deucalion is like 'deal with it'

Teen Wolf 6x14 References

There’s a  scene in this episode in which Aaron, the shapeshifter’s current host,  spews out a horde of spiders that parallels Void Stiles releasing the flies. 

Chris mentions the Argent code more than once in this episode and I’m most certain he was referring to the revised version that Allison thought up. 

This season’s villain has the formation of an insect much like the nogitsune 

Gerard’s past dealings with Deucalion that caused him to lose his sight mentioned 

Sheriff Stillinski mentions to Scott about having to kill in a war to survive much like how Stiles did with Donovan 

The shapeshifting villain creates fear to feed off of much like how the nogitsune created chaos to feed of in season 3.

Coach Finstock coming to Liam’s rescue during his beatdown is much like him swinging in to save Meredith. Hes the hero we don’t deserve. lol

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Omg, the existence of Satomi's pack is what finally caused me to stop watching the show. Granted there was plenty of dumbass stuff before that, but that was a bit of stupid that I just found to be completely intolerable. We were seriously expected to believe that an old, established pack lived that close to BH and that they 1) show no evidence of having helped Derek and Laura after the fire despite the alpha apparently having been friends with Talia. (1/2)

2) demonstrably did not get involved for seasons 1-3A despite having hunters, a kanima, and an alpha pack running around killing people right next to their territory. And 3) were not involved when Talia, Deucalion, Ennis, and Kali’s pack had a big meeting before the fire (to talk about the problem with the hunters in the area I think?) despite the fact that they practically lived next store and were led by an apparently ageless (???) 100 year old werewolf. Sure Jan. (2/2)

Right? Suddenly there were werewolves living in the next territory this whole time, lol! 

Look, I liked Satomi, but the way they retconned her in was ridiculous. If she was Talia’s friend, she absolutely should have taken Derek and Laura in after the fire. Also, why didn’t she claim the Hale territory when they were away? Either to expand her territory, or to get her hands on the nemeton herself to keep it safe? Or even to keep an eye on it the territory until Laura came back? 

And yeah, if she was such a strong alpha who’d been there this whole time, why didn’t Deucalion attempt to deal with her too? Either back when he was trying to broker a peace with the Argents, or when he turned up to cause havoc in Season 3a? 

If Satomi knew there was a newly bitten werewolf running around, why didn’t she offer to take Scott and train him? Or at least talk to him and make sure he wasn’t going to go mad with bloodlust? 

Why didn’t she turn up in Season 1 to help Derek figure out who the alpha was? Why didn’t it occur to him or to Deaton to ask her? 

Nothing about Satomi’s presence ever made sense. 

Teen Wolf 6x18

-Scott, Liam, Mason and Theo at the animal clinic :)
-Wow, that voice message.
-Mason: “I’m not agreeing with Theo, but I do think it’d be easier to track down Aaron over a voice on the phone.”
Liam: “That’s agreeing with Theo.”
Mason: “Yeah, but I thought I’d try to soften the blow a bit.”
-Theo’s offended face, hahaha!
-Mason: “You mean me and…”
Theo: “And him?”
-“Stop the war.” YESS!
-Malia and Lydia team!!
-Mason and Theo team!
-Mason: “I can be resourceful.” *Theo snaps the baseball bat away from him* “Was that necessary?”
-Papa Scott and his son team!
-Liam knows how it is. Who is it?!!
-Fuck, the teacher. Fuckfuck.
-The same teacher who didn’t stop the fight, right?
-Wow, Lydia (Holland) is so beautiful, even just lying on a examination table..
-Malia, hahaah, love her.
Malia: “Unconscious.” *looks around and finds several medical instruments* “We can work with that!” :D
-I can’t believe there are people who don’t like Malia. I mean, what the fuck?
-OHMYGOD I LOVE THAT SONG!! (Wicked Ones - Dorothy) Really, I have it in my laptop and in my phone. My sister’s not gonna believe this.
-I KNEW IT! I knew it was that teacher!
-Liam loves History but hates Biology.
-Mrs. Finch turns around and sees Liam there. Liam: *surprise bitch*
-Mrs. Finch: “That’s it for today. Class dismissed.” shit.
-I knew Malia wasn’t gonna strangle Lydia (who thought that?“.
-Lydia’s face as she passed out, ohmygod.
-Wow, Scott’s entrance while holding the voice call. *10 points to Scott*
-Lydia is so beautiful, really.
-Wow, I actually feel bad for the teacher. When Scott told her that her family died and she was crying, wow.
-Scott was crying as well as he told her. He’s too pure for this world!!
-I had a freaking knot on my throat during the whole scene, fuck it was powerful.
-Mallydia dressed in scrubs? YES!!
-Liam: "I’ll do it for you.” aww, my baby!
-Quinn. FUCK, Quinn as in the werewolf girl?! FUCK! No wonder they showed her in the “previously”.
-Malia: “It it were Parrish he’d want us to do it. He’d sacrifice himself for everyone in Beacon Hills.”
Lydia: “But Parrish would be able to make the decision himself.” Fuck, she’s right.
-Mason and Theo again.
-“A pack is about trust.”
-Mason: “And it doesn’t matter who forgets. I won’t.” Fuck, he’s scared.
-Fuck, Theo’s too.
-Fuck, Aaron’s there! Shit!
-Goddamit Mrs. Finch!
-The bullet is out but fuck.
-“You’re not my daughter.” AAAHHH!!
-Theo worrying about Mason! Yes! That’s the kind of quality content I was waiting for!
-“Get up, I can’t leave you.” YES THEO!!
-Theo noticing that Mason is in pain and he tries to help.
-Theo after he can’t take Mason’s pain: “I can’t…”
Mason: “You can’t take pain if you don’t care.”
-Theo’s look when he said that. Somebody hug him!! (preferebly Liam)
-Scott staying with the teacher was so sweet. “I can’t leave her.”
-Theo sees Aaron coming back and getting ready to fight him.
-Mason: “Theo. Theo, don’t fight him!”
-Fuck, they’re gonna find each other!! NOO!!
-Mason crawling so he’s at Theo’s side and then offering a hand to help him sit up.
-Now that’s a friendship I didn’t know I needed until now! Liam, you better kiss Theo after that.
-Scott taking care of Mrs. Finch and noticing her tattoo.
-Scott: “You have to trigger your healing.”
-Malia and Lydia with Halwyn T.T
-Lydia: “We shouldn’t have done this. I am so sorry.” I’m crying!!!
-Malia holding Halwyn’s hand. WHy do you do this to me?!!
-Even though he knew he was going to die, Halwyn helped them. He’s struggling to breath but he’s still telling them not to look at it.
-Halwyn’s death was so sad. Do you hear that? That’s me bawling my eyes out.
-Both of Malia and Lydia’s faces after he died, so sad.
-There’s Quinn.
-FUCK, there’s Aaron.
-Fucking hunters.
-“I forced her to hide who she was.”
-LIAM!!! NO!!
-Oh no, they’re gonna merge.
-What the fu- they’re kissing- WHOA! SPIDERS! SPIDERS! EWWW!!
-*highpitch scream* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT UGLY THING?!!!
-Liam don’t look at him! Don’t look at him, please!!
-Now run the hell away from there!
-Fuck, the hunters were turned into stone! Like Medusa did! Fuck!
-Gabe hiding with fear like a little kid actually moved my heart.
-Where’s the teacher? Did she die? Is she healing?
-“Fight without seeing, that means…”
“Deucalion.” YES!
-Scalia together at Scott’s bathroom.
-Scott standing awkwardly, waiting for Malia to leave the bathroom so he can take his clothes off.
-Malia: “You’ve seen me naked.” I wish I had Malia’s confidence.
-WOw, hold onto your butts. Here comes the shower scene!!
-They’re so in love, I can’t deal with them.
-That scene was both hot and sweet. #Scaliagoals
-Fuck, it’s in the hospital!!!
-You can turn him into stone, you have my blessing.
-Gerard: “The legend is, is that you need silver to kill a werewolf. The truth? You need an Argent.”

EDNOS // Stiles Stilinski

Description/request: Could you write an eating disorder(EDNOS)/panic disorder imagine with Liam or Stiles? If you don’t feel comfortable I understand! Not the typical kissing to calm the reader down though, that’s way overdone. Love your imagines btw!

Thank you anon!!

Anyways; I had to do research EDNOS because I didn’t know exactly what it was. I’ve heard of it, but never really knew what it is.

If you don’t know, it’s basically a mixture of anorexia and bulimia and the doctors don’t really know what it is. So they call it the eating disorder not otherwise specified. The person doesn’t meet the standard to anorexia or bulimia but they have similar symptoms. Lots of people die because of this eating disorder, they call it ‘The Silent Killer’.

Side Note: Please, if you know anyone with any disorders and their not willing to come out and get help, do it for them. You might end up saving a life.

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Okay so check it, Meduda right. 

i know they’re all we gotta defeat it Deucalion style, but what if they turn it on it, like classic fairytale mirror it and let it turn itself into stone. Would that turn everyone back to normal? Would they say stoned-up forever?

Like what is the deal here? 

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I think dark melissa would be interesting. A melissa who would kill peter quietly at the hospital with a smile on her face. Who would read and read on little known poisons to supernaturals. Who would quietly threaten/poison/kill ppl like theo or deucalion or kali or ennis or kate or stray wendigos. A melissa who would do anything to protect scott and stiles. A ruthless melissa who would be a legend to scare things away from beacon hills.

Ooooh! Dark!Melissa! I can see it. Of course she wants to protect her son. Of course she’d kill for him. This is a war, after all, isn’t it? Her son has a target painted on his back, and she’s just supposed to step back and let him deal with it? 

No. Not when the judicious application of aconite can solve so many problems. 

Melissa’s not a monster. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and she knows it’s wrong. But when it comes to keeping Scott safe, she’ll do it over and over again. Scott might not want to kill anyone, but Melissa can, and she will. 

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Bitterly Humorous Experiment

You know what makes me brittlely chuckle when I look at Teen Wolf fan fiction?  The blatant double standards that the writers of the fictions employ without any conscious thought.

Don’t take my word for it. Perform a little experiment.   Look at the intersection of two major categories of Teen Wolf fiction – the “Scott is a Bad Friend” trope and the “Sterek” ship. Remember, the “Scott is a Bad Friend” trope doesn’t require that particular tag; in fact, most of them don’t have it.

When you encounter the “Scott is a Bad Friend” trope, analyze why fiction says that Scott is a bad friend. In my experience, the overwhelming majority of them can be broken down into one or more of these reasons

1.  Scott is too much in love with Allison (and later Kira) and neglects Stiles.

2.  Scott replaces Stiles with Isaac as his new best friend and neglects Stiles.

3.  Scott is too stupid or self-absorbed to sense Stiles’ needs.

4.  Scott’s dislike of Derek or refusal to joins Derek’s pack makes Stiles choose between them.

5.  Scott’s refusal to follow Stiles’ hunches or advice blindly.

6.  Scott condemns Stiles for something that wasn’t his fault. (Really popular after season 5, but there were also lots of them Post 3B, for some crazy-ass reason.)

When looking at Sterek fictions, however, there are certain characteristics that Stiles often gains as the story progresses, or if the relationship is established, has already grown to it.

1.  Stiles finds that his love for Derek makes him need Scott’s friendship less.

2.  Stiles likes being in a pack situation and having more friends than just Scott.

3.  Stiles is tired of dealing with Scott’s needs, since he’s such a hopeless idiot.

4.  Stiles wants to be part of Derek’s life, so Scott has to choose between his dislike of Derek and his friendship with Stiles.

5.  Derek can be a stubborn asshole when it comes to Stiles’ hunches or advice, but Stiles loves him anyway.

6.  Stiles cannot accept actions that Scott has undertaken, e.g. dating a hunter, the Master Plan, or going with Deucalion.  

I am surely exaggerating the parallels, of course.   Many Sterek fictions don’t even deal with Scott in any serious way.   However, I think if you pay attention and can bring yourself to read these type of fictions, you’ll find the pattern and find it just as hilarious as I do.  I know it comes from the rather far-out concept that a person can only have one serious relationship at a time.  

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You're asking for it yourself. I've been forever craving a fic where both Peter and Duke are courting Stiles and fighting for his affections. Constantly one-upping each other to the point of overdoing it. I'm good with it ending with steter, stalion or open ending. Bonus point for Stiles just egging them on.

“Stiles,” his dad sighs as he stands in the doorway that leads from the kitchen to the front porch, shoulders slumped tiredly, and Stiles blinks over at his back with a frown.  "Why is there a dead deer in our walkway?“ 

Stiles’ hands stall where he was making a fresh batch of coffee, and he inhales deeply.  ”Um…” 

"Just… tell me it isn’t going to be a regular thing.  I don’t want your wolves leaving presents like this around the house.  It’s a goddamn mess to clean up.”  He says, glancing over his shoulder at Stiles, who nods a bit dumbly. 

“I’ll… I’ll talk to them about it." 

The Sheriff nods, moving back into the kitchen; he pats Stiles’ back on his way by.  ”You’re a good kid.” 

"Thanks, dad." 

"Get that mess cleaned up." 

"I will, dad." 

- - - 

"Who the fuck left a dead deer on my lawn?”  Stiles demands as he bursts through the door of the loft, only to come to a slow stop at seeing Scott and Derek hovering over a map sprawled across what Stiles has so fondly dubbed the War Table.  

Scott’s brows draw together, head tilting just so.  ”There’s a dead deer on your lawn?” 

“There was.”  Stiles adds lamely.  "Animal Control came and picked it up an hour ago.“ 

"Animal Control does that?”  Scott asks. 

“Yeah, but that’s not the point.”  Stiles moves over to the table, standing across from them and frowning down at the map.  "What’s going on?“ 

"Deucalion.”  Peter replies before either Derek or Scott can, and Stiles glances his way sharply.  "He’s back in the area.“ 

Why?”  Stiles asks, brow furrowed.  

"That is the question of the day, isn’t it?”  Peter responds, eyes locked on Stiles’ face.  "Dead deer?“ 

"Yes, dead deer.  I’m assuming it wasn’t any of you.”  Stiles grumbles, crossing his arms as he looks back down at the map.  "Those all the places he’s been scented?“ 

"Yep,” Scott replies with a grim smile.  "He’s alone, though.  I don’t know what he’s up to.“ 

"I have an idea.”  Peter says from where he’s leaning in the kitchen entryway, shoulder against the jamb, looking casual as can be.  He doesn’t add anything after that. 

Stiles sighs.  ”Care to share with the class, Peter?” 

His smile is all teeth.  ”Not really.  Thought I would be interested is seeing that deer of yours.” 

Stiles looks back over at him slowly, eyes squinting, and he wonders briefly if Peter’s crazy is showing a bit more today.  Derek mutters something to Scott, the two of them focused on the plot points in front of them, ignoring the other two in the room.  Normally, Stiles might find that annoying, but his day has been fairly surreal already.  

Peter’s smile just broadens.  He pushes off the door jamb and draws close, eyes flitting over Stiles’ body in a way that reminds Stiles of years previous, standing in a parking lot with him terrified out of his mind.  Now, though, it just makes Stiles stand straighter.  

“Let’s let them plan, shall we?”  Peter says, coming to a slow pause in front of him.  "We can dissect it later for flaws.“ 

"And we’d be doing what exactly in the mean time?” 

"Research.”  Peter replies simply.  

Stiles frowns at him, disbelief evident in the wrinkle between his brows.  But when Scott nor Derek speak up to protest, Stiles folds.  

“Yeah, okay.  Lead the way." 

- - - 

"This isn’t research." 

"How astute of you.”  Peter says as he sits across from him at the little inlet of the cafe.  "No, this is getting coffee.“ 

"I figured.  You know, what with the coffee.”  Stiles retorts, gesturing to the two mugs between them; he hesitates before taking a drink of his, and hates to find it perfectly sweetened to just his liking.  Peter’s such a creep.  "Why are we here?“ 

"We’re waiting for someone." 


"You’ll see.”  Peter replies behind the rim of his own drink, eyes sparking in a way that Stiles thought might be playful.  

It isn’t that Peter and he don’t get along.  It’s more that Stiles is smart and takes everything that Peter says and Peter does with a grain of salt.  Because Peter is smart too, and incredibly ambitious, and Stiles doesn’t have time for that shit most of the time.  

It’s summer vacation, though.  He supposes he can let Peter’s manipulations slide for a little while, at least.  

When the bell chimes over the door, Stiles looks in that direction curiously.  Seeing Deucalion standing there, eyes locked on the pair of them, doesn’t really surprise him.  Though he shifts in his seat, frowning first at Peter and then over at Deucalion as he moves across the cafe towards their table. 

“Peter.”  He greets first, with the faintest bow of his head, smile small and impersonal.  

“Duke,” Peter returns the expression, though his smile only broadens when Deucalion’s drops off his face at the nickname.  "Please, pull up a chair.“ 

Stiles watches quietly for a moment, but the second the other werewolf is sat at the table with them, he speaks up with a dry tone.  ”I’m assuming Scott and Derek don’t know about this little meeting?” 

"You’d be correct in that assumption,” Peter tells him.  

“And the dead deer on my lawn?" 

"A gift.”  Deucalion states, and Stiles gaze falls on him.  "For you.“ 

Stiles’ brows climb up his forehead.  There is a moment of silence between the three of them.  His right eye twitches; Stiles feels like he’s constantly dealing with five-year-olds who can’t take care of themselves.  Biting the inside of his cheek, he huffs out a tight breath.  

"A gift?" 

"Yes, it’s—" 

"A dead deer on my lawn is a gift?”  Stiles hisses, leaning in, and really he should have a little more self-preservation, but he’s long done being afraid of werewolves.  "Well, it’s a bad fucking gift, okay?“ 

"He’s trying to prove he can provide for you.”  Peter says idly, taking another pull from his coffee, and Stiles closes his eyes as his temples throb.  "He’s just going about it the wrong way.“ 

"Okay.  Why?” 

"For the same reason he’s back in town.”  Peter replies.  "Am I right?“ 

"He’s of age.”  Deucalion says, like it confirms something.  "He can make his own decisions now.“

"Yeah, he’s sitting right here.”  Stiles slumps back against his chair, shooting the both of them a bitter little grin.  "What exactly am I of age for?“ 

"To be courted.”  Peter says, eyes glinting.  "There are rituals.  One of which involves proving you can provide for a… potential mate.“ 

Stiles nearly chokes on his tongue.  ”I’m sorry, the dead deer was about trying to get in my pants?” 

Deucalion’s nose wrinkles in distaste.  ”Don’t be so crude about it, Xenyck.” 

Stiles sputters and Peter growls.  ”How do you—” 

"You will refrain from calling him by his first name unless he permits you to.”  Peter practically snarls.  "You have yet to earn that right, Deucalion.“ 

"Okay, as fun as all of this is, why are we meeting and talking about it?" 

"Because,” Deucalion reaches out to him, placing a gentle hand over Stiles’— the expression that crosses the boy’s face is comical, a cross between disbelief and annoyance.  "We need to come to terms about encroaching upon each others acts of courtship.“ 

"Each others—” Stiles’ eyes go wide and land on Peter’s delightedly bemused face.  "Peter?” 

“I don’t take you out for coffee for now reason, Stiles." 

"You want to have sex with me?!” 

Peter lets his eyes stray again.  ”Among other things, yes.” 

Stiles opens his mouth and then snaps it shut again, letting out a tight breath.  ”And coffee is somehow providing for me?” 

"I’ve made reservations for dinner tonight elsewhere.”  Peter assures, like Stiles was worried or something.

“This isn’t happening.”  Stiles shakes his head, pulling his hand away from Deucalion abruptly.  "This.  This totally isn’t happening.  How is this happening?” 

“Please, moja láska, don’t make a scene.”  Deucalion says, and Stiles is livid

"Why are you doing this?  Why are either of you doing this?”  Stiles asks, though he does lower his voice.  

"I’ve wanted you for a long time, Stiles.  You know that.”  Peter replies, and his expression is so earnest that Stiles feels like he missed something somewhere.  

“No.  No, you wanted me in your Pack.  You wanted me as your Beta.” 

Peter shakes his head.  ”You know better than that.  I asked, Stiles.  What does that mean to you?” 

Stiles finds himself breathing a bit quicker.  His eyes stray, and he tries to find something grounding to look at.  It takes him a moment, and he grateful that neither of them try to talk to him or touch him, but eventually he calms back down.  

It isn’t a panic attack, but it had the potential to be one. 

"No more dead animals.”  Stiles insists.  "That’s a rule.  No dead animals, no murder, no sneaking into my room in the middle of the night.“ 

They both seem to perk up at that.  Deucalion is the one that speaks, though.  ”You’ll let us court you.” 

"Yeah, sure, whatever.”  Stiles huffs, crossing his arms as he leans away from the both of them.  "Doesn’t mean I’ll say yes to either of you, but I’m a growing boy and free things sound pretty spectacular.“ 

Peter laughs.  ”We’ll be sure to keep that in mind.  As well as your terms.” 

"If you end up doing something stupid, I’m allowed to make amendments and additions to the rules."  Stiles adds quickly, and they both nod.  "… I expect curly fries every Wednesday." 

"Done,” they say at the same time, and Stiles is seriously wigged out for a moment.  

“Okay.  Well… then I’m going to finish my coffee.  And then I’m going to go home and google courting rituals.  You both can leave." 

Deucalion looks hesitant for a moment, but stands.  ”I’m sorry about the deer.  I thought you would like it.” 

"A dead deer.  On my lawn.  Not exactly every teenagers hopes and dreams.  Think more… hot cars, pizza, and unlimited video games.”  

Deucalion looks contemplative.  ”I think I can manage something.” 

Before Stiles can think to protest, the Alpha is heading for the exit as Stiles gapes after him.  Peter clears his throat, and Stiles looks back his way, eyes still wide.  He thinks he can feel a headache coming on. 

“Seven o’clock tonight.  Jeans will be alright if they’re nice.  Be sure to wear a button up.”  Peter tells him, setting a tip beneath his empty mug as he stands, eyes keen on his face.  "I’ll pick you up.“ 

He just nods slowly. 

"And Stiles,” Peter says, voice saccharinely sweet as he reaches down to curve a hand over Stiles’ jaw, tipping his head up.  "You can call this off at anytime.  You’ll find in your… research that it’s one of the most important parts of a courtship ritual.  The courtee must be in agreement at all times.“ 

"Right,” Stiles nods again.  "Awesome.“ 

Peter just grins, patting his cheek softly.  ”See you tonight.” 

Stiles watches him go.  The second the door swings shut, Stiles fumbles around for his cell phone, sending off a rapid text to Lydia.  He wonders, briefly, what exactly he’s getting himself into.  

Though honestly, he can’t bring himself to care. 

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Hey hun, I would agree with you on that Stalia meta, BUT this is Teen Wolf. Have you met TW logic? You can literally stab someone in the back (Allison - Isaac) and get together because everything is forgiven and forgotten. So even though I'd also think this betrayal of trust from Stiles would break up Stalia for good, it surely wont happen. Because Jeff sucks at making good relationships.

Hey flower,

I fear you’re being too negative, Stalia isn’t weird for TW, but it is not likely to last, like I’ve previously said it follows the same lines as Scallison, also there is a reason why Allison and Isaac had a fling and I’ll get into that.

Since you’ve actually brought this up, I will now launch myself into a meta and commentary that will

probably see me lynched by the fandom.

You know how fandom whines and bitches about the lack of proper queer representation? Unpopular opinion time here we go!

Let us talk about the horrible straight representation TW has!

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infinite space

This one is for @missisnorris, who asked for Steter, full shift wolves, and Stiles breaking Peter out of Eichen House. As always I have no idea where it’s going yet, but hopefully it’ll all work out in the end! 

Stiles needs Peter’s expertise to help stop the latest threat to Beacon Hills.
And, as the pack falls apart around him, he might even need Peter for more than that.

Stiles dreams of a wolf.

A brown wolf—though its coat is marbled with gray and black and caramel— with a thick ruff, a sharp muzzle, and clever eyes that follow him when he moves.

In his dreams he’s not afraid when it walks beside him.

He drops his hand and lets his fingertips brush against its coarse fur.

He’s not afraid in his dreams, and he’s not alone.


“I don’t know,” Stiles says. “It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Malia is sitting cross-legged on his bed, with a math textbook open in front of her. “Me neither.”

“Not math.”

Malia rolls her eyes at him. “I know, Stiles! Math always makes sense to you.”

“It has rules,” Stiles points out. “It has a series of logical steps. It has patterns.”

He and Malia aren’t dating anymore, but she still comes to him for help with homework, and advice about boys. Stiles isn’t sure that his perspective helps much. It’s weird, right, to be giving his ex-girlfriend dating advice? Not the weirdest thing in his life by a long shot, of course. But still weird.

“I just…” He sighs, and drags his fingers through his hair. “He made an alliance with Deucalion. Deucalion. Who tried to kill us how many times?”

“Three,” Malia hazards. “Four?” She catches his look. “More than four?”

Malia still hasn’t got the hang of rhetorical questions.

“Like Boyd and Erica don’t even matter.”

Malia’s expression softens. “Stiles. Sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil. That’s the saying, right?”

“Yeah,” Stiles says. “And I get that. That’s me. I’m that guy. Scott isn’t.”

Malia chews on her lower lip for a moment, then slams her textbook shut. “Isn’t it a good thing that he’s getting smarter?”

It is. Of course it is. Stiles knows that, logically. It’s just… after Donovan and Theo and all the shit with the Dread Doctors, it feels like he can’t trust Scott any more. There were too many times this summer when Scott didn’t have his back. When Scott didn’t even notice that anything was wrong. And objectively, Stiles understands that. There was a lot going on. And objectively he knows that friendships change over time, that they evolve, maybe even devolve, but Scott’s always been the sort of guy who makes friends easily. Stiles isn’t. Stiles is pretty sure Scott is it for him in the best friend stakes. Stiles doesn’t know who he is if he’s not Scott McCall’s best friend.

They’ve been friends since kindergarten, when Scott was too naïve to notice that Stiles was weird and twitchy and terrible at social cues. Stiles feels like a tick who attached himself to Scott McCall’s life when Scott was too little and stupid to get rid of him, and Stiles isn’t going to get another opportunity to hijack a friend like that, is he?

The summer has changed Scott. It’s like Malia says: Scott’s learned how to make deals with the devil. And maybe Stiles is freaking out because he knows that if Scott’s finally taking off his rose tinted glasses and seeing the world for the fucked-up horrible place it really is—hey, has this glass always been half empty?—then maybe he’s going to look at Stiles and see how fucked-up and horrible he is too. And that terrifies him more than anything that’s ever burst out of his nightmares and straight into his life.

“Stiles?” Malia asks again. “It’s better isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he says at last, with a quick grin he knows Malia doesn’t believe for a second. “Yeah, of course it is.”

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Better Than This-Isaac imagine

 Request: Can you make an isaac imagine where the reader hits on him and then he gets pissed because he likes her and he has to hold himself?

A/N : i love isaac. yeah. 

You know that feeling when everything goes down the hill and there is no possible way to fix it so you just try to accept things the way they are but then you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Your father was missing along with Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski and you were absolutely useless. No supernatural powers no nothing. There was nothing you could do other than squeeze your brains to figure a way out of this. And it was tormenting you.

Derek had instructed Isaac to stay with you at all times because the past few days you had attempted to find the darac by yourself, visit Deucalion for answers and generally do reckless things without thinking.

You were currently lied on your bed staring at the ceiling more frustrated than you have ever been. Isaac was on the phone with Scott and Stiles trying to find out if they were making any progress. You felt bad that Isaac had to stay with you. You felt as if you were a burden. You’ve always liked Isaac. What was there not to like ?

Sometimes, when things get too hard to deal with people do things they never thought they would. The thought that your father might be dead was on repeat in your head and you felt weak. Useless. As if you had no control over the situation. No control over anything.


You got up from your bed and Isaac looked at you.

‘’Scott I’m gonna have to call you back’’ he said not breaking eye contact with you as he hanged up and let the mobile fall on the chair.

‘’what’s wrong Y/N ?’’ he asked.

The thoughts running in your head blurred  your judgment, creating the feeling of agony and anticipation at the pit of your stomach.  


You wanted to be in control of something.

Isaac could hear your heart beat, as he swallowed hard, staring at you.

You fingers run down your stomach finding the end of your shirt as you pulled it up taking it off.

Isaac’s eyes widened.

‘’what are you doing ?’’ he asked

‘’it is hot’’ you lied, and he could tell that you lied not from your heartbeat but because it was freezing to the point your nipples were visible through your bra.

Isaac looked away

‘’you’ll catch a cold’’ he said his jawline tensing.

‘’How long has it been Isaac?’’ you asked and saw his adam’s apple bobbing to your question. It had been long. Isaac hadn’t gotten any action ever since he became a werewolf. He did not know how it would end up.

You walked close enough to grab his chin and make him face you, as you arched your back, pressing your body against him.

‘’stop it’’ he said, his hands turning into fists.

‘’Your hands are big’’ you noticed. It was a pure notice not meant to sound sexual but he gulped and you thought you’d use that.

‘’they seem rough too, mine are not. Mine are smaller and smoother..’’


‘’Stop !’’ he grabbed your shoulders and stared into your eyes for the first time in the past five minutes as his forehead vein was now becoming visible.


‘’ do you want me to touch you Isaac ?’’

‘’stop it !’’he yelled

‘’are you mad?’’ you asked innocently. ‘’mad enough to take it out on me ?’’ you added  and then he pressed his body onto yours and you smirked when you felt his bulge on your thigh.

‘’whatever it is that you do , stop it now..’’ he whispered almost in your mouth.

‘’why ? cause it is working ?’’

You felt a sharp pain on your cheek as he slapped  you and left the room.

At first you felt rage , and then a startling curiosity. What were you doing ? what had you done ? Did you really want Isaac? You only wanted to prove to yourself that you still had control over something.

——————— TWO DAYS LATER————————-

You hadn’t seen Isaac ever since the incident and that terrified you. How would you behave around you ? you needed to apologize.

Derek had called you claiming that they had found where your parents were.

You and the pack tried everything to locate them, and then when you did you tried your hardest to save them. And you made it.


You were hugging your father with tears in your eyes when you noticed Isaac leaving. You allowed your arms to let go of the grip you had on your father and looked puzzled.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ your dad asked.

‘’there’s something I need to do…’’ you mumbled as you walked after Isaac.

Isaac heard your footsteps behind him and he picked up the pace.

‘’Isaac stop…’’ you whispered starting to have a difficulty in following him.

He was going into the woods hoping to avoid you.

You paused to catch your breath.

‘’you’re mad…’’ you breathed out and suddenly you felt him approaching, taking one look at you and then as if erupting, pushing you against a tree.

You let out a gasp as your back hit the rough surface of the tree. His on hand was still pressed against your body while the other one against the tree above your head as he minimized  the space between you looking down at you.

‘’Yes I am..’’ he breathed out, his eyes golden.

‘’Because I tried to justify you Y/N I really did, I said let it go, her father is missing she does not know what she is doing. And I thought it was okay.But I realized I was wrong. Because you did not take anything into account, if I had feelings or not, if you would regret it or not, Nothing !And it pisses me off that a time like this, where we all might die in any second, you decided to mess with me..’’ He said coldly.


‘’ I’m sorry Isaac , I don’t know what got into me , I understand why you’re mad an-

‘’no , no you don’t’’ his body was  even closer to yours as he chuckled a pissed laugh and then shook  his head looking back at you.

‘’ you think you can just come here , among us, no powers no nothing. And  just walk around like you own the place and then throw  your half naked self right at me.  ‘’ the way he said it made you sound  cheap and mean..

‘’ I said I understand ..’’

‘’ do you Y/N ? do you really ? have you seen the way Derek looks at you , the way Peter lusts over your every move, and I bet Stiles does a lot more in his own time, how the pack turns silent when u walk ?. I know you’ve seen the looks you get. You take pride in them. you’re like porn magazine for prisoners, and I’m really sorry to break the news to you ,but I am no different. Do not , for one second pretend to understand , when it takes every bit of strength in me , not to rip your clothes of , and get what I haven’t gotten in a while. ’’  you gulped at his words.

‘’  Because I am stronger, y/n. Much more stronger than you, and I could easily abuse that strength but I don’t , do it. Because I am better than this. So what does that make you ?’’  he let go of your body and walked away.

anonymous asked:

I've got to wonder though: WHEN did Stiles get really possessed by the nogitsune? Now that we know that it was the trio's sacrifice that released it and that the nogitsune was already free by the time they even finished dealing with Jennifer and Deucalion – does it mean it happened back in the root cellar at the end of 3a when Stiles went to save his dad and the rest? Or better yet, was it when he was unconscious after he crashed his jeep? That would mean that Barrow was not actually possessed

- just controlled by one of the nogitsune’s flies, like Oliver - and it would explain why Stiles did the atomic numbers thing (and the prank for coach that required Barrow’s knowledge) BEFORE the confrontation with Barrow at the power station (where we previously thought the possession occurred, jumpstarted by Kira’s foxfire). Does that mean that the nemeton was trying to tell Stiles through the dreams that the nogitsune is taking control over him?

i think this is all way above my pay grade in theory guessing, babe, tbh. like it still rankles me we’ve only just been given reason to believe Peter’s bite was the reason Lydia’s Banshee powers were released– because of course, a demented alpha bite generally sparks a Banshee to life, totally logical– not to mention, it’s still not actually been addressed, just, implied. 

it bothers me we don’t know where Boyd and Erica’s bodies are. it bothers me we still don’t know if anyone went to tell their parents they died. it bothers me they could throw in lines about Isaac’s scarves, or desire to hit on Cora, but not even confirm Erica had been laid to rest, or who had taken Boyd’s body from the loft. 

it really strains my brain thinking that Scott and Derek just left Jennifer’s body alone, meaning she was able to crawl to the nemeton in the first place, and the resulting “i have always been the alpha” dramatic shouting has still not been toyed with at all, like where does Peter go when he’s not around, should we actually assume Ian’s jokes about Peter getting spray tan are accurate? should we just go with the cast member filling in the massive blank instead of on screen where it should be?

same, forever, about the fact VARIOUS people know Peter murdered Laura now, including members of law enforcement, and this isn’t a case of double jeopardy or revenge having been served, no matter what Derek or anyone else has done to Peter, he still committed a murder he hasn’t been charged for– though Derek has been, twice.

throw in what Danny gets up to when Ethan’s not around, because, heaven forbid he still not be told what’s happening and that he’s hanging out// sleeping with someone that’s dangerous and took part in a murder, and you’ve got yourself quite a pickle of gigantic non communications on screen.

i just don’t know, love. sorry.

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Fic: the first time the alpha pack arrives. The BH pack is all 'o noes' and the alpha pack is all 'rawr i want ur soul or whatevs' and then Deucalion spots Stiles and is all 'hold up, lemme holla at that' and it just goes downhill from there

Scott and Stiles get there first.  Mostly because Stiles has been kind of manic about the entire situation, dead-set on making this meeting happen.  A truce is way better than dealing with more dead bodies and a suspicious father who just so happens to be the Sheriff.

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To be A Lone Wolf || Sydia

3 months had passed and Sam had spent it all with Deucalion. He was spending his time with the older Wolf, learning more about the origins of the Werewolf, about the strength and potential he had and about what it was to be a True Alpha. he and Scott were once in even more than a lifetime kind of phenomenon and Deucalion didn’t know of any others in the world. 

Decualion was playing Sam like a finely tuned piano. He’d earned Sam’s trust, seperated him from his peers, turned his mind against those ideals and made Sam feel like he was going to lead him to greatness. The kind of greatness that meant he could keep his family safe, give them the best life and be the kind of Wolf no other would challenge. A safe life. Sam had travelled by his side believing the lies out of a desperate need for them to be true.

Not a day went by where he didn’t miss his family, where he didn’t want to just go home and be with them. Lydia, too. He missed her but at the same time he knew she hated him. So as much as he loved her, he was… changing. Growing. Convincing himself that he didn’t need her, or any girl in his life.

Deucalion had told Sam that they were going out East to find a pack that he had dealings with in the past. A pack that had much to teach Sam and a pack that would offer a safe place for them to rest. He of course was lying; the pack was a threat to Deucalion not he were without his Alpha’s but with Sam by his side, he could destroy them. Sam was potentially collateral damage. Though he liked Sam, he liked power more than anything.

Sam was ready for this meeting now they had finally tracked them. It had taken this long to do so - or rather this long for Deucalion to be sure Sam would be ready for this - and now they were there, about to enter their camp. Enter the camp in secret though Deucalion had told Sam that they were invited.

Not the case at all.