@desperatetraphousewives I found my ugliest selfies to make this journey easy for you. Let me help you with the jokes: so the first pic is of me getting my face numbed for my acne treatments: it’s expensive to keep this skin smooth but a bitch gotta make investments you know?

Joke: bitch skin so rough she need modern science to help that mug.

In the second picture I’m chucking the deuces so I feel like this one is easy, go AWF sis.

The third is me on vacation so you know the hair pulled back cause the frizz is real: I looked like a tattered q-tip- GO IN MA!

The last one is actually pretty recent when I got home from the hospital and got my last steroid injection so I look swollen: insults you may use: moon faced ass hoe, bitch cheeks thick out here looking like a chipmunk, bitch got one full eye and then half a eye: tuerta ass hoe.

You’re welcome, good luck.

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fyi you're getting a hard unfollow for that comment. deuces.

Bye bitch, its my opinion. If I express the fact that I feel homosexuality is being shoved down our throats that’s my opinion. You act like I’m gay bashing .. Its honestly all a cover up of the black lives matter movment if you ask me..

If you in BMF the gang then you knew the consequences of being in this gang. Like Deuce said we need some females they don’t really know. Ava can’t because they shot at her so any other female in this gang ya’ll need to put on ya skimpiest clothing and turn on that sexy and seduce these LK niggas. Lead them to a house that they think is ya'lls or something then we’ll come out and kidnap they asses. We not only torturing them to get info on Nova but to see if any of them snitched with the label being on hold that means any money we made through the label in on hold as well. So the only way you Nigga can make bread is by getting back in the streets. It looks like some of y'all got spoiled by that lavish life and forgot what it means to be in BMF the gang. We do what we gotta do to keep moving. The Feds ain’t stopping me, I’m still gone eat, I got kids to care for so Ima do what I gotta do. If you ain’t about this life then let us know now.

Granted that Dylan had heard about the news pertaining to the label being shut down for investigation had infuriated him and knowing there was so much he could do, he knew part of it had something to do with the prostitution business he was running behind his club. It was something him and a few others knew about, part of the few being his own workers in the club itself.

He hadn’t spoken to his brothers nor cousins in awhile, factually, he couldn’t remember the last time he sat down and had a talk or a group meeting with any of them. Despite all of this, he received a message on his phone from Deuce telling him that there’d be a meeting at his place. That was his next stop. He stood up from his office chair and proceeded towards his front door.

Fuck,” was the last thing that had went through his mind as he opened the door to find police and several swat team members busting through his home door, past him into the den and searching around the rest of his home. Part of him stood there in slight shock, the other part had a second mind to make a run for it, but instead of doing either, he pulled out his pistol and began firing.

He was more than sure gunshots could be heard throughout the neighborhood he lived in and as Dylan continued to fire several shots at the police and swat team members, gunning down a few of them, it was only moments before he was tackled down to the ground followed by a gunshot to the right shoulder.

Moments later he was stood up to his feet and escorted out of his own home and into the back of a police vehicle. No warrants let alone a warning and the police and swat team members continued to roam and search through his house. As he sat in the back of the police vehicle, Dylan watched swat members and several police carried out numbers guns and loads of drugs.

The sight made him more angrier than upset to the point his jawlines clenched hard enough to break if they wanted to. He was more than positive he’d kept a tight stash and kept all of his belongings in a close and tight knit closed space.

A breath of air emitted from his mouth as he was driven down to the police station whereas he was questioned, processed and booked. The sheriff told him he’d be staying in a holding cell overnight until he was sent downtown tomorrow. He felt no shame in knowing all of this was happening but still.

Fortunately enough for him, he was able to keep his clothes on without having to change into one of the orange jumpsuits that was made for prisoners. As Dylan laid out on the cot and stared up at the ceiling, he thought about his children. Miko, and Kamiyah and what’d they think if they were to find out.

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I think they noticed cos Zayn on iTunes doesn't say Simco it just says RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment check iTunes

From what I hear the “clean” and “explicit” versions are different, and one retains the copyright to Simco and the other does not.

No matter, because the cat’s out of the bag now.  That “℗ 2016 Simco Limited” unambiguously confirmed everything that everyone who said that Zayn’s “leave” was a stunt already knew.  Touchdown, goal, score, one point, 15–love.  Game, set and match.  Game over.  The end.  Finito.  Fin.  Deuces.  Bye Felicia.