requested by anon

Ladies and gentlemen

my left ear.

I really like the form and I’m impressed by how much I like it haha I constantly feel the need to tell people how cool it is

I saw a picture of me as a baby the other day and the ear was already awesome back then

I’m posting it so I can link people to it whenever I mention it and they want to see it

You may have different opinions in what a nice ear is and don’t like mine, however you would be wrong. My ear is awesome

check out what I just did

I know it’s not a masterpiece and it was a 6 minute thing

just trying to show you my “passion” for simple drawings

you can do a lot with a little you know

I’d like to be really good at it so I can draw people or buildings or trees with very few lines and that you still know what it is as soon as you take a look