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Happy Sunday,

Today is special day for me and so many other ladies . Its Founders Day ! Now I know some of you are like what is that.

Alpha Kappa Alpha has been servicing for 109 years in counting. My organization was founded on January 15, 1908 by 20 women. This is one of days that all Sorors get together and celebrate the many accomplishments of the organization and to be proud to be a member of this awesome organization. It is going on almost 5 years for me.

Being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha is more than the colors and recognition for me. I love being in my organization because I am around likeminded women who is striving to do being things to help others in need. Also, I am a only child I have gain so many friendship and call so many ladies my sister!

I love rocking some pink and green together!

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise !”

Have a great day ladies !!


New Boots 😊😁.

I saw these a few years ago and wanted them ever since. And since i’m so stubborn, I waited all this time to catch them at the right price–that thrift store budget price.

I paid $6.80 for these at Value World. This place has spoiled me so much, It’s rare that I shop anywhere else.

Wearing these all summer. Bout to look like a straight up Cali Girl ; Plaid, cutoffs & those boots ❤️❤️.