Your Wedding with Finn

 “Do you really think this is a good idea?” Finn asked wearily as he watched you get ready in the warm glow of the light. You laughed lightly, it carrying through the air. You turned and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“I don’t think it’s the best idea, but it’ll be fun. Just try and have a good time, ok?” You reassured him and he rolled hi eyes just as the door downstairs was swung open, hitting the wall with a thud.

“OI, FINN YOU READY?” It was John’s raspy, loud voice calling up to them. Finn groaned, causing you to giggle and push him down the stairs.

“There he is. Our little Finn soon to be hitched.” John called as you stopped at the bottom of the steps.

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Heyo! Guess who finished up Robin’s ref sheet!

Edit: @wonder-meathead raised a good point about labeling them (I forgot that detial) so just added what occasion each outfit is for



alright so this is gonna be sad and actually needs a tw for: abuse // alluded sex trafficking (nothing explicit) gross old men - and also if any of the other parts need tws (or anyone wants me to tw anything in future) pls let me know!!!

  • so i’m gonna start off w the lighter stuff
  • renjun is a halfblood and he matured into an omega when he was 11
  • which is very young (like taeyong matured at 12 and he’s a pureblood!! it is very very young) 
  • and so his wolf is actually bigger than all of the other dreamies except for jeno - and he’s a very very reddish brown? it’s mostly red but like ~~more natural~~ bc u know werewolves are very natural creatures clearly 

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