We have two shows coming up in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas.

- Sat. July 26th: Rockamura Festival at the Nakamura Cooperative House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Day-long festival, it’s gonna be a frickin party, come hang!

- Thurs. August 7th: The Rockery in Wyandotte with Neck First (Baltimore mathy screamo, insane)

Come out and hang with cha bois!

Fall shows.

Just made a list of tours coming to Detroit/Pontiac/Royal Oak, Michigan areas. Figured I’d make one to decide which ones I’ll end up covering or just go to have fun at. Already going to the Motion City shows, though.

09.02 Panic! At The Disco in Royal Oak, MI @ Arts Beats & Eats Festival (Tickets = $3)
09.09 Squid The Whale in Pontiac, MI @ The Pike Room
09.11 Blink-182 in Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre w/My Chemical Romance, Matt & Kim
09.19 Foo Fighters in Detroit, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills w/Rise Against
09.23 Motion City Soundtrack in Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
09.24 Motion City Soundtrack in Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
09.25 Motion City Soundtrack (ACOUSTIC) in Novi, MI @ Macys [In 12 Oaks Mall]
10.06 Polar Bear Club & Fireworks in Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick w/ Such Gold, Balance & Composure
10.12 Saves The Day & Bayside in Detroit, MI @ The Magestic Theatre w/Transit, I Am The Avalanche
10.23 Yellowcard in Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall w/Every Avenue, Go Radio
10.30 Gym Class Heroes in Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/ Dirty Heads
11.01 Never Shout Never in Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/A Rocket To The Moon, Carter Hulsey
11.03 New Found Glory in Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/Set Your Goals, Wonder Years

The Saw Doctors, a set on Flickr.

The Saw Doctors are an Irish rock band. Formed in 1986 in Tuam, County Galway, they have achieved eighteen Top 30 singles in Ireland, including three number ones. Their first number one, “I Useta Lover,” topped the Irish charts for nine consecutive weeks in 1990, and still holds the record for the country’s all-time biggest-selling single.[1]Renowned for their live performances, the band has a cult following, especially in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. On 15 February 2008, they received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards.

Check out their on the road blog!

March 16th: w/ 2194, Jamie from Temple, Former States, Mid Nineties @ The Frozen Banana Stand (ask a punk for the address so we know you’re not a dumb pig cop)

March 18th:  w/ The Hotelier, Osoosooso, Bike Tuff, Secret Grief @ 907 Lincoln, Ann Arbor

May 24th: BLED FEST w/ Hawthorne Heights @ Howell, Michigan

Name: Kathy McKee

Age: 66

Occupation: former actress and Vegas showgirl

Year of Alleged Assault by Bill Cosby: between 1973 and 1974

McKee toured with Sammy Davis Jr., whom she dated, and McKee got to know some of Davis’s friends. McKee had known Cosby for eight years when, after a Detroit show, the comedian invited her back to his hotel room. Cosby opened the door, spun her around, and penetrated her. She came forward in 2014. “I managed to get over to the guest bathroom. I tried to figure out what was happening, what had happened. I was really very confused and shocked and mixed up. It happened so fast. Bill had been a friend. I had worked with him. I had known him for many, many years. He never made a pass at me. So when this happened to me, I just couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. Had he lost his mind? Was he on drugs? What the heck was going on?

I’m thinking maybe I’ll just slip out the front door and go. Well, he was standing, completely dressed now, and ready to walk out the door. [He] said to me, ‘Okay, come on, let’s go. They’re waiting for us.’ I don’t even think I spoke. I just walked. He opened the door to the suite, and I walked right on out there, and went to the elevator and pressed the button. He’s not talking to me. He was behaving like a person that I had never met before in my life.”

Photo: Amanda Demme

MERCIES tonight at the North End Studios in Detroit, MI Sep 20th

“The EP was a way for us to work out some new ideas. It has two old songs that have been reworked, a new song, and our first endeavor at writing for something other than just a song for another record. Writing the music for the ballet was both challenging and inspiring and we definitely look forward to taking on more projects in this realm” States Rheault. 

Out with their new EP  The Ballet this garage indie rock band from northern  Suffield, Connecticut, have been on their first US tour. This band seems like they’re always busy putting out something, whether it’s their mix tape (which could be found on their site or working on a brand new full length album. Be sure to check them out in your town and make sure you go out to see them tonight!

Mercies will be performing at the North End Studios Detroit, MI tonight, so be there!

Make sure you visit their band camp to listen and hear what they’re all about

They also were recorded at a Daytrotter session…Which cannot be found on the website at this time, but I am sure if you look around I’m sure you’ll find something from them! Keep checking back!

Stay tuned for photos coming soon!


“A Little More” live is the best thing ever. I recorded this last night at the Detroit show and it was such an insane show!

16) If you could spend a day with Em, what would you plan/do?

First, I would probably cook his high maintenance diva ass some hamburger helper. Then I would buy him a grown man spiderman costume and tell him to put it on so people wouldn’t be able to recognize him in public (I’d probably throw on a fairy costume too so he would feel a little bit less ridiculous). Then we would run to the dollar store and buy a shit ton of silly string so he could use it as his “web” and spray people with it. I would more than likely spend the day making terrible song-related puns (“Watch your aim with that silly string, you only get ONE SHOT.” “How’d you like that hamburger helper? Bet it was better than MOM’S SPAGHETTI.” “Who’s the BAD INFLUINCE NOW?”). Then I would ask him to show me Detroit through his eyes. Hopefully at some point I could squeeze in some deep questions without making him feel uncomfortable or interrogated. Before he left I would ask him to draw some kind of ridiculous doodle on my arm and sign it, so I could get it tattooed over and keep it forever. Then I would push my luck with a hug and never see or hear from him ever again.

anonymous asked:

i thought that brendon knew her back in fever era and tried to date her but she said no and then in vices, they met again and brendon finally snagged her

He met Sarah while touring for P.O. at a panic show in Detroit, but she was dating Jeremy Davis at the time. He said he couldn’t get her out of his mind, so when her and Jeremy broke up they met up again and have been together since then!


Andy’s speech about Metro Station/All Time Low drama at the Detroit Warped Tour Show. Not a great view but clear audio.


This is how Detroit parties.

Detroit Party Marching Band

New Dodge Lounge / Hamtramck MI

Hamtramck Music Festival

Shot and Edited / Sarah Raymore


My footage from when Kells covered Eminem by performing “The Way I Am” during the Detroit show.