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NHL team twitter headers

Map shows the most popular NHL team in every state

  • Anaheim Ducks: fuck the blackhawks
  • Arizona Coyotes: fuck the blackhawks
  • Buffalo Sabres: fuck the blackhawks
  • Calgary Flames: fuck the blackhawks
  • Carolina Hurricanes: fuck the blackhawks
  • Chicago Blackhawks: fuck you
  • Colorado Avalanche: fuck the blackhawks
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: fuck the blackhawks
  • Dallas Stars: fuck the blackhawks
  • Detroit Red Wings: fuck the blackhawks
  • Edmonton Oilers: fuck the blackhawks
  • LA Kings: fuck the blackhawks
  • Minnesota Wild: fuck the blackhawks
  • Montreal Canadiens: fuck the blackhawks
  • New Jersey Devils: fuck the blackhawks
  • New York Islanders: fuck the blackhawks
  • New York Rangers: fuck the blackhawks
  • Ottawa Senators: fuck the blackhawks
  • Philadelphia Flyers: fuck the blackhawks
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: fuck the blackhawks
  • San Jose Sharks: fuck the blackhawks
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: fuck the blackhawks
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: fuck the blackhawks
  • Vancouver Canucks: fuck the blackhawks
  • Washington Capitals: fuck the blackhawks
  • Winnipeg Jets: fuck the blackhawks
The stress in my life is sponsored by the NHL

playoffs? more like panic! at the puck drop

  • Anaheim Ducks: Your mom made you play with them when you were in kindergarten and now, after several years, they won't leave you alone no matter how much you beg them
  • Arizona Coyotes: The friend who posts YouTube videos that no one watches
  • Boston Bruins: The friend who won't stop hitting you on the arm, and when you tell them to stop they threaten to punch you some more
  • Buffalo Sabres: The talkative friend who never makes any sense
  • Calgary Flames: The friend with a height complex
  • Carolina Hurricanes: The friend who drinks juice to every meal and claims that ‘it’s healthy’
  • Chicago Blackhawks: The friend who likes to scare you and when they take it too far they blame you for being too sensitive and a wuss
  • Colorado Avalanche: The happy-go-lucky and kind friend who always looks great
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: The loud and annoying friend on Twitter whom everyone thinks is hilarious except from you
  • Dallas Stars: The friend who thinks they're really hot when they're actually mediocre looking
  • Detroit Red Wings: The friend who punches/smacks you with your own hand and asks 'Why are you punching yourself' with a grin
  • Edmonton Oilers: The eternally optimistic friend, even when their life is falling apart
  • Florida Panthers: The friend who doesn't want to be friends with you, they'd rather hang with their hotter and cooler friend, Jaromir Jagr
  • Los Angeles Kings: The imaginary friend that is a talking trash-can
  • Minnesota Wild: The friend who laughs hardest at their own jokes
  • Montreal Canadiens: The friend who sends you dirty messages in French using Google Translate
  • Nashville Predators: The friend who loves dogs more than anything
  • New Jersey Devils: The friend you keep forgetting that you have
  • New York Islanders: The friend who never seems to think anything is funny
  • New York Rangers: The friend who always looks at their reflection when passing a window/mirror to "check how they look" and then they stand there for 5 minutes
  • Philadelphia Flyers: The friend whose house smells like cheese for some reason
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: The friend who always works their hardest, but never achieves much
  • Ottawa Senators: The friend who wants to "hang" at McDonald's every day
  • San Jose Sharks: The friend who's always willing to get stoned with you
  • St Louis Blues: The friend who yells at their parents and treats them like crap
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: The friend who trips on air and have dirty pants
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: The friend who shrugs/sighs at every bad thing that happens to them and says "this is my life"
  • Vancouver Canucks: You can't remember how you became friends with them, they don't say anything either - just looks at you with an eerie smile
  • Washington Capitals: The asshole friend who’s not really an assshole, but is actually a very sensitive and emotional person who just needs someone to hold them
  • Winnipeg Jets: The friend other people tend to ignore

dont ever let anybody tell you that of the 690 NHL players.. not one of them is gay/bi