So this is a post to make my very good friend swiftiesince07 aka Taylor (Bohr, not Swift- haven’t met both yet though) emotional because of something that happened to her over a month ago.
As many of you know and are very much aware of, the 1989 era brought many more chances to meet Taylor and to become closer to her. My friend Baby Tay hoped that it would be her chance and began to get some hope when Taylor liked her posts, especially ones about the Pittsburgh show. However, after the Detroit show and not a lot of Tumblr fans met Taylor in Loft or pre-show (excluding package people) her hope went down immediately. It was heartbreaking to see her tell me that she’s never meeting Taylor cause I knew in my heart that she’d meet her.
Although I had a gut feeling that she’d meet her at the Pittsburgh show, my friend Mary and I sent her off with words of having fun and not to focus on meeting Taylor. However, she sent us a good sign of hope when she told us that at the Taylor Nation booth, they immediately recognized her, asked her for her seat numbers, and asked if she and her friends had ever met Taylor. This was a sign to me that she’d meet her, but Baby Tay didn’t want to get her hopes up because the same thing has happened to her friend a week before and nothing. However, I was right and during I Knew You Trouble, she tweeted that she had gotten Loft 89 and that she was meeting Taylor. My friend Mary and I (and most of Twitter) were so unbelievably happy for her because we couldn’t think of a better and more deserving person to meet Taylor. We anxiously waited very late into the night for her photo, and yes I might have had a tear in my eye when their photo came out. About a week later, we all oovooed where she went into many details of her experience. How Taylor recognized her and jumped up and down saying, “YEAH I LIKE ALL YOUR POSTS ALL THE TIME” and how she called her babe and how amazing a Taylor hug is. It was so amazing seeing the smile on Baby Tay’s face describing everything and hearing all about her dream coming true. The only thing I could’ve wished for the experience was that Tay to have heard Taylor curse (she had my URL to say to her in her mind but she went completely blank when Taylor said hi to them- don’t blame her though).
To Taylor Swift- thank you thank you for being so sweet to my friend Taylor. I cannot thank you and your mom for making her dream come true that night. Seeing her smile and her happy tears as she was describing it was something I loved seeing. She still gets very emotional when we bring it up. I may have never met her, but she’s such a great friend and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to become friends with (shoutout to Mary for making it happen). Thank you for our friendship, and thank you for making her dreams come true. I love you so much.

Mekkel Richards and Adam Malinowski were leaving a fireworks show in Detroit.

As the two young men walked down the street, they saw Detroit police officers push a man to the ground and hit him repeatedly.

After seeing the officers bloody the man’s face and hearing him scream for help, both Richards and Malinowski began recording video with their cell phone while standing at a distance from the incident.

Richards, a journalism student at a nearby Oakland Unversity, was 25 feet from the officers as they continued striking the man on the ground. Malinowski was 40 feet away.

They were quickly approached by five officers – Gadwell, Reizin, Lopez, Petroff, and Sergeant Brannock –and told the following:

Get the fuck back,”
“Put your phone away, you can’t be videotaping,”
“You can’t be here,”
“You’re interfering.”

Officer Gadwell then said, “I told you to get the fuck away,” and punched Richards in the face, knocking the student to the ground.

While lying on pavement, Richards shouted to Malinowski, “Are you recording this?”

“Yes!” answered Malinowski.

Officer Gadwell then ran at Malinowski, put him in a headlock, slammed him to the ground, put him in handcuffs and smashed his cell phone against a tree.

After Richards was handcuffed as well, an officer told the young men they were a “couple of faggot tree huggers that take the whole rights thing too seriously.”

Assistant Police Chief Dolunt, who saw the whole thing, said Richards and Malinowski were”fucking idiots that are going to jail tonight…they need to be taught a lesson.”

The officers then searched Richards’ cell phone and deleted several videos.

After being taken to jail, the two men were charged with “interfering with a city official,” and released the next day.                                                /source/

They deleted the files by smashing the phone. Physically damaged media is a lot harder to recover. Again the cops act like real gangsters. Members of the most motherfucking dangerous and large gang. I do not know whether it is possible to make the bastards get what they deserve. I’m pretty sure that all of this shit needs a support by social media. Let the people know 

#StayWoke #PoliceAbuse #WildCops

You Are In Love + Clean // 1989 World Tour Detroit // Taylor Swift

here’s another audio I recorded at the Detroit show

How to listen:

1. Put on headphones

2. Turn off all lights and close your eyes

3. Imagine Taylor singing in a sold out stadium on a beautiful night

4. Try not to cry

(sorry for the cut of during clean)

click to listen to Wonderland + Clean + Love Story in Pittsburgh

We have two shows coming up in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas.

- Sat. July 26th: Rockamura Festival at the Nakamura Cooperative House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Day-long festival, it’s gonna be a frickin party, come hang!

- Thurs. August 7th: The Rockery in Wyandotte with Neck First (Baltimore mathy screamo, insane)

Come out and hang with cha bois!


Hey taylorswift! Remember when you liked me and Liz’s graduation post back in December? Well, We graduated on May 31st! :) We may or may not have worn our concert bracelets from the Detroit show and put our pictures up with you at our open house…… Love and miss you lots! 

Fall shows.

Just made a list of tours coming to Detroit/Pontiac/Royal Oak, Michigan areas. Figured I’d make one to decide which ones I’ll end up covering or just go to have fun at. Already going to the Motion City shows, though.

09.02 Panic! At The Disco in Royal Oak, MI @ Arts Beats & Eats Festival (Tickets = $3)
09.09 Squid The Whale in Pontiac, MI @ The Pike Room
09.11 Blink-182 in Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre w/My Chemical Romance, Matt & Kim
09.19 Foo Fighters in Detroit, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills w/Rise Against
09.23 Motion City Soundtrack in Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
09.24 Motion City Soundtrack in Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
09.25 Motion City Soundtrack (ACOUSTIC) in Novi, MI @ Macys [In 12 Oaks Mall]
10.06 Polar Bear Club & Fireworks in Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick w/ Such Gold, Balance & Composure
10.12 Saves The Day & Bayside in Detroit, MI @ The Magestic Theatre w/Transit, I Am The Avalanche
10.23 Yellowcard in Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall w/Every Avenue, Go Radio
10.30 Gym Class Heroes in Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/ Dirty Heads
11.01 Never Shout Never in Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/A Rocket To The Moon, Carter Hulsey
11.03 New Found Glory in Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/Set Your Goals, Wonder Years

Hey Taylor! This is me and my sister Lindsay before your show in Detroit!! We had such an amazing time at the show and can’t wait to see you again in Toronto and maybe Edmonton! You mean the world to both of us and we love you so much❤️

The Saw Doctors, a set on Flickr.

The Saw Doctors are an Irish rock band. Formed in 1986 in Tuam, County Galway, they have achieved eighteen Top 30 singles in Ireland, including three number ones. Their first number one, “I Useta Lover,” topped the Irish charts for nine consecutive weeks in 1990, and still holds the record for the country’s all-time biggest-selling single.[1]Renowned for their live performances, the band has a cult following, especially in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. On 15 February 2008, they received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards.

Check out their on the road blog!

March 16th: w/ 2194, Jamie from Temple, Former States, Mid Nineties @ The Frozen Banana Stand (ask a punk for the address so we know you’re not a dumb pig cop)

March 18th:  w/ The Hotelier, Osoosooso, Bike Tuff, Secret Grief @ 907 Lincoln, Ann Arbor

May 24th: BLED FEST w/ Hawthorne Heights @ Howell, Michigan

MERCIES tonight at the North End Studios in Detroit, MI Sep 20th

“The EP was a way for us to work out some new ideas. It has two old songs that have been reworked, a new song, and our first endeavor at writing for something other than just a song for another record. Writing the music for the ballet was both challenging and inspiring and we definitely look forward to taking on more projects in this realm” States Rheault. 

Out with their new EP  The Ballet this garage indie rock band from northern  Suffield, Connecticut, have been on their first US tour. This band seems like they’re always busy putting out something, whether it’s their mix tape (which could be found on their site or working on a brand new full length album. Be sure to check them out in your town and make sure you go out to see them tonight!

Mercies will be performing at the North End Studios Detroit, MI tonight, so be there!

Make sure you visit their band camp to listen and hear what they’re all about

They also were recorded at a Daytrotter session…Which cannot be found on the website at this time, but I am sure if you look around I’m sure you’ll find something from them! Keep checking back!

Stay tuned for photos coming soon!

Nick Cave - Here Hear

Like much of America, Chicago-based artist Nick Cave watched the 1991 video of the LAPD beating Rodney King. King’s mortality and fragility scared Cave so much that he immediately went to the studio and began creating a form of protection. The wearable suit of armor made of twigs marked the beginning of Cave’s now-renowned series of soundsuits. Prior to the L.A. riots the artist made large-scale paintings, but since then he has become a public performer who grapples with blackness, sexuality, and the idea of one’s body.

See slideshow and continue…

It’s National Martini Day!

Souvenir photograph folder from Flame Show Bar in Detroit, Michigan. Cover depicts woman, wearing grass skirt and lei, standing in a martini glass. Printed on front: “Flame Show Bar, hottest place in town, continuous entertainment, 4264 John R., corner Canfield, Detroit, Mich., telephone TE 2-8714.” Photograph is missing from folder.