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can we just say that this guy that jack went with last episode saying “it’s time“ looks strikingly similar to

Kusunoki Masashige

Aka, the Japanese general known as a national symbol of undying loyalty.

He served under his emperor Go-Daiga. In his final battle, despite his knowledge that the emperor’s orders were basically a death sentence

he suffered a massive defeat and was forced to commit seppuku.

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Slight Background: So basically Remus and (”so and so”) dated back in their last year at Hogwarts until just after the First Wizarding War and after the death of James and Lily he was terribly grief-stricken and angry because of Sirius’ (Peters) betrayal. He started to push everyone away including (”so and so”) until she just left. She went to the muggle world and basically became a failing artist and junkie. Remus’ story line basically follows the set/canon one. Now fourteen years later Remus has come to speak with her.

(Note; obviously not entirely canon, and sorry if its not the most well written) 


1981 was the last time I saw her.
Now here I was in muggle london standing across the road staring up at the flat she was said to be living in hesitant to go across and knock on her door, fearing another rejection. I crossed the road narrowly avoiding a taxi and came to the door, it was chipped and looked like the hinges wouldnt last much longer. There was a column of buzzers one for each flat with a scribbled name next to each although many had peeled off and the majority of buzzers appeared to be busted, I ran my finger down each one scanning the remaining list of names before reaching hers and I gulped before hesitantly pressing down on it. As I waited I looked around, the building was detoriating and there were patches of black from pollution but overall it could have been much worse and it gave me a sense of hope. There were movements on other side that I could see through the foggy glass on the door, the sound of an annoyed sigh and muttering of words as the door clicked and was opened.


There she was. 14 years later and here she was before me.

“Remus…” a shocked whisper

When she said my name all those schoolboy feelings came flooding back to me. That summer by the lake with friends, reading in silence in eachothers company in the privacy of a little tower nook. I felt nervous and my knees shook lightly suddenly I was awkward like my seventeen year old self had been all those years ago when our eyes had met over a neat row of hogwarts library books, when we had met at midnight at the same row during those sweet months sharing those moments which I could never speak about to anyone. She hadnt changed much, she had become skinnier much skinnier and her shoulder blades protruded oddly in the threadbare dressing gown haphazardly tied loosely around her waist and her cheeks were slightly more hollowed than they had been but she looked more or less the same. The eyes were still blue and alive exactly as I remembered, like oceans and like an explorer I always wondered what went on deep inside. 

I just nodded, I didnt know what to say to her. It had been seventeen years since we last saw one another. Fourteen years since she left me in our shared flat with no answers and a broken heart. I don’t think there was anything I could have said.

“C-come in” her voice was quiet and she moved out of the way, pulling the door open for me

“Thank you” I was also quiet as I put down my umbrella and stepped in
I followed her up the stairs to her flat, we didn’t say anything to each other. She entered and went straight to the corner where there was counters and cupboards to make up a little kitchen area. The place was quite empty; there was a small table and two chairs to the right of the kitchen area and then the living room which didn’t have a sofa and doubled as a bedroom with a mattress and messy bedding, she didn’t have a television or radio or anything just a record player which spun and filled the room with music from The Clash (an old favourite of mine which she had been the one to introduce me to). Various mugs, sketchbooks and reading books littered the room here and there reminiscent of her corner of the Ravenclaw dormitory she had stayed in during her Hogwarts years and later it would be the state of the flat we shared.

“Your cleanliness doesn’t seemed to have changed” I said

She awkwardly giggled “you think so”

She moved around the little space quietly as she made tea, there was an air of awkwardness between us but I would have been more surprised if there was not.

“Sit down” she emerged with two more mugs

I waited for her to take a seat in one of the chairs before I did, careful not to invade her space too quickly. She took a cigarette from the packet resting on the table and lit it up before pushing the pack in my direction as an offering to take one.
“I’ve managed to quit since we last saw each other”

She glanced up at me for a split second, for the first time since I came here because she knew what I meant. 

“Some of us aren’t so lucky with that” she took a drag and looked back down, crossing one leg over the over. 

There was a minutes pause before anything else was said
“How did you find me?” She questioned, folding her arms over her slip

“I asked around, contacted old friends”


“I wanted to see you” I fiddled with my thumbs around the mug in front of me

“It’s been fourteen years, Remus” she took another drag “What could you possibly want with me?”


She froze before tapping some ash in to the ash tray and sighing “OK”

I had prepared a list of questions far before this meeting, from the night she left and as time passed more and more were produced and now in this moment I didn’t know where to start.

“Why did you leave?” I decided that would be the best

Another drag and a pause.
I waited.

“I didn’t know what else to do”

“Stayed.” My bitterness was apparent in my tone “I was already in pieces”

“I know” She sounded ashamed “You were deeply traumatised by what happened, you were angry and upset. You’d shout and cry and wake up in the middle of the night”

“Understandably I would!” I half-shouted, the bitterness being replaced with a mixture of sadness and anger

She squeaked slightly and looked up at me again “I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t handle it I couldn’t, it drained me” she sounded choked up “You didn’t seem to want my comfort, you pushed me away from you and I tried I really did but you just kept pushing me”

No reply.

“And then I just left.”

We had argued a lot more after what happened to James and Lily. I was angry at Sirius for not protecting them like he was supposed to, I was angry at him for giving away their whereabouts to Voldemort, for killing Peter (before it was revealed that it was Peter himself who faked everything). I was in a constant state of depression, grieving my losses and the anger and resentment that I had inside me but was not able to be directed at those whom it was supposed to be so it was let out upon her. Who tried desperately to calm me, to comfort me, to understand. But in return I caused her to run away.

“Are you only now realising?” she sniffed and took another drag, trying to disguise everything with a barrier of monotone as best as she could

“I had pondered it”

She nodded like she understood.

Another pause.

“Did you still love me?” I had to ask

She smiled slightly “Of course I did” a hint of stating-the-obvious was in her tone “I never stopped loving you.”

I watched her intently as she continued, the heat from the tea warming my hands

“You were everything to me, my first love” she looked down “My only love”

She was met with silence

“I suppose it means nothing to you now” She nodded at the ring on my finger
“No, that’s not true” They did mean something.

She was not entirely right, these words although they did not have the affect I imagined they did do something. I pictured that my heart would beat faster, that it would feel like the rain outside had stopped and been replaced with the sun, that maybe…possibly all my old feelings would return and get rid of the negative ones that I still harboured that I had forced to the back of my mind. But it was not that way.

The rain still hit the window violently and the sky was still dark with overcast. And in this bare flat we still sat with a warm mug and that air of awkwardness.

“I never stopped loving you, still haven’t stopped but its different now” I said

She nodded again

“We are not who we used to be, time has changed us both and with it our feelings”


“She must be lucky” She smiled slightly and pushed her loose hair behind her ear

The smile was the first one I had seen in our time together that day, I never realised how much I missed it. It was a different smile to one I knew though, the one I knew was electric but this one was sad masked with happiness. When she pushed her hair back the sleeve on her dressing gown slid down revealing holes running down her arms on the trail of veins that could be seen through her pale skin. It was only then that I found that I could see in to those deep oceans of hers. through the seas of mystery that had left me speechless and thinking as a young boy, In this moment I could truly see her.

She was a broken woman.
And as much as I wanted it, she couldn’t be fixed.

“Did you ever see Robert again?”


I nodded

“No, never again. Not since before the war ended” She took a sip and a drag

“I will be honest, before I heard and came here I thought I’d find you living with him”  

“Why is that?” She giggled

“Well I wasn’t the only boy completely smitten with you” I smiled

“Oh please, he was my friend”

“That may be true but he wanted to be more and he hated me, I don’t think he ever forgave me either, for ‘stealing his girl’” I chuckled

“He’s one of the people I never managed to forget, he was always such a sweetheart”

“I wonder what happened to him”

She shrugged

We were met with that silence again as we thought of all our old friends from school and the horrible fates some of them met. One that always came to mind after James and Lily was poor Marlene Mckinnon, the witty Scottish blonde who was one of Lily Evans’ best friends and subsequently became a best friend of ours. Peter was utterly devoted to her during our school years but never really managed to find the right words to express his feelings, they never really did get together in the end. She was murdered along with her entire family during the war, Peter was never the same after that. Then there was Dorcas Meadowes, Lily’s other best friend who was quieter than Marlene but twice as witty when she did say something, she met the same fate as the McKinnons.

I vaguely recall the previously mentioned summer by the lake; All of us with our arms draped over our girls, except Peter who didn’t quite have the courage, laughing and joking. James and Lily who had started to bond and finally realise the feelings they shared would stand by the edge of the lake playfully arguing with each other about who had the most knowledge of the magical creatures within not realising that we all noticed the hand holding and sneaked cheek kisses. Sirius and Marlene would have stripped out of their uniforms and been in the water up to their hips splashing and flirting with one another through jokes and would occasionally crawl out and sit on the rocks lining the bank where Sirius would pull her close laughing and she would giggle with a big smile and rest her head on his shoulder. Peter and Dorcas would sit cross-legged with a short distance between them, making casual conversation as they were friends but there was always that tension between them, they would distract themselves with the goings on of their other friends and neither would make the first move despite Dorcas’ not-so subtle hints and Peters awkward attempts at flirting. Then there would be me and her, who would have taken a spot on the grass under a tree not too far away from the river bank and the perfect distance between everyone. We would lie in a ’T’ shape with her resting her head on my stomach and me leaning against the tree trunk. I would hold a book in one hand and she would be holding my other, fiddling with my fingers lazily. Sometimes she would playfully push the book out of my hand and I would chuckle as she climbed on top of me smiling, the electric smile. That was my favourite summer, James and Lily finally stopped bickering, Dorcas and Peter were spending time together, Sirius and Marlene were so in love with each other and I, I was just so happy to be living in those moments. We were all young and in love with futures ahead of us before we grew up, before the war.
“Did you ever see Peter or Sirius again? I heard he went on the run after Azkaban” She fiddled with a lose thread

“Sirius is dead.” there was nothing more I could say

She glanced at me before quickly looking down at her tea “I-I’m sorry, I know that you were angry with him after what happen-”

“He was innocent.” She needed to know the truth

More silence before she continued “oh…once again I’m sorry…” She didn’t want to look at me “What happened?”

“He was protecting his God-son, Harry from the death eaters”

She nodded “He was a good man, despite what he’s been accused of”

I sipped my tea quietly and she smoked her cigarette slowly, breathing in the smoke and savouring its comfort. “I miss school, you know” she finally said, lighting another

“I do too” I sipped

“You don’t realise how easy things are then” she sighed “You take those years for granted”

“The war took its toll on all of us, hurt us all in some way”

“Some more than others”

I nodded “I think its time I left” I finished the last of the tea and stood

She stood also and took the mugs to the sink before joining me by the door “It’s been nice seeing you again Remus" 

"You too” I smiled halfheartedly 

She opened the door and held it for me. Before stepping out I turned back to her.

“Do you think if the war hadn’t happened, we would have ended up together in the end?” I asked

She looked at me, deep in the eyes. Her oceans dancing “Maybe”

I smiled, and so did she. That electric smile. The one I knew. 

I left, I didn’t need to ask anymore questions or hold that grudge. We were all affected by that war, by the losses and the suffering. We were broken people trying to move on from that bad place, I had my wife  now I didn’t need the memories that used to torment me, yes I still held her close in my heart but you never truly stop loving someone, not the way we loved.
And so I left that flat not with the image of a broken woman struggling to find stability in the world, but a hopeful one. Not with the images of those markings in her arms and nights of desperation to be held even by strangers. No
I left with the memory of that electric smile, the one that I knew.

A potentially sad snail update:

Darwin seems to be detoriating fast. I know that this is something that some snails apparently just do, but it’s very distressing to see him drawn so far back into the shell I can barely see him anymore and not eating. 

I’ve put him into quarantine in the transport box, together with fresh dandalion, gammarus and egg shells and I hope he recovers, but at this point I’m not terribly optimistic. He’s only 3 years old but there’s not a whole lot I can actually do for him if he doesn’t pull through on his own. 

At least Curie and Franklin are healthy and munching away on their greens. 

lastjebediah-deactivated2016090  asked:

Aside from your own poetry book, what poetry books would you recommend to someone?

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to answer this! Here are some great books / miracles! 

Danez Smith - [insert] boy

Carrie Lorig - The Pulp vs. The Throne

Sarah Jean Alexander - Wildlives

Rachel McKibbens - Into the Dark & Emptying Field

Sara Woods - Wolf Doctors

CA Conrad - The Book of Frank

Emily Kendal Frey - Sorrow Arrow

Angel Nafis - BlackGirl Mansion

Heather Christle - The Trees The Trees

Wendy Xu - You Are Not Dead

Aracelis Girmay - Kingdom Animalia

Annelyse Gelman - Everyone I Love is a Stranger to Someone

Anne Cecelia Holmes - The Jitters

Saeed Jones - Prelude to Bruise

Emily Pettit - Goat in the Snow

Kimmy Walters - Uptalk

Franny Choi - Floating, Brilliant, Gone

jamie mortara - some planet

Anis Mojgani - The Pocketknife Bible 

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza - i’m alive / it hurts / i love it

Kiki Petrosino - Hymn For the Black Terrific

Gale Marie Thompson - Soldier On

Emily O’Neil - Pelican

Morgan Parker - Other People’s Comforts Keep Me Up at Night

Michelle Detorie - After Cave

Tyler Brewington & Kelly Schirmann - Boyfriend Mountain

Harryette Mullen - Sleeping With the Dictionary


Archaeological Museum of Isthmia:

One of Isthmia’s gorgeous glass tile panels that were retrieved from the seabed of the ancient port of Kechreai. The panels had been imported from Egypt and were meant for the decoration of the “Nymphaion”. However the panels never made it due to an earthquake- part of the port sunk in the sea in 375 A.D. The chests containg them were discovered at the seabed of the ancient port and wherever the panels touched their surfaces were stuck to each other. In almost every case what is viewed today is their back surface. Upon their discovery the panels were sent to the Corning Glass Museum in USA where they received their first restoration.

In the museum only a few of the panels are exhibited. Due to a problematic initial conservation and the poor climate conditions in the museum, for the next 30 years the panels detoriated. Today they remain stored in a custom made chamber in special conditions, where one can see them with a special permission. A full scale active conservation protocol based on scientific research is under way.

(Roman period)

edit: the panels were meant for the Nymphaion not the temple of Isis. (sorry)