detroit strong

Dicevi sempre che non sarei stato niente senza di te, e ci ho creduto"

“You used to say that I’d never be
Nothing without you and I’d believe

—  Eminem - Stronger than I was

Strong in Detroit, USA - 17.08.2014


Due to the overwhelming Rainbow Direction support for the OTRA Gilette show, we will be posting a seperate throwback post for Boston!

“Last night’s Rainbow Direction experience was fantastic! Started by handing out bracelets to the crew from KiSS FM 92.5  They loved the message that Rainbow Direction is trying to send, and were eager to each wear a bracelet.  :D  (…) After the show we spotted all sorts of RD participants!  I handed out bracelets to as many as I could.  (came home with only a few left!)  The participants were so approachable and kind!“ 

            @sterlingirl31, OTRA Toronto

“I got at least a dozen compliments on my shirt - I was wearing my Safe Spaces rainbow heart shirt. Which made me feel a lot better about myself, since I was sitting alone for this concert.”

            @thephysicsofstandingstill, OTRA Chicago

“I brought my ace flag to this show, which I was a bit nervous about. I’m glad I did though! 100percentsassy posted a picture of me with it on tumblr before the show last night, and when I got into the stadium I had a message from someone thanking me for bringing it & I just started crying. It was truly such a beautiful moment and I’m so grateful for that individual for sharing their story with me.”

             @thephysicsofstandingstill​, OTRA Milwaukee

“A group of folks applauded our rainbows as we made our way to the floor and up to the catwalk. THANK YOU KIND FOLKS! (…)  When Liam was reading signs aloud and everyone was holding theirs aloft, we realized quickly he (and the cameras) was looking elsewhere and flipped our signs so that that rainbows faced the stadium instead of the stage. It was a heartwarming #PRIDE moment for us.”  

             @juliusschmidt, OTRA Clevealand

“I was sitting alone and therefore a little nervous about how my blatant rainbows would be taken. I walked around with the flag draped over my shoulders and got quite a few thank yous as well as a few shouts and cheers of, “Rainbow Direction!!!” which made me feel much better. (…)  The other was a girl made her way through the rather large crowd and against the flow to come and say how much she loved my outfit. She and her girlfriend almost made me cry because they were so young and so happy to be at the concert, holding hands openly. It was so beautiful. I luckily had some extra safe spaces hearts printed so I was able to give them one.”

             @lululawrence, OTRA Cleveland 

“so we headed over to Gate A and as soon as I got there we found two girls who were also in Rainbow Direction. I had my giant Rainbow Pride Flag and was probably easy to notice. we waiting and eventually found three more girls and we all talked for a while, swapped twitters and took a picture.”

             @strongertogetherx​, OTRA DETROIT 

“the rainbows were strong in detroit, and it was so beautiful seeing the community we were able to be a part of there.  thank you for everyone who came and talked to us, or even sent us a small smile!  we appreciate you, too!” 

              @lululawrence, OTRA Cleveland

“I’m not ready to share my full LGBTQ+ story yet. Some people already know it, but some in my life will judge me by it, and I’m not ready for that yet. I’m not brave like those teenage girls. But one day I will be. And it’s because of a teeny bopper band and a group called Rainbow Direction, 1D fans, who created safe spaces for people like me.” 

            @quietfan09​, OTRA Philadelphia

“But last night was the first time in a long time that all of my worries about my sexuality went away. Because when Harry held up that rainbow flag proudly, I saw someone that I look up to and that truly inspires me every day SUPPORTING ME.“

            @larriestagramm​, OTRA Buffalo

“the thing is i’m an adult and i’d like to think as a person i’m fairly out and proud, i’ve been involved in lots of lgbt organizations up to being in positions of leadership so this isn’t new to me but its STILL. SO. SCARY. and i felt very alienated and obvious and i spent a lot of time wandering around the stadium so i didn’t have to sit in my section and feel even MORE isolated and scared.  and then he held that fucking rainbow flag and IMMEDIATELY i KNEW that i wasnt alone and from that moment on i was not afraid, and thats not to say that i’ll never feel scared to be myself ever again but i was kicked out of my house and bullied and harassed and spent so much of my life being so scared to even wear a shirt with a rainbow on it and for him to take that fear away for even that brief period of time was one of the greatest gifts he could have given me, and if that’s how i feel i can’t even imagine what this feels like for all the kids out there who are still stuck in that place of almost constant fear and doubt.”

             @fireforaheartt​, OTRA Buffalo

“Some people still struggle with who they are and who they like and just to see that their idol supports them must feel so good and it makes me very happy that Harry was once again able to show publicly his support to the LGBTQIA community. 🌈”

             @braidsfeatstyles, OTRA Montreal

“i love the work RD is doing. thank you because this means so much for a person like me. i’ve had so many drastic changes in my life lately and i’ve lost so many friends because of it and this makes me feel a bit like home. like i’m not alone and like i’ll be okay. 🌈 “

             @loopdelouis​, OTRA Montreal

“we skipped icona pop, and ashes-and-dust, painting–words and i gave out some pamphlets for rainbow direction before taking our seats. which was very nerve-racking (at least so i felt) but every time someone lit up (especially the younger kids), the satisfaction made up for the nerves. good thing painting–words she had them because mine were forgotten at home.”

             @loopdelouis​, OTRA Ottawa

“my favorite thing about otra Boston last night was when all the rainbow direction people were all together and spreading so much love we all got super emotional and group hugged. I love this fandom so much ❤️💛💚💙💜”

             @officialslayrah​, OTRA Boston 

Thank you North America!

A little under two since the Boston closed off the OTRA North America tour leg came to an end, we want to relive the second half of these amazing two months with you! We look back to 24 shows with 1648 participants, with all the colors of the rainbow! Amazing! Such a strong and visible message to bring to places that were partly new to both One Drection as well as the Rainbow Direction campaign. If you have pictures, videos, gifs or concert reports please share them! (tag them ‘rainbow direction’ so we can find them)

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