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This man is one of the people I admire the most in this world, so i decided to make a GIF session of this Vintage Kings Audio’s video where he tells how much he struggled to be able to make music and become the successful musician, producer, label owner etc he is today.
If you ever feel like giving up, think of this man’s story.


What I learned today after a massive breakdown… Sometimes you just have to stop. Halt everything. Mental and physical activity. You are NOT productive during this time. And most likely, you’re hungry. So eat. After you stop and eat, count some of your accomplishments and blessings. I know. I know. Easier said than done. But I felt a teeny bit better after less focus was on all the fucked up shit that’s happened. How my family is like… How my weight is like… How the people I thought I could count on are like… Count the tiny blessings, the medium and large. Then take a nap. A long one. And start over again. Growth is constant reevaluation. Constant reflection.

I’m learning…

You will push for hours and nothing will move. You will push for days and nothing will move. You will push for years and nothing will move. So why do we push for change, for success, for greatness? One word. Hope. Because we know that only a handful of us will continue the fight to push for something more, something better. During this process, you will sweat blood, you will see people who pushed beside you stop and walk away, and you’ll also have people trying to convince you to stop, give up. You must never give up. You must push, no matter how long it takes. Because all you need is movement. An inch will turn into a yard and a yard into a mile. You will look back and have conquered and gain and you will be humbled. You will be a legend!“

–Leah V Daily

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Detroit Gothic
  • The streets creak and groan in the salty slush of winter. In the morning, there are gaping potholes where there were none before.
  • The dull pink of the night sky is only occasionally broken by the sight of spotlights on the cloud ceiling. If you trace the beam of light back through the hazy air, you find the only spotlight around is a smoky, burnt-out husk. 
  • When the People Mover shuts down for the night, do not be foolhardy enough to try and stay aboard. The cars never reach the central hub; you are lulled to sleep by the endless clacking of the wheels in the tunnel between Cobo and Fort Cass. When you wake up, hours later, you are still there. 
  • Decrepit brickwork and shattered windows grow from the cracked ground. Teens with too much wisdom and a free can of spray paint tag the walls to measure their growth. 
  • Somehow, walking along the river, you get turned around and enter a parking garage. You try to follow the arrows out, but you’ve walked far longer towards the exit than you did to get in, and there’s still no sign of it.
  • A church’s bell rings out on the hour, and in the distance, you hear other ones do the same. All are ringing out different times. It could just be the sound is echoing off the buildings around you, but as you hear one, and then another, and another ring out 26 and counting, you remember that church bells once rang out to signal the death of a parishioner. You didn’t think they did that anymore, but you don’t stop counting. 134, 135, 136…
  • The traffic cones seem to be following you. One shifts to the right by a foot out of the corner of your eye, and through the unease you try to convince yourself it was the wind. 
  • A wrong turn on a side street leaves you in an overgrown field. There’s a pillar of smoke at the end of it, and if you look back, you can still see the Renaissance Center, if you squint. You run towards the smoke, but you don’t get any closer. 
  • The homeless man that is always on the corner isn’t there today. You swallow bile and try not to remember the look of tired acceptance on his face when you said you had no change for him yesterday. It reminded you of your grandmother on her deathbed. 
  • You must get an octopus into the Joe. You must get an octopus into the Joe. The octopus needs to be thrown on the ice. You dodge security and slip the shadows until you get close enough to the rink. The octopus lands just short of the goal net, and you hope that this time, it will be enough.
  • There is no “South Detroit.” We all joke about that, not mentioning how sacred the place is, not daring to breathe a word of the power that rests there, just under the icy waves of the river. We were born and raised there, no matter where we are from. Our voices raise in a solemn chant as we promise to never give up our faith in the city. The city will stay standing for it. 

Havana, Detroit. 

I was always kind of terrified of teaching. So I applied for a teaching artist residency last fall. 

I’ve been working in The Boggs School for a couple months now and I think my mind is blown every time I visit. 

So much love and trauma in these little human packages. I’ve been angry about what’s happening in Detroit, this Tale of Two Cities–but I was only thinking of my creative peers. 

The failing education system is something I’ve heard my entire life, so I think now it sounds more like an empty threat. There was always something wrong, but it was always still standing. It’s all a lie, though. There is no education system. 

Anyways, despite all this, the kids are alright. Magic is real. And these lil Black and Brown babies in Detroit are insanely inspiring. 

Go hug a kid and ask them what they did today.