Hockey players at restaurants

Waiter: so you wanted the salad?

hockey player: well ya'know, i'a think that the salad is a good choice and uh I think that the chef has just gotta make a real good effort and uh I uh trust the famer, he’s been doin’ a fine job growing the lettuce ya know he’s got a real good thing goin,he really cares and I uh just gotta do my part and uh finish that salad.

The benches in hockey dressing rooms are built so that your feet rest on the floor with your skates on which means that there are pictures of Large Professional Athletes with sock feet dangling off of the bench and I think that is a beautiful thing.

“alright kid, time to pick a number. what do you want?”

“hm, i don’t know. i’m a goalie, though”

“a goalie, you say?”

“you’re getting 31″

The best parts of Ovi being mic’d for the All Star Skills:

  • Brian Boyle clearly trying to diplomatically figure out if Ovi’s had a kid when Ovi brought out Jonas.
  • Ovi telling Jonas to “pass it to Sid!” and Crosby bemusedly passing it back.
  • Ovi giggling and telling Hank and Greenie that he’s nervous, and comparing it to a playoffs game.
  • PK telling Ovi everyone broke 100mph at the Nashville competition because they let them skate in on the red line, then asking if Trotz was a good coach, Ovi saying yes, then general mutual encouragement of each other.
  • Ovi reacting to his first shot, saying “Holts, I’m shaking!” and Holtby being utterly unimpressed.
  • PK giving Ovi the mock “what for?” gesture after he won.
  • Ovi responding to Tarik El-Bashir asking if he took his second shot to see if he could break 100: “Yeah, why not? And I did.”



nhl teams as vines

more of my bullshit, y’already know what it is.

(also, you might wanna hit up @hockeyplayersasmyfavoritevines​ because she’s cool and posts stuff like this on the reg)

bruins: it’s a fucking bear! 

sabres: chicken nuggets 

wings: ymca yungman 

panthers: singing woman not allowed on bus 

habs: i coulda dropped my croissant! 

sens: good evening 

bolts: steppin on the beach 

leafs: what the FUCK is up, kyle

canes: obi-wan mr. sandman 

jackets: dudes turning soft, i stay hard 

devils: paper bag over head dance

isles: club jam

nyr: lipstick in your valentino bag


pens: blocked and reported

caps: accept yourself, love youself

avs: we all die – you either kill yourself or get killed

stars: two bros, chillin’ in a hot tub

wild: shower time, adderall, a glass of whiskey, and diesel jeans

preds: troy speaks right from the heart

blues: around the world like la la la la la

jets: baby it’s cold


coyotes: -this is why mom doesn’t FUCKING love you!

flames: i was in a band

oilers: seinfeld – numb

kings: umbrellas / run

sharks: it is wednesday my dudes

canucks: get fucked, goose

vgk: me and my omelet

also, runner-up vines, because some were too real to leave out:

(the bruins / zdeno chara) (sabres) (wings) (panthers) (the current habs) (sens) (bolts) (leafs) (canes) (jackets) (devils) (isles) (nyr) (flyers) (pens) (caps) (avs) (stars / jaime benn’s voice) (wild) (preds) (blues) (jets) (ducks) (coyotes) (flames) (oilers) (kings) (sharks) (canucks) (vgk)

If you don't ugly cry over hockey then have you really experienced hockey?

(* = my criterions while making this were: birthplaces (not hometowns); air distance (e.g.: London is airly closer to Detroit than to Toronto) and I didn’t involve players who were born too far away from any NHL city; amount of players (e.g.: there are many players born in New York City area, but not enough to make a whole team)

also: I made this with help of this map which is also mine, so all errors are probably mine) 

so I made this for fun so I could see how NHL would look like and even though it’s not 100% accurate, I think it’s done its work 

When your favorite player isn't protected

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