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If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 23
  • Yuri P: So like, I have this idea for my exhibition skate...
  • Yuuri: Yeah?
  • Yuri P: It's for a heavy metal glam piece where I strip from my bedazzled jacket to reveal a heavily ripped shirt and basically do some edgy rage-induced choreography with a signature Johnny Weir slide that gives the audience a nice nip shot. Also Otabek is there.
  • Yuuri: ...And you need my help because...?
  • Yuri P: You stripped for a living, what's the coolest way to tease off a jacket? Also I need to borrow Viktor's Gucci shades, I'm gonna whip 'em across the ice.
  • Yuuri: Jesus Christ.


Inspired by his love of the outdoors, artist and Head Screen Printer Jonny Alexander’s work incorporates Nature, landscapes, and its objects/processes, creating large open landscapes to cross sectional terrestrial islands sometimes floating in space, surrounded by oceans, or inhabiting surreal terrains.  Devoid of humans and human interactions, his visual narratives do, however, reflect his own “existential quandaries” or spotlight the human consequences to the environment as in a 2016 mural he created with the Pangeaseed: SeaWalls Murals in New Zealand.  We’re super excited to chat with Jonny about his art school experiences, his love of the outdoors, as well as his work ethic and tenacious attitude, all in this session of Art School. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist

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This man is one of the people I admire the most in this world, so i decided to make a GIF session of this Vintage Kings Audio’s video where he tells how much he struggled to be able to make music and become the successful musician, producer, label owner etc he is today.
If you ever feel like giving up, think of this man’s story.


———–  1969 Ford Escort   —————

—- The Ford Escort was introduced in the United Kingdom at the end of 1967 making its show debut at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1968. The Escort was a commercial success in many parts of Western Europe but nowhere more than in the UK, where it was the national best seller of the 1960’s. In June 1974, less than six years after the car’s UK introduction, Ford announced the completion of the two millionth Ford Escort, a milestone unmatched by any Ford model outside the USA. The Mk. I featured contemporary styling cues in tune with its time; a subtle Detroit-inspired ‘Coke bottle’ waistline and the 'dogbone’ shaped front grill - arguably the car’s most famous stylistic feature. —

Pink, on the harden gravel.

Seasoned of centuries shown, by cracks and divets.

Brine it’s character.

A beauty still, when the light perfectly flares through obstructions to the sun.

And a drop from a freshly picked garden flower.

Possibly fallen off an arrangement and stepped on by the florist. 

Only to be discovered. Captured, before.

If you stare long enough, 

you can start to see.

Emotions of soles.

Energy, carried in the heel and passed on through to be caught by;

This harden gravel, recognized at this particular, click.

⚾ detroit tigers doodle icons 🐯

- inspired in part by jeterian’s baseball icons and the cute doodle icon trend

- icons are 128 px x 128 px

- you don’t have to credit me, just don’t claim them as your own!

- i’ll be adding more as the season progresses

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What I learned today after a massive breakdown… Sometimes you just have to stop. Halt everything. Mental and physical activity. You are NOT productive during this time. And most likely, you’re hungry. So eat. After you stop and eat, count some of your accomplishments and blessings. I know. I know. Easier said than done. But I felt a teeny bit better after less focus was on all the fucked up shit that’s happened. How my family is like… How my weight is like… How the people I thought I could count on are like… Count the tiny blessings, the medium and large. Then take a nap. A long one. And start over again. Growth is constant reevaluation. Constant reflection.

I’m learning…

Twenty five spry.

An age real adult-dom begins. 

Observed to be, three years later now.

Still him by my side. 

Constantly working out the right ingredients to formulate

my natural curl pattern and to express complexity through style crossed function.

At the end of every April, I can only go into it the same each year, 

as I know how best, to do. 

With a carefree, blindly wild, authentic smile. 

Sign of happy, me. 

Bliss, in living on to the next day.

Photo by @borrealiz

You will push for hours and nothing will move. You will push for days and nothing will move. You will push for years and nothing will move. So why do we push for change, for success, for greatness? One word. Hope. Because we know that only a handful of us will continue the fight to push for something more, something better. During this process, you will sweat blood, you will see people who pushed beside you stop and walk away, and you’ll also have people trying to convince you to stop, give up. You must never give up. You must push, no matter how long it takes. Because all you need is movement. An inch will turn into a yard and a yard into a mile. You will look back and have conquered and gain and you will be humbled. You will be a legend!“

–Leah V Daily

IG @ Lvernon2000

Victuuri Recs #4

Etched in the Ice by sharkgirl (PG, 1,5k)

Summary: “Since when did you get so good at this sort of thing?”

Yuuri reached for one of his hands, lacing their fingers and bringing them to his lips.

“I learned from the best.” [Marriage Proposal]

black cat, white cat by authoress (R, 11,7k, WIP)

Summary: It’s one thing to see your idol in the flesh, skating on ice he was born to dance on.

It’s another to point a gun at him and be greeted with that same smile you fell in love with.

(in which Yuuri punches, shoots at, seduces, dances on, and in other words, falls in love with Viktor, and Viktor with him) [Espionage AU]

there is no space for anything but dreaming by perennials (PG, 2,7k)

Summary: “Gotcha.” Yuuri grins breathlessly down at him. His cheeks are lipstick-pink and flushed with exertion, and it’s cold enough out to warrant scarves and sweaters but he’s sweating like it’s the middle of summer. His hair is in an absolute mess, strands twisting around his ear and clumping together haphazardly over his forehead. He’s an absolute, gorgeous mess.

Viktor’s chest tightens. I love this man, he thinks. I love him so much I could die.


Or, Viktor’s twenty-nine and tired, and Yuuri has something really important to say. [Marriage Proposal]

Distance by surveycorpsjean (NC-17, 5k)

Summary: They just can’t stand to be apart.

Dance Along by feelslikefire (NC-17, 7,2k)

Summary: Five Times Victor Kissed Yuuri, and One Time Yuuri Kissed Victor

(or, gays on skates: the fanfic)

Silliness and Stolen Shirts by smudgesofink (PG, 2,7k)

Summary: “You’re,” Victor begins in a stammer, and wait, are the tips of his ears turning pink? “You’re wearing my shirt.” Yuuri looks down at himself once again, and sure enough, it’s Victor’s wine red shirt that’s hanging off his body.

In which Victor is weak for the Boyfriend Shirt, and Yuuri doesn’t realize he is, too.

Five Kisses by oh_imintrouble (G, 4,3k)

Summary: It hadn’t seemed out of the ordinary at the time. Victor had always been free with his affection; throwing out compliments, light caresses, even the occasional peck to the cheek. After a little over a week of having him as his coach, Yuuri was sure he had gotten used to it. It was just a Westerner thing, no use getting riled up if Victor wasn’t going to be stopping it anytime soon.

Then it happened.


Victor likes kissing Yuuri and Yuuri is frustratingly dense

The Prince and His Servant by bigghost (PG, 1,8k)

Summary: Victor likes to be dramatic. Yuri doesn’t realize exactly how dramatic. [Marriage Proposal]

slow it down by sportsanimeruinedmylife (PG, 2,8k)

Summary: At first, he looked at Yuuri and he just wanted.

But then he started looking at Yuuri and wanting to protect him, to make him happy.

Now he looks at Yuuri and he wants everything with him.

It’s terrifying.

Or…people have always been easy for Victor. Yuuri is the exception to the rule.

the language of flowers by kylo_rad (G-NC-17, 16,6k, WIP Series)

Summary: The photo was of the latest arrangement of Yuuri’s through the shop’s window, with the caption “Ex-skater Yuuri Katsuki’s floral homage to @VictorNikiforov’s costume from last year’s Grand Prix Final, in the window of Winter Bouquet, Hasetsu.”


Alternate Universe in which Yuuri quits ice skating after the Grand Prix Final and becomes a florist instead. [Florist!Yuri AU WIP Series]

Quad Lutz by iamalivenow (NC-17, 25,6k, WIP)

Summary: Victor falls in love with Yuuri every single time they touch each other.

Yuuri loves him from the beginning. [Kink Negotiation + Kink Exploration]

Capricious Eros by agapantoblu (PG, 3,2k)

Summary: Since talking to Vitya is the same as talking to a wall, Yakov tries to convince Yuuri that Viktor’s place is in the rink, not playing coach on the sidelines.

Yuuri disagrees. Strongly.

Shoebox of Photographs by yuzururu (PG, 13,4k, WIP)

Summary: Unlucky culinary grad student, Katsuki Yuuri, comes to Tokyo in search of a future pursuing his cooking passions. Instead, he finds more adventure than he’s bargained for…in the form of a dog Cafe run by a certain Russian model.

//Or basically, a Coffee Shop AU. I know we’ve been craving one. [Culinary Student!Yuri + Model!Victor Coffeeshop AU]

Starting Anew by timid_turtle_timi (G, 1,6k, WIP Series)

Summary: Viktor Nikiforov has retired from his competitive skating, now coaching his young protege Yuri Plisetsky as he trains for his senior debut. The two move to Detroit in search of inspiration and a change of pace in hopes to focus the young skater on his goals. In the same city Katsuki Yuuri handles his shattered self esteem, and takes on a new career teaching physical education during the day, and children’s figure skating in the evenings. [Hot Dad!AU WIP Series]

i took no time with the fall by lazulisong (G, 2k)

Summary: It’s really nice, knowing Victor like this, as a real living person who hates chocolate and sleeps with his dog in his arms like a teddy bear. That he’s obsessed with the perfect selfie and remembers that Yuri doesn’t like carrots. All of those things about Victor, that Yuri gets to find out every day, over and over again.

stay young (go dancing) by ryuuzao (NC-17, 7,2k)

Summary: “Do you do this with every pretty boy that serves you champagne?” Yuuri asks, finally a touch of humor in his tone.

“I’ll admit, I’m the flirty type,” Viktor says, “but I haven’t asked to kiss any.”

Oh, fuck it. Yuuri throws caution to the wind and says, “You won’t have to.”

aka: the one where yu-topia onsen caters a celebration party for viktor nikiforov’s fifth world championship win, and viktor takes interest in the super hot waiter. [Caterer!Yuri AU]

Again by future_fishy (PG, 1,1k)

Summary: “Yuuri,” Viktor said, “I’d very much like to kiss you again.”

Surprise Me by sharkgirl (PG, 0,9k)

Summary: “Yuuri…?” Victor’s voice pulled him from his reverie. “Is it morning?”
“Afternoon, actually.”

Sequel to Etched in the Ice.

pardon the way that i stare by kevystel (G, 3,1k)

Summary: All Yakov says, after Yuuri’s free skate at the Cup of China, is: ‘Really?’

(The problem is that Viktor falls hard.)