detroit cousin

Looking up work phones from the 80’s and 90’s and making them into Phone Guys is fun. I assume he has a lot of cousins, all employed by Fazbear Entertainment in their respective home towns.

When the topic of lots and lots of Phone Guy cousins came up, naturally this had to happen:

the original six family tree

the new york rangers are the older brother to the boston bruins. A lot of fighting and bickering between the two and a lot of “you’re so ANNOYING” but they’re related and stuck with each other and when they show up to family reunions and the rangers kick the canadiens ass the bruins are like “hell yeah that’s my BROTHER.”

and then the canadiens and leafs are the cousins from canada. they don’t really like each other much either but they like each other more than they like other people. the canadiens also really hate the bruins like will start full on brawls during CHRISTMAS in GRANDMOTHERS LIVING ROOM. they’ve broken many christmas trees this way.a nd don’t even get them started on thanksgiving, firstly they won’t agree which day thanksgiving is and secondly they will fight at both of them.

CHicago and Detroit are the cousins from the midwest. they act all mature and above it all but one time at dinner Detroit did the whole “i’m not touching you” thing and Chicago flipped the table and was like “I HATE THIS FAMILY” all the while the canadiens and bruins film giggling in the corner glad they’re not the troublemakers this time around.