CRANK & SPANK. Awesome print collaboration by Don Kilpatrick III and Bryan Christopher Baker. 

Do you know what’s even more awesome? The beautiful wood type used in the print was created by the Detroit Wood Type Co. The type is either created by local designers or vintage type that has been re-created. Currently there are 7 typefaces, but by summertime they’ll be a dozen, homegrown Detroit wood types.

Featured in the Crank & Spank print is “Wish Diamonds” by Joe Benghauser and “Octagon” a re-created vintage type. 

Signal-Return is open today from 11AM-7PM. 

Here are the caps…Been printing specimens of our type collection at Rollins College. I think this is Gothic, but I’m having trouble identifying which font–any ideas? @benjaminrinehart @catsnappstudio @in_cahoots_press @davidwolske @thetypehunter @itinerantprinter #rollinscollege #fiatprint #rollinsprintmaking #letterpress #printmaking #woodentypeface #americanwoodtype @virginwoodtype @midamericaprint @hamiltonwoodtype @woodtype @detroitwoodtypeco (at Rollins College)

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