here in heaven, between the sea. 'Cause I'm not just a man with these broken dreams. Even I could go to heaven if I part the sea.
  • capricorn:Here's the massacre, a mausoleum fit for me. Lived a hundred years, a hundred years I didn't see. Gave all my hope away, is there any left for me? Bombs are splitting atoms, what can the future bring?
  • aquarius:I broke it all and I'm put to the test. Put your hand to mine and feel this emptiness. There's no beat in my chest, 'cause there's nothing left. No it ain't goodbye, it's a last caress.
  • pisces:God knows one day you will finally see that scars will heal but were meant to bleed. Do you realize I would lie for you? Please have my last breath, I would die for you. I know I'm no good, but my heart beats true. You know I'm gonna fight, though I might be scared to lose.

Plot twist: deuce is actually posting all these random things to clean out the people who insult him so he can get rid of them