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I guess this officially means that the hiatus of ALL of my blogs are over XD I’ll be drawing for the rest of the weekend, and doing our Geography report for Thursday on the side hehe since I’m just in charge of the presentation and the rest are with research stuff.

I just wanna apologize to my fellow RP-ers who follow my Flame Prince blog ;A; I haven’t drawn anything there for a while so I’m gonna get to it!

For advtimefanart followers, I’m sorry that I no longer take drawing requests OTL tho, I accept gif requests! I’m just preparing myself for bigger responsibilities ( >__<)9 Do not fret, though! I will continue making AT art :D

For the fans of Thor and the Huntsman, THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 I never thought I’d gather 600++ followers in just a few days AND I HAVEN’T EVEN POSTED A SINGLE COMIC YET. *creys* I’m certainly open for suggestions for the Thor blog :D I’ll be listing them, of course! Just to keep in track :D

Well, that’s all for now :3 I’ll just be online, drawing. Ehehehe.

Can I just say that I really LOVE that Lemongrab portait?

The one on the cover of Marceline and the Scream Queens haha!

It is actually a parody of a portrait of King Louis XIV painted by Hyacinth Rigaud in the 1700’s and I just really HATE that painting because of its SHEER DETAIL. Like UGH we were discussing this in art class and I’m like literally flipping tables of all shapes and sizes in my head as my professor was explaing French history and shiz and I just LOST MY SHIT OKAY. Mother fucking painting UGHHHHH


Okay enough artist feels for now XD

*sulks because lack of talent*


Guys fyi advtimefanart has been my AT blog for 10 months now, November being the 11th! The blog was originally a request blog where I draw AT-related requests. Which was why most of the first art posted on that blog has my signature. Check it! Then I started reblogging fanart from other people and make sure I source them correctly. If I accidentally reblog a repost, I delete it immediately. I have now made a credits thingy at the corner omg so people won’t accuse me of stealing my own art OMG HOW DO I EVEN DO THAT XD

Also, I work really really hard on the themes I use for that blog! With a little recent help from theicarustheory aka Gia <3



Adventure Time theories? The Lich, The Enchiridion, and The Ice King

Maybe something happened when Simon and Marcy were together?

Like really dangerous.

So dangerous, in fact, that Simon really HAD to use the powers of the crown to save Marceline from said danger. And he was saying sorry since he knows the consequences of using the crown (ie. forgetting her and the rest of his memories and being totally cray-cray) And Marcy loves him for taking care of her and looking out for her and giving her Hambo to remember him by.

One of my theories right now is that the Lich was somehow summoned through the Enchiridion. It was a manual, after all. It might tell how to summon things? And Simon must’ve done something to trigger that, if he wasn’t directly involved with it. I doubt he, of all people, would try to summon the Lich.

Or maybe some guy, jealous of Simon’s perfect life (before war), decides to steal the book, sees a little something to summon (ie. Lich) to kill Simon or something? But I suppose it wouldn’t really fit. Since the videos shown on Holly Jolly Secrets showed Simon aging and he never mentions any hostile anythings other than those involving him and Betty. Unless he was in a trance when he did these things. OR HE KILLED SAID EVIL GUY WHO SUMMONED LICH IN ICE KING FORM which scared Betty away O:

Unless it was because of some sort of quest for knowledge? Lich may be an all-knowing figure and Simon wants to learn from him, after learning the crown has its own mind, and wants the Lich’s help to stop it? But Lich is actually evil dun dun dunnn

Just, Lich and the Enchiridion. Because of his dilapidated facade, Lich must be incomplete. And he needs the Enchiridion to be whole? And they have to stop him from doing so. Hmm.

I’ve also had speculations before that Bubblegum might be Betty. But Dr. Princess might also be Betty hmm. Also, Dr. Princess helped Gunther give birth.. but that’s unrelated I think? XD

Just, I dunno, they might all need to team up in a final battle with the Lich. Finn, Jake, Peebs, Marceline, AND Ice King (Lady won’t be there because of her condition, I suppose). Then Ice King would see the Enchiridion and dun dun dunnnn he might remember! Or Marcy will help him via the Enchiridion. And the rest, realizing Simon isn’t really a bad guy, decide to help him also? There might just be a season or a few episodes featuring a redeemed Ice King? XD

I’m not sure of most of these though, especially the last parts haha, since it’s 5 in the morning and I haven’t slept XD okay good night y'all =))