When are we gonna get a “ghouls life after monster high” line? Or like story?

It’d be fun to see the ghouls out in the world, living their lives. Like Clawdeen finally is a world renowned fashion designer for both monsters and humans alike. Draculaura runs a successful organic vegan produce line and cook book and stars on her own show on the food network. Frankie is a major force in the science community, her specialty being the creation of fully functioning prosthetic limbs for amputees. Cleo is an event planner on her down time, but a full time stay at home mummy because after all she’s already wealthy and popular so her and deuce don’t have to work unless they’d like to. Clawd is the coach of a NFL team, and very successful. Howleen is a DJ. Twyla is a therapist. Lagoona is an Olympic gold medalist in, volleyball. Lmao! Cause she’s disqualified as a swimmer since she’s like made to be an advanced swimmer. Just wouldn’t be fair hahaha, and she doesn’t mind because she’s always loved volleyball and it’s nice to know she’s the very best at it. Ghoulia runs a multi billion dollar tech company she started, but is super humble about it, she also assists in Frankie’s efforts to also help zombies find faster ways to get around, and she writes and publishes her own comics. Deuce becomes a sculptor to help himself get over the anxiety of turning people into statues, he turns marble into statues instead! Lol (a suggestion from Twyla after a few sessions of couples therapy) Abbey’s the new headmistress of monster high. Spectra runs a successful magazine. Operetta is a professional monster truck driver lmao.

Idk, just some head canons. Hope some of you enjoy! Reblog, add, edit to your hearts content! I’d love to read other people’s thoughts ideas about this! ❤️