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CARS FUN FACTS (from memory, 95% reliable)

-John Lasseter has a son named Jackson
-Paul Newman actually said things like “HOT SNOT!”
-Brad Paisley wrote “Nobody’s Fool” for Cars 2 without even being asked
-Rascal Flatts is returning for Cars 3
-John Ratzenburgers father was a Mack truck driver, Pixar worked with Mack trucks so they could have them in the film specifically for him
-Owen Wilson invented “kachow” when he was a kid, because kids do weird shit like that
-Bonnie Hunt doctored/wrote the scene between Lightning and Sally after the tractor tipping scene
-The cars are rendered with a layer of paint, then a layer of gloss
-the sound design team spent an entire day or two at Skywalker Ranch recording the sounds of the rubber marbles on the racetrack
-“Lincoln Continental Breakfast” at the Cozy Cone is just a spoof on a type of car
-McQueen’s thing with his tongue is actually based on John Lasseter
-the saturation of Radiator Springs increased the more McQueen liked the town
-random stuff like the tire tracks in the sky and car shaped cacti were added just because they were going car-crazy working on the film for so long. There’s no real reason yknow
-there is a version of McQueen that is sponsored only by the town of Radiator Springs and all the businesses in it (this is the version before Cars 3)
-the Pixar crew started research for designing Lightning McQueen at the Detroit auto show in 2001
-they used the same exact lighting on the dust clouds for both Doc’s and McQueen’s counteractive turns in Cars
-John actually hired Jay Ward as a full time “keeper of Cars”. It’s his actual job just to kind of, watch over the franchise. Alllll of it
-the Tokyo race in Cars 2 doesn’t have a score because they decided to build all of the sound design off of Francesco’s and Lightning’s engines, and have that be the auditory focus instead.
-the real Mater is called “towmater” because he would legit just… eat whole tomatoes as a kid. Like they were apples.
-the eyes are on the windshield of the Cars because if they were in the headlights, Pixar was worried they’d look like snakes. Bringing the eyes up allows for much more emotion, and you get to see more of the car
-the version of Chuck Berry’s “Route 66” used in the film was forgotten about for years by the record company until Pixar had to prove to them that the version existed.
-when The King crashed, John asked Richard Petty to recall any time he was injured in a race and act with that in mind, and Petty used a time when he had broken ribs, specifically.

anonymous asked:

Hey Buck, do you know any meals you can make without making too much noise? If so how long does that last?

i dunno about meals, but i believe that if you make enough of anything, it counts as a meal. lately, since its been cold, ive been loving cinnamon. so here are three food items i make a lot of when its cold.

1. hot chocolate. getting a decent powdered mix is fine, or you can use actual chocolate if you wanna. then add in some vanilla extract, or some cinnamon, or even some peppermint extract. get fancy! clint and i have experimented with things to add to hot chocolate a lot, and some of the weirder stuff that works is: pumpkin pie spices & a little apple juice, butterscotch candies, pineapple juice.

2. cinnamon roasted almonds. coat a bunch of almonds with an egg white and a little water, then toss a mix of brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon and a little salt in there until they’re all coated in a nice sugary layer. spread them out on a greased pan and bake at 350 for an hour, tossing and mixing them every 15 min so they dont turn into a single solid sheet. actually. that would awesome, if you could pry it off the pan. i might try that. 

2. bagels. get yourself a plain bagel. toast it. slather it with cream cheese, then put honey and cinnamon on top of that. remarkably delicious.

however the problem with these things (which can be made pretty quietly, if your appliances dont beep) is that they are quite fragrant. so even if i make them totally silently, within a few minutes i usually wind up with company because of the nice smell. 

often i make these foods late at night, which summons all the other insomniacs to the kitchen. i dont mind though. either i have enough to share or enough knives to defend my foodstuffs