WATCH: 20 gentoo penguins have “landed” at the Detroit Zoo and are now “chilling in special quarantine areas in the Penguinarium” as they prepare to join the penguing colony, the zoo says.

“The aquatic birds – 10 females and 10 males – arrived earlier this month via FedEx from an aquarium in California … The newest flock joins three other gentoos – the first of their species to arrive at the Zoo nearly a year ago – as well as the colony of king, rockhopper and macaroni penguins.”

The gentoo penguin is the fastest-diving bird, with paddle-shaped flippers that help it reach speeds of up to 22 miles an hour under water, according to the zoo.

Detroit Zoo?

I was just wondering if any of the members of the 221B Sherlock group would be interested in meeting up at the Detroit Zoo on Sunday, August 26. It is supposed to be a nice day (81*F).

There are baby otters. :) Plus young bears and a young camel.

It is $14 for nonmembers to get in and I think parking might be $5.

The zoo opens at 9, but maybe meeting up at around 11:30 or so would be better?

Be sure to bring sun screen and possibly a hat. You might want a bag or something to carry water/beverages/snacks and anything else you might need (cameras).

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Ate lunch with my new buddy at work. :P He was mostly just thirst though. #guanaco #llama #camelid #zoo #detroitzoo #animals #zooanimals #michigan #detroit #video #mine (at Detroit Zoo)

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