The Tyson Chandler effect lol


Sports will have a role in any renaissance. The motto “The city that can’t pay its bills, but can play ball” isn’t exactly what you want to see on Welcome to Detroit signs. But it speaks to how a city clamoring for anything positive can use its valuable sports identity as a means for reminding everyone that Detroit won’t timidly crawl into a corner and fade from existence.

Chauncey Billups announces his retirement after a 17 year career in the NBA. Many people were given the name “Big Shot” but few lived it as well as he did. Considered by many (myself included) to be one of the 50 greatest point guards and leaders of all time. He wasn’t as flashy as the rest, but he knew how to control the rhythm of the game as good as anyone. Those early-2000s Pistons were about as dominant as possible. They were a force of nature given direction by this man. Enjoy the cool breeze and palm trees Chauncey. You deserve it.