Neighbourhood Of Infinity, page 1 on Flickr.

This is the first page of my new comic.
The first eight pages will be premiered at an exhibition, that’s why the subtitle is in Italian.
The first part focuses on Gutta, the female protagonist and her troubled journey to reunite with her lover Tarla.

I still have to add speech bubbles and maybe adjust some things then it’s done.
As usual I colored it all with Copics and Poscas.

Expulsion Of Negative Will, As Requested By The Guards on Flickr.

If adventurers want to cross the desert, a troop of cyclops must witness that any negative thought is expelled from the travellers’ minds. The soul pops out of the belly and vomits a black blob of bad ideas, it’s better not to inhale it.

A4 with copic markers.

This is from September and is one of my favorite drawings so far.
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Crawling Crystal on Flickr.

Here’s the Pipgibo comic I already told about. I wanted to make an experiment and try drawing a short comic, with as less dialogues as possible, and here it is.
I made it in a couple of days, just to get rid of some stress.

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