So much hangs on this upcoming final arc of Attack On Titan.

How good the story ultimately is all depends on how this final leg of the story is handled.

I suppose that comes with mysteries.

I’m really anxious because I’ve been with this story for 4 years now. I’ve been with some other stories for far longer - One Piece’s 10+ years is one example - but that story has a certain formula that allows for some weaker arcs and portions of the story.

This is the first story of this kind that I know I would feel true disappointment about if it doesn’t deliver in my eyes - it’s not a story that could go bad in a gradual downward slope like a long-running shounen could (technically AoT is a long-runner at this point, too, but the plot structure doesn’t really allow for that kind of detoriation). It’s all stuck on a number of chapters, rather than a number of arcs (this, of course depends on your opinion of the story, I obviously have enjoyed it a lot so far).

It’s a strange kind of excitement and anxiety that works on the plot level, too. There is this unease with the ending of chapter 90.

There is unease about the characters, but also unease about how good the story will end up being.