look who’s finally here !! your est mess of an admin lizzy ! freshly eighteen ! hecka tired after speaking to one person for twenty minutes today ! but i’m here at last, and i’m v sorry for everything i missed last night ! anyway, onto haruhi ! my sweet lil muffin babe in need of ur plots ! i already know this is going to be messy and rushed bc i’m tired, but please don’t let that scare u away !! i can be chill if u give me a sec 

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anonymous asked:

Hey it's me, gay wine aunt. Leslie. You are perfect. It's unbelievable how perfect you. You could never disappoint your followers. Fuck those who unfollowed. We love you. (FAM loves you more.) *downs glass of wine* Leslie out. Deuces.



I love you too, Aunt Leslie <3 

becareful getting home, DO YOU NEED ME TO DRIVE  YOU?!

Ah yes Voltron, that show about cats. I took a buzzfeed “which cat breed r u” personality quiz 5 times, once as every character, and these are the resulting cats! Except Shiro got the same cat as Hunk so I just gave him the Token Pure White Cat haha. Hunk = squitten, Lance = siamese, Pidge = calico, Keith = maine coon.