My adventures in the Pokemon tag
  • Preciousmetalshipping:*exists*
  • Me:*pterodactyl screech*
  • Hoennchampionshipping:*exists*
  • Me:*screech detoriates into incomprehensible mumblings on wavelengths so high they're impossible for the human ear to identify*
  • Isshushipping:*exists*
  • Me:*puts hands over face, still screeching*
  • Me:*blushes a lot*
  • Loverivalshipping:*exists*
  • Me:*[blush+screech combo intensifies]
  • Clingyshipping:*exists*
  • Me:*stops screeching for three seconds to look out between my fingers at my screen*
  • (big mistake)
  • Me:*falls off chair to floor and starts vibrating because of the pure cute*
  • Originalshipping:*exists*
  • Me:*vibrating intensifies*
  • Me:*dies on the inside and goes to nerd hell*
  • Me:*continues blogging by stealing Satan's Wi-Fi*
  • Me:gfdi otps y u do dis

Not included since I haven’t thought of taking screenshots for two screens: Rose saying she should be thanksful for her resonance then, and Dezel saying to himself, “Thankful, huh?” or something to that effect. >.<

That’s for all the people who haven’t considered resonance to be the reason why Alisha decided to stay behind in Hyland. Still, I think should wouldn’t go with him, or wouldn’t go much further if she had enough resonance to not cause Sorey to detoriate since she with her absence in Ladylake, Bartlow would certainly feel much more free and unrestrained, his misdeeds and certainly bad choices causing malevolence to spread much quicker than even if she helped Sorey. So it’s kinda like she’s “crowd-controling” malevolence in a concentrated area as opposed to Sorey traveling the “world” (but really, it’s just a really big island) and quelling hellions.

Although, I’m not really surprised that Alisha lacks a resonance, considering what Dezel hints at, since I really doubt that there were no seraphim in Ladylake (I think Lailah is an exception due to her Prime Lord pact/oath/whatever which likely puts some limits on her) or places she frequented on her missions and such. And well, Dezel was using, or more like abusing, Rose for the past five years at least (IIRC Windriders, the group from which Sparrowfeathers/Scattered Bones originate from is said to be disabnded five years prior to the events of the game) which resulted in her resonance greatly increasing. Add her sense of justice and exploring her targets’ backgrounds before assassinating them so killing them won’t be a pointless action and we get a person who just might be the next Sheperd even, even if a bit unorthodox one.