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Healthy vegan grocery list for beginners🌱

•Whole wheat pasta
•Brown rice
•Brown rice spaghetti
•Quick oats
•Chickpeas flour

Veggies, Fruit and Legumes

Treats and toppings
•Pure maple syrup
•Vanilla powder (I use it for pancakes)
•Chia seeds
•Goji berries
•Extra dark chocolate chips
•Unsweetened chocolate powder

Other things
•Plant milk
•Seitan (never tried it)
•Nutritional yeast flakes (SO GOOD)
•Tomato sauce
•Safran powder

Hope it helps you!☺️


Four life-changing smoothie recipes for all the seasons

Peanut Butter Carrot Cake Smoothie (Winter)

Courtesy of PumpUp member @kieraeleanor

Trust us, this combo works. Indulge in comforting, velvety notes of peanut butter blended with a hint of something light and familiar: spiced carrots. 

  • ½ cup chopped carrots
  • ½ cup ice
  • ½ unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 tablespoons shredded coconut
  • ¼ cup chopped oats
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/3 teaspoon stevia
  • pinch of salt

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anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any good recipes for a dry/itchy scalp relief. I've tried a shampoo meant for dry skin and that hasn't worked, any suggestions?

Though I have done a lot of research into natural beauty care, I can’t say I’m an expert on all of this but I will try to help you with as much as I know!

I would say the first thing would be to check with your doctor to make sure that there isn’t any medical reason as to why you have problems with your scalp.

OK, so here is one thing I’ve learnt a LOT about in my research: SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) it’s basically the stuff in products that makes bubbles. But not just in your shampoo - it’s in dishwashing detergent, hand wash, body wash and dish soap. So of course you can imagine that a product that they use to get your dishes sudsy clean probably isn’t great for your scalp! So if you’re looking for a store bought shampoo, check the label - it’s usually the very first ingredient. A great brand is Yes To Carrots.

Even if you don’t have an itchy/dry scalp, giving your hair a detox is fantastic if you regularly use hair products like mousse, gel, etc. I always assumed using shampoo would get it all out but of course shampoo is another product! Top 10 Home Remedies has some great detox ideas - I’ve personally tried the Apple Cider Vinegar, and although my hair needed to be rinsed a few times I found that it was definitely ‘cleaner’ and not in that weird squeaky shampoo way!

And if you are in the mood to make your own shampoos, here are my picks:

Natural Shampoo | Wellness Mama - you can add essential oils to this recipe which may help with your scalp. Tea Tree oil not only smells nice but has anti fungal and antibacterial properties which may help keep that crazy scalp under control!

Natural Cream Rosemary & Mint Shampoo | Soap Deli - there are a couple of products in this recipe that might be hard to find but I’ve never gone wrong with Soap Deli recipes (I’ll be sharing one of my favourite recipes later!).

Tea Tree Shampoo | Edens Garden - another great set of recipes for dry, oily and fine hair, all incorporating tea tree oil. I’m going to be making the one for oily hair this weekend!

Okay, I don’t have a ton of time, but let’s see how well I can articulate 9x11 feelings.

Sassy hug. Sassy hug was beautiful. Sassy moments even more so. All lovely.

What I particularly want to talk about is the mark of Caine Dean now has. Those of you shouting for Dean’s myth arc, you got it, here you go. And what a fascinating myth arc we’ve received.

I mean, this arc represents so many things on so many levels. First off, it’s of course a call back to Sam’s demon blood arc. A supernatural deal forged with what their rules would typically call enemies under desperate circumstances in order to defeat a baddie above all others (or thought to be above all others at the time)? Something that only works because of the “poison” inside of the brother in question? Awesome. I’ve always wanted to see Dean walk in Sam’s footprints, and the show is going to give us that.

But, I mean, on a larger scale, the story of Caine and Abel, particularly the one presented by Supernatural, is a fascinating new element. A younger brother seemingly more easily swayed by negative influences? An older brother who doesn’t trust his younger brother to keep his nose clean without complete intervention (we’re not talking help here, we’re talking decision out of his hands, complete control intervention here)? The older brother takes steps to “save” his little brother that paint the little brother as helpless and martyr the older one? Wowee, these arcs line up perfectly. Very convenient.

Except, despite the occasional close call (the cold turkey panic room detox, the idea that killing Sam might be necessary to end Gadreel, etc.), Dean hasn’t taken that last, final controlling act yet. He hasn’t killed Sam “to protect him,” thus martyring himself as the brother who did evil to do “good.” Caine took that step, Caine was lost to hell as a result. You might argue that Caine gained redemption through Collette, but that could never be complete. Abel did not–could not–forgive him and therefore Caine can never be completely redeemed, and viewers know that.

This mark, this arc, puts Dean in Caine’s shoes as well as in the shoes of Sam in a past arc. Except Dean is a step or two behind where Caine was when he received the mark. Dean hasn’t made that final move to make himself a martyr “for his brother’s own good” yet. And this arc sets him up with two simple options: he can redeem himself to his brother, repair the damage to their relationship, and become equals, no helpless victims and no martyrs, or he can become Caine (or like Caine). That’s it. Those are his options.

Old Testament stories that ended happily are few and far between, and Caine and Abel certainly was not one of them. By forcing Sam and Dean into those roles, even the modified roles Supernatural has created, the show is giving Dean the option to figure his shit out and finally treat his brother better, or become a broken, irreparable, damned shell of a man. And all of this in addition to Dean finally discovering what it’s like to be in Sam’s shoes. 

Who’s as excited for this as I am?