detstvo bambi


When the Soviets ate Bambi

During the Cold War Disney films were banned east off the Iron Curtain, Soviet officials didn’t want to taint the Russian people with capitalist pig dog fairytales.  Seeing an opportunity in the absence of Disney, in 1985 some Soviet filmmakers decided to create their own version of Bambi.  Called “Detstvo Bambi” (Bambi’s Childhood).  The film was a combination of both live action animation and real animals.  Unfortunately production of the movie was halted when one day three of the four fawns used to film the movie suddenly disappeared.

The day before was the birthday of a man named O. Ivannikov, who spent the day celebrating his birthday by hosting a 24 hour vodka binge with his friend A. Marinovsky.   After drinking themselves to near oblivion, the two men began to get hungry, and with few vittles around decided to steal themselves a meal worthy of a king.  They broke into the pens holding the fawns and made off into the woods with three of them in tow.  Then they slaughtered the small deer and roasted them over an open fire.  The next morning, the two hung over men were found passed out, lying amidst a pile of bones and vodka bottles.

News of the men who ate Bambi traveled across the globe, devastating the hearts of children all over the world. For their crimes, Ivannikov and Marinovsky were both sentenced to the labor camps in Siberia.  Detstvo Bambi is rated 5.6 out of 10 by IMBD and is not rated by Rotten Tomatoes.