James Montgomery Flagg (June 18, 1877 – May 27, 1960) 

American artist and illustrator. He worked in media ranging from fine art painting to cartooning, but is best remembered for his political posters.

He created his most famous work in 1917, a poster to encourage recruitment in the United States Army during World War I. It showed Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer (inspired by a British recruitment poster showing Lord Kitchener in a similar pose) with the caption “I Want YOU for U.S. Army”. Over four million copies of the poster were printed during World War I, and it was revived for World War II. Flagg used his own face for that of Uncle Sam (adding age and the white goatee), he said later, simply to avoid the trouble of arranging for a model. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt praised his resourcefulness for using his own face as the model. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: 1.-3. Illustrations from The Thirteenth Commandment. A Novel by Rupert Hughes. With Illustrations by James Montgomery Flagg. New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1916.  4.-8. Illustrations from Mr. Bingle by George Barr McCutcheon. With Illustrations by James Montgomery Flagg. New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1915.


More of the gorgeous animals at the Detroit Zoo. All the bears and primates were hiding, so a return trip will be needed one day. Today, friends and I are taking it easy and setting up a new D&D campaign. Thank you, to everyone stickin’ through with me in this drought of fitness posts. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll probably join you all for a run once the week has begun!


Griffins Highlights R3G4



Arnold Bennett (27 May 1867 – 27 March 1931)

English writer. He is best known as a novelist, but he also worked in other fields such as the theatre, journalism, propaganda and films. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Cover details from Literary Taste, How to Form It. With detailed instructions for collecting a complete library of English literature. By Arnold Bennett. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1911.


1. Always looking to score
2. Always wanting to get in deep
3. Always needing to go a full 60 minutes
4. Always giving 110%
5. Always gotta work harder every shift
6. Always gotta do better
7. Always looking to practice more

Plus you know, thighs and shit.

So this happened today!
Robin is such a sweetie pie!! Like. So sweet!

I mentioned I’m a Nygmobblepot shipper and how much I loved that 53 second staring scene in the last episode. He said I’d enjoy the rest of the season. And he said the next ep is his favorite in terms of Ed and Oswald interactions. Not exact words, because I was freaking out at the time and my memory sucks. But yes. Reeeeally looking forward to Monday’s ep!!!

Still can’t believe I actually met him…