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This pop-up in Detroit is rallying against Trump’s travel ban by serving Iranian food to the masses

  • Can xenophobia melt away with every bite of warming, hearty Iranian food? The founder of Peace Meal Kitchen hopes so. 
  • The Detroit-based pop-up was created out of a hope to educate Americans about Iran in the most delicious way possible — with a feast of Iranian food.
  • Peace Meal Kitchen founder Mana Heshmati has lived in multiple U.S. cities and noticed “most people did not know what Iranian culture or food entailed,” she said in an email. 
  • “Iran tends to get grouped together with the Middle Eastern food and culture of the countries surrounding it in the Levant region, but it is actually very distinct and unique.” Read more (2/9/17 3:09 PM)

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Detroit: Emergency rally to stop U.S. against Syria, April 7, 2017.

The Trump administration and their imperialist allies are demanding NATO take “unilateral action” in Syria including removing Assad. This would put the US in direct conflict with Russian forces and Iran. We cannot allow Syria to become another Libya or Iraq. Join us in saying ‘no’ to NATO’s destruction of Syria and imperialism in the Middle East.

Photos by Daymon J. Hartley


Detroit, Michigan: Hundreds rally outside bankruptcy court to protest austerity plan, April 1, 2014.

Photos by Kris Hamel

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is offering the court a “Plan of Adjustment.” . This austerity plan asks the more than 20,000 city retirees to take a 34 percent cut in their pensions if they reject the plan, or a 26 percent cut if they accept the plan.

On April 1, Detroiters will rally outside the bankruptcy court and let their objections be heard in the streets. Union members, active employees, retirees, residents and community activists are expected. Some of the collected objections will be turned in to the court at that time.

The deadline for objections to the austerity plan of adjustment has been extended to April 28. They may be delivered in person or by U.S. mail to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Judge Steven Rhodes, c/o Clerk of the Court, 231 W. Lafayette St., Detroit, MI 48226. If done by letter, please reference case no. 13-53846 on your objection. A downloadable “People’s Objection” instructions and form can also be found at

An objector is not required to live or work in the city of Detroit to file. According to Moratorium NOW! organizers, the banks’ austerity plan for Detroit retirees and residents is a test case for the rest of the country and must be stopped.

DETROIT: Rally against the murder of Terrence Kellum

Tuesday 4:30 PM at corner of EVERGREEN AND CHICAGO

MASS ACTION against the wanton murder of Terrence Kellum.

He was killed in his home by an ICE agent who entered the home illegally.

He was killed while reaching out to his father.

He was shot about 10 times, at least once in the back.

He was handcuffed after he was shot.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department put a halt to the 15-day water shut off that left thousands of families without water! SUCCESS! But the fight isn’t over. 

Our friends from Windsor stand with us in declaring water a human right. They are bringing water across the border to support Detroiters, who have had their water shut off.

Meet at the Spirit of Detroit statue in front of the Coleman A. Young Center at Woodward and Jefferson at 4pm. 

Rally with Detroit People’s Water Board & the Council of Canadians. Speakers include international water activist, Maude Barlow, and the director of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Maureen Taylor.

After the convoy arrives at the Spirit of Detroit, join the caravan as water is delivered to the People’s Water Station at St. Peter’s Church.

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