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I commissioned the wonderful @masthya to draw my trans girl Gon and afab genderfluid Killua and the result has me ABSOLUTELY GIDDY!!! They came out so beautiful and I literally cannot stop smiling. Everyone please look at my happy happy children <333

Thank you so much for working with me, Mas. Your work is always stunning and I could not be happier with this!! <33

If any of you have the money to spend, consider commissioning Mas too!

It’s all me! / (more)


@skeletorific thanks for a message that absolutely made me laugh - and woops, you may need to work on that poker face ;D

A03 | Soundtrack | Artist: @quirkypaynesgrey

Jughead and Betty take the road trip that Archie and Jughead were supposed to take together. Title taken from “Roger and Amy’s Epic Detour” by Morgan Matson but that’s as far as it goes. Rated T.

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A man’s work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.
—  Albert Camus ,    (via huariqueje)

Detour - Episode 101. I’ve always enjoyed this episode’s ambiguous ending, as well as the scene where Scully sings “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night to the injured Mulder. Here I have the agents crowded in by the dangerous forest that surrounds them as well as the evolved creatures that dwell within. Look out for a special poster tomorrow along with our regularly scheduled programming.


The Little Detours
a Hunter x Hunter AU

Because apparently making one mood board for this AU isn’t enough.
More aesthetics featuring trans girl Gon and afab genderfluid Killua!

A person’s life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through the detours of art, or love, or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which his [her] heart first opened.
—  Albert Camus

@askteengon / @caliteen

A response to this ask. I wanted to draw a response ages ago but oops I’m a dingus and never got around to it.

She was so down for playground fun times! And now teen’s all big again. (Also holy damn he’s so tall??)

A Cecilos fanfic where Carlos decides to move permanently into Night Vale, but in order to do so realizes he’s going to have to visit his family first. And his family wants to meet his boyfriend.

Cue a cross-country road trip from Night Vale in the western United States to his parent’s home in New York. They take detours to beaches, observatories, art festivals, whatever crops up on the way. Carlos has to take Cecil to the mountains. 

And the entire time Cecil’s trying to get acclimated to the strange world outside Night Vale, not understanding how they can just walk into the grocery store without an offering to a bloodstone. They then get kicked out of the store when Cecil sees ‘whole-wheat bread’. Carlos heads into a bookstore (because he never brought his copy of HP Lovecraft’s stories and it’s banned in Night Vale) and Cecil spends the entire time either clinging to him or glaring at other customers. After all, if a library is terrifying, a place where you have to buy books must be twice as bad. 

Just Carlos and Cecil going on a road trip outside of Night Vale. These are the things I need.