I’ve got a few Monster High dolls i’m looking to sell, i just don’t play with them as much as i used to.
A couple are customs and the others have sat in a box under my bed for 6+ months, haha!

Anyways, here’s what i’m selling. Prices do not include shipping and i can’t ship internationally, sorry guys. :\
I live in the US, prices are in USD and i do not charge PayPal fees!

  • Custom Wolf Sisters Clawdeen (custom jewelry) - $45
  • Custom Dance Class Lagoona (rerooted) - $40
  • 13 Wishes Twyla (missing pet and purse) - $10
  • Picture Day Cleo (slight wonky eye and missing purse) - $10
  • Blank Create-A-Monster Mummy - $10
  • Wave 1 Deuce Gorgon (complete) - $30

Dolls come as pictured. Cleo and Deuce come with their stands, other dolls do not. All dolls come from a pet friendly home (cats). I am not open to trades.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking! :)

Family Discussion

The last day of school was an exciting day for really EVERY monster! The school day had passed really quick and every monster was happy to finally leave school and make all the stress disappear! But for Cleo, the stress was just about to start because it was already evening and there was one thing the princess didn’t do yet: Show her father the report she has gotten. It was already clear that Ramses would be anything but pleased to see the many Fs his daughter got in school…