mylittlehony  asked:

For the equestrian questions, 14 (The last time you rode & what you did), 22 (Your dream barn (real or imaginary)) and 26 (One horse that has influenced you (good or bad)). :)

14. The last time you rode & what you did

Yesterday! I rode Volly to a neighbor’s house (Deuce rode GG), and we did trails. Worked on crossing a creek off property and some hills and some general desensitizing. A good experience for him!

22. Your dream barn (real or imaginary)

Carl Hester’s barn, for sure. 

26. One horse that has influenced you (good or bad)

GG. GG has made me the rider I am. If I ever get too sure of myself, and think that I know everything,he’s quick to put me in his place. He’s also steady as can be and always ready for a job. I have not, nor will I ever meet another horse like him. His movement has degraded due to age, and he’s never been fancy, but his brain is simply amazing and far exceeds any horse I’ve ever sat on. 

Ah yes Voltron, that show about cats. I took a buzzfeed “which cat breed r u” personality quiz 5 times, once as every character, and these are the resulting cats! Except Shiro got the same cat as Hunk so I just gave him the Token Pure White Cat haha. Hunk = squitten, Lance = siamese, Pidge = calico, Keith = maine coon.