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Thoughts of a Hockey Player

  • ‘Win the faceoff, win the faceoff…’
  • 'Get the puck, get the puck.’
  • 'Don’t get hit, don’t get hit.’
  • 'Get the fuck out of the way ref, you two-legged useless zebra blob.’
  • 'I’m gonna get hit, shit, okay, here it comes.’
  • 'We should have JAWS music playing.’
  • 'I’m gonna hit you, better get ready.’
  • 'Why do we even play on ice? Who looked at ice cubes and was like let’s create a sport on a big ass ice cube. Dumb.’
  • 'I’m definitely too old for this shit.’
  • 'That wasn’t goaltender interference, I barely touched him!’
  • 'That isn’t a penalty, I fell and my stick hit him. His face got in the way.’
  • 'I hate this fucking penalty box. It’s like a child being placed in a play pen.’
  • 'Fuck I’ve got the puck, I can score, I’m gonna score.’
  • 'I scored! Wait… I actually scored? Fuck yes. I’m awesome.’
  • 'Is it time to change yet? Can I change after 15 seconds? Fuck it, I’m tired.’
  • 'I have never hated someone as much as I hate you ref.’
  • 'Media wants an interview… Can I just act like I can’t speak english?’
  • 'My jock is pinching my nuts. Can I adjust myself without being obvious? Fuck it, let everyone see.’
  • 'We lost, I for sure don’t want to talk to the media.’
Dylan Larkin - I got in!

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i found it!! it was about Larks trying to convince the reader not to join the army
Author’s Note: I am so sorry for the long wait for this one! @saad-sack :( But, I hope you like it!

This was not how you imagined this big life changing event to go. You pictured hugs, smiles, and motivational words. Yet, you got tears, screams and regret.

It wasn’t until the mid-afternoon  when you got the call. You were joining the army. You! It was a dream of yours since, you could remember. To be honest you weren’t even sure what sparked the dream. You did know that this was something you prepared yourself for since you were five.

It was the real deal when you start ROTC. You began in high school and sometime in college. You did everything you needed to do to make yourself mentally and physically ready for the army. When you felt the time was right you applied to the army. That was about two months ago and to be honest you were starting to worry that they didn’t want you. That all changed this afternoon. They wanted you. In three weeks you were going off to train.

You were dancing around the room, when Dylan got home. He couldn’t help but smile at your glee. He placed his bag down before slipping his shoes off and placing them by the door. He made his way over towards you and began dancing with you.

“Why, are we dancing?” He asked with a smile on his face.

“You ask after you join.” You giggled.

“Hey no one said I was smart.” He joked with a smile.

“I got in. I GOT IN!!!” You cheered dancing more.

“In?” He smiled

“The Army!” You smiled.

That’s when Dylan stopped dancing. You could tell by his face that he wasn’t okay. You stop jumping around and followed Dylan in your shared room. You waited for him to say something. Anything. He made his way into the bathroom, and slammed the door. What the hell was wrong with him you thought. You sighed before walking over to the door and knocked.

“Dyl, what’s wrong?” You said placing your ear on the door.

You heard the water turn on and you knew he was trying to ignore you. The question was why? Why, was your boyfriend of four years being such a child. You felt anger. This was a big step in your life. Very big, yet your boyfriend was acting like it was nothing. You knocked louder this time.

“What the fuck Dylan!” You yelled.

That’s when the bathroom door swung open, to reveal a red eye Dylan. You felt bad for yell. That was until he spoke.

“If you go, then we’re….then we’re done.” He spat.

“Fuck you.” You said, feeling tears prick at your eyes. “Fuck you.” You said again, before grabbing your shoes, and car keys.


“Honey, I don’t get it. Why did he say that? Did you say something to him to make him think that.” You mom said handing you a cup of hot tea.

“Really, mom.” You said not looking up.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t get why he would say something like that. That’s not Dylan.” She said.

“I know it’s not. That’s why it hurts so much. If I go to in the Army I lose the love of my life. If I don’t go then, I just drop my dream.” You cried.

“I think that this moment right now is what you want. You want Dylan then fine. If you want to fulfill your long life dream then fine, but pick what you want. No matter how much it might hurt.” You mom said getting up from the chair.

“Thanks mom.” You smiled weakly. You heard a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it. It’s Marcy with my books.” You mom said walking away.

You took the time to pull out your phone. Nothing. No call. No texts. Nothing. It was like the last  four years meant nothing. That’s what hurt the most. He knew that this was your dream. He knew that you applied. Yet, he couldn’t just be happy for you.

“I’m sorry.” Dylan said from behind you. You turned to face him. “I was an ass. I shouldn’t have said what I said. It wasn’t right. This is your dream and I’ve always known that, but a part of me is scared. I don’t want to lose you. I might be strong, but the thought of losing you kills me. I still shouldn’t have acted the way I did. I’m really, really, really sorry.” He said.

You felt the stress from earlier wash away.
“I’m scared too. I’m going to be in different places and  have guns going off around me, but do you know what hold me together. “ You said walking towards him and taking his face in your hands. “You. So when you acted the way you did it killed me. I need you, just as much as you need me. I’m not going to say that our lives won’t be hell at times, because it will, but at the end of the day we have each other, right. And to me that’s all I need. “ You kissed his lips.

“I love you, Y/N. Can we go home and start all this over.” He smiled.

“You loved my moves that much.” You joked grabbing your stuff.

“There better than mine.” He giggled placing a kiss on your head.

“I love you Dylan, but don’t you ever freak me out like that again.”

“Deal. Now, let’s go home.”


If you don't ugly cry over hockey then have you really experienced hockey?

1.) “Why’d they blow the play dead?”

2.) “How is that even a penalty?”

3.) “What is ‘goaltender interference’?”

4.) “How the shit is that goaltender interference?”

5.) “That was the weakest penalty call I’ve ever seen.”

6.) “What the fuck are you even doing ref?”

7.) “ThAt’S nOt A pEnAlTy YoU bLiNd FuCk.”

8.) “Shut up Pierre.”

9.) “I hate every single one of these players, why are you even in the NHL.”

10.) “I can’t actually believe I’m watching beer league players.”

11.) “Wait…. When did he get traded? Who even are these people.”

12.) “I hate hockey and the players hate me.”

13.) “Oh there’s gonna be a figh–false alarm, they just hugged.”

14.) “Our goalie is going to kill every single one of his teammates and I might actually help.”

15.) “What the actual hell is our coach even doing? Can he be fired pls.”

Bonus: “I miss hockey.”

Hockey Goalie Problems & Thoughts

1. “Get out of my crease, it’s mine and I’m not sharing.”

2. “Don’t run into me, I have a special glove to knock you on your ass.”

3. “Don’t snow me, I will goalie stick slash the shit out of you.”

4. “I have the puck, stab me with your stick one more time and I will throw it.”

5. “Don’t touch or hit my water bottle; water bottle police are always on patrol.”

6. “Just because the refs are blind and don’t call interference, doesn’t mean I won’t try to rearrange your face.”

7. “Don’t blame me for letting in a goal when my team has decided they forgot to hockey.”

8. “Don’t blame me for a loss, I can’t play every position.”

9. “This is my net, touch it and die.”

When your favorite player isn't protected

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