My adventures in the Pokemon tag
  • Preciousmetalshipping: *exists*
  • Me: *pterodactyl screech*
  • Hoennchampionshipping: *exists*
  • Me: *screech detoriates into incomprehensible mumblings on wavelengths so high they're impossible for the human ear to identify*
  • Isshushipping: *exists*
  • Me: *puts hands over face, still screeching*
  • Me: *blushes a lot*
  • Loverivalshipping: *exists*
  • Me: *[blush+screech combo intensifies]
  • Clingyshipping: *exists*
  • Me: *stops screeching for three seconds to look out between my fingers at my screen*
  • (big mistake)
  • Me: *falls off chair to floor and starts vibrating because of the pure cute*
  • Originalshipping: *exists*
  • Me: *vibrating intensifies*
  • Me: *dies on the inside and goes to nerd hell*
  • Me: *continues blogging by stealing Satan's Wi-Fi*
  • Me: gfdi otps y u do dis

the list is separated by: COUNSELORS, VOLUNTEERS, PATIENTS. all of the bolded characters mean their bios are needed.


  • QUINN SIMMONS - owner of ranch/head counselor  ;  FACE CLAIM: Stephen Amell
  • MIRI DETORI - counselor  ;  FACE CLAIM: Amber Heard
  • CASSANDRA GRADY - counselor, animal caretaker  ;  FACE CLAIM: Tracy Spiridakos
  • OPEN


  • DWAYNE HICKS - regular volunteer  ;  FACE CLAIM: Ryan Kelley
  • AIDEN JOHNSTON - regular volunteer  ;  FACE CLAIM: Dane DeHaan
  • SAMUEL DEVON - daytime volunteer  ;  FACE CLAIM: Logan Lerman
  • ANA MATHESON - regular volunteer ;  FACE CLAIM: Phoebe Tonkin
  • OPEN
  • OPEN


Yoreeb a dictionary when describing the detoriation of art styles:

“gumpy” -fukked up and awkward looking in an endearing cute way (ex: the early art of the person who pioneered Shrek x Shadow (friendship ship, not romantic))

“Gremlin”- something that is cute but failing to be cute (ex: “look at that gremlin” *pointing at Nico yazawa’s first cool rare card, unidolized*)

“Dino”- fukked up…. just…. fukked up looking, oddly denatured from its original form (ex: as the first dangan Ronpa special art scenes progresses throughout the story they look more and more dino)