On New Year’s Eve, everyone from town goes to the beach. Chip said if a girl won’t get off with you on New Year’s Eve, you may as well cut it off. I’m starting to think we may grow apart. I don’t want a mystic ninja as a stepdad. I don’t want to be from a broken home like Chip’s, wearing tracksuit tops instead of coats and taking gateway drugs in shopping malls. 

I want my family back. I don’t want anything to change.

Hard Feelings

After this concept being stuck in my mind and not have the words written in the way I wanted it to be not until now; the very pieces that kept me up thinking and possibly have made my vision detoriate more.

Inspired by Lorde’s song, ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’, I present to you this mini-series.

  “Harry — smile.”


  Your shot went through unfortunately after Harry purposely moved a split second before you were actually going to take it just because he already promised he’s going to cooperate this time.

  This time, he decided to playfully piss you off by moving excessively every time you point your canera at him and knows he succeeded when he saw your annoyed but amused look with your lips pursed, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes narrowing.

  You heavily sighed, hand going through your hair before resting it on your hip, slightly getting irritated at the moment since the pressure’s on again, the nervousness rising in your stomach since it’s mere minutes away before Harry goes on stage and you would too in a way.

  “I presume you haven’t told anyone then, Y/N?”

  Jeff asked, smiling courteously as he looked up from the papers in his desk and to you, obviously referring to the non-disclosure agreement you’ve signed in the last meeting.

  “Not a single soul.”

  He chuckled, mumbling something in reply as he digged through his pocket for the letter Harry wrote himself in a hurry that morning for him to read even though they’re headed to the same studio.

  “So about last week’s meeting. Well, obviously, you’re here because you’re the one who got the job.”

  Your mouth slightly fell agape since there was an instinct in your gut that you were called yesterday to come here today because you’re the one who’s chosen but refused to not hope too much because it may be jinxed, thinking of other factors such as they needed a clarification of your resume.

  “Oh my god. Thank you so much, sir. Th-…”

  “Call me Jeff,” he waved off, a little smile as his eyes were fixed on Harry’s writing that was messy, squinting his eyes as is if it would help.

  “Any questions?”

  You straightened, flattening the pencil skirt you’re wearing to look professional before opening your mouth from the numerous questions lingering in your mind.

  “Who are the others that are picked?”

  Jeff looked up, chuckling before shaking his head and pointing a finger at you, making you nervous of the possible answer.

  “See, this is where this comes in,” he stated, slightly waving the piece of paper he’s holdig with his hand that looked like it was teared off even the page itself was perforated.

  “You, Miss Y/N, will be working solo.”

  An inaudible sound came out of your lips, Jeff taking this as as sign before talking ahead of you for you to know he understood.

  “Harry’s seen your videos — the SDEs, the pre-nups, the wedding shots. Celebrity or not, he’s been watching them.”

  He paused to make sure you caught on, a slight nod coming from you for him to continue since you’re still confusion and surprise-stricken.

  “Harry hand-picked the tour details. He’s the one who told me to send you an e-mail since you were his first choice. Told me he adores your work. That it wasn’t all that fancy but it was simple yet elegant, and you know, personal instead.”

  He stopped, knowing this was hassling for him to go with Harry’s specific requests since he wanted to be hands-on with how the tour will go.

  “Correct the both of us if we’re wrong but you’re a photographer, a videographer and an editor, right?”

  “Right. But-…”

  “How about when it comes to the coverage for the whole concert?” Jeff finished for you, snatching the words right out of your mouth that made you nod eagerly.

  “When it comes to the concerts, we’re gonna book some photographers and all the people that would capture the crowd and all that. But as per you,” he drawled out, sucking in a breath before putting the paper down.

  Your heart skipped a bear, feeling the pressure now from the things you’ll be doing.

  “You’re gonna be his companion, almost. Where he goes, you go. He said you could take some of the videos of him with your phone like what you did on this one video. He thought you’d be best since the both of you would click with all his persona. Then again, that lad isn’t a fan of those extravagant things sometimes.”

  You silently nodded, hard on thinking as you thought of it over and over again.

  “It would be two things. First thing’s a short tour diary per country — we’ll give you the passowrd of the Youtube channel and all and added benefits. Then, second’s a documentary — would be released in Netflix.”

  You rubbed your knees with your hands tentatively, shakily exhaling from all the sudden information you were sure wasn’t all said in the e-mail nor the first meeting.

  “Sounds good.”

  Jeff grinned, clapping his hands up as he averted his eyes to the backpack and the camera bag that’s on the chair across yoy which he told you to bring.


  The door clicked, a figure emerging from it who you used to see in pictures and in your timeline now at the past, dressed in nothing but a black shirt tucked into his dress pants and a smile, standing sheepishly on the doorway.

  “Because Harry’s here and the both of you will be starting now.”

  The sudden flashback stopped in queue just as Harry slightly shook you since you weren’t paying attention when the tour manager popped in the dressing room then left, slightly chuckling to himself since this is now one of the numerous times he’s caught you in a daze.

  “It’s time.”

  He clicked his tongue from the roof of his mouth, already discarding his gum on the trash can beside the couch and going ahead of you to open the door for you from what his mum taught.

  “How do you remain so calm?”

  You asked silently as he walked ahead of you, laughing from the question since he hasn’t been asked that surprisingly ever, his hand going over his nose before gliding through his hair.

  “Time, maybe. Got used to this. But it’s still overwhelming at the end of the day.”

  You hummed in response, trying not to take notice of your shaking hands to make them stop even if you did this multiple times, still not being able to get over the facts.

  “Good luck, love. Ya could do it good like you always do.”

  Harry said, ruffling your hair as he smiled, already climbing up the steps that made you remember you took a clip of that yesterday and would again for the next few days, giving you a grin as he put his ear pieces in.

  You yelled a ‘thank you’ as response, going over to the entrance to near the stage that you mapped out awhile ago, security letting you pass through with a nod because of your ID and that they knew you.

  Screams immediately rose up when the stage was adorned with a bright spotlight that sounded mellow because of what Harry gave to you which were earplugs, not kidding the slightest bit that the screams could be a little too much to handle.

  You paused for a moment since you’re still caught in reality that was going along well, wanting to be in the moment being higher compared to capturing it.


  You paused and looked at the picture displayed in your camera in black and white since Harry requested it to be, a figure you love more than ever on the side of it, a smile on his face with his eyes squinting.

  Your thumb glided over the screen, a smile on your face as you felt the little drop of your heart to your stomach since this is reality, knowing that the thing happening between the two of you was unofficial and unnamed and would stay that way which he somehow made clear.

  You looked up, Harry’s eyes passing over yours with a little smirk, going back to the crowd once again, whispering to yourself something you’ve noticed and adore.

  “You smile so good, love.”

samurai jack theory - horseman

can we just say that this guy that jack went with last episode saying “it’s time“ looks strikingly similar to

Kusunoki Masashige

Aka, the Japanese general known as a national symbol of undying loyalty.

He served under his emperor Go-Daiga. In his final battle, despite his knowledge that the emperor’s orders were basically a death sentence

he suffered a massive defeat and was forced to commit seppuku.

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Two Broken Hearts - Feyanthe

This fic was written after a conversation on discord and how Feyanthe could have been cool if Ianthe was nice. This fic was the result of that. 

Feedbacks, comments and reblogs would be extremely appreciated!

If you guys have any ideas for anymore fics, I don’t mind writing them! At some point anyway. 

Tagging: @jennifer2430 @fiery-feyre @darlingfireheart@deziremyacotar


“ You are aware that you’ll be married off soon, right?” Ianthe’s voice whispered as her fingers brushed through Feyre’s hair. They were laying in her bed and Ianthe had come rushing in after another nightmare with claims of making sure that Her Lady was okay. With a gentleness that Tamlin hadn’t given her for a long time, Feyre had been laid down with Ianthe curling up next to her. 

“ So?” A sleepy Feyre asked while pulling Ianthe closer and pressing her nose against the High Priestess’ chest.
“ Which means that this can’t keep going,” Ianthe replied, gesturing to the both of them. Feyre pulled back and looked up at her and frowned.
“ Are you leaving me?” Feyre asked quietly, her grip on Ianthe tightening.
“ I don’t know,” she whispered back. Feyre could suddenly feel that dark hole inside of her growing and as if Ianthe knew what she was thinking, she quickly said, “ You know I don’t want to, Feyre. But if someone found out, I’ll be taken away. I’d have to leave. I can’t - I wouldn’t be able to bear something like that. I’d rather watch you from the sidelines than not see you at all.” Feyre didn’t want this to end. Not now. This was worth so much more.
“ What would happen to you?” Feyre asked, pulling back to look up at her fearfully.
“ I don’t know, love. Whatever my punishment is, I don’t imagine it’d be good,” Ianthe said so calmly, you’d think she wasn’t even worried. Feyre knew what would happen to herself. She’d be kept with Tamlin and he’d lock her up and suffocate her in this house. In this prison. She wouldn’t be able to endure something like that. Not without Ianthe.

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The Shadows In Our Minds (Part 5)

What Lies Beyond The Shadows

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Warnings: I actually don’t think there’s anything to tag for a change. Surprising. 

Tag list: @musicphanpie-b, @imin-loveanon, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon, @gayfagg, @tree4life25

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Hey so I haven’t been feeling well these days. Between my detoriating mental health and my physical struggles that my doctor FINALLY confirmed, I’ve been finding it hard to do anything. So my blog is on a mild pause. I hope everyone is ok in meantime. I still love you all. My inbox is still open and no one ever fear sending me a message ✨☺️

Again, still love y’all.


‘A Greek Tragedy/ Een Griekse Tragedie’ (1985) was the only movie from Belgium -in all of the categories presented- to ever win an Academy Award. 
Director Nicole Van Goethem, or more precisely her producers Linda Van Tulden and Willem Thijssen, won the award for short animated film in 1987.
Nicole Van Goethem was working on 'Living Apart Together’ in 2000 when she unexpectedly died. (°1941) Her co-workers finished it afterwards.

The story is both subtle and symbolic: three scantily-clad female figures struggle to hold up the crumbling remains of an ancient Greek temple. Their work is getting more and more useless while it detoriates. With gentle humour the movie shows an understanding for human weaknesses.


Archaeological Museum of Isthmia:

One of Isthmia’s gorgeous glass tile panels that were retrieved from the seabed of the ancient port of Kechreai. The panels had been imported from Egypt and were meant for the decoration of the “Nymphaion”. However the panels never made it due to an earthquake- part of the port sunk in the sea in 375 A.D. The chests containg them were discovered at the seabed of the ancient port and wherever the panels touched their surfaces were stuck to each other. In almost every case what is viewed today is their back surface. Upon their discovery the panels were sent to the Corning Glass Museum in USA where they received their first restoration.

In the museum only a few of the panels are exhibited. Due to a problematic initial conservation and the poor climate conditions in the museum, for the next 30 years the panels detoriated. Today they remain stored in a custom made chamber in special conditions, where one can see them with a special permission. A full scale active conservation protocol based on scientific research is under way.

(Roman period)

edit: the panels were meant for the Nymphaion not the temple of Isis. (sorry)