11x10 “Devil in the Details” // Promo Pictures

What goes around comes around… Interesting isn’t it how all characters in this scene have been kind of both, leashed and unleashed over the course of the past couple of seasons?

Dean, whose id was unleashed when he took on the mark while Crowley wanted to put a leash on his dark self to become his personal hellhound and do his bidding. Or Crowley who has spent half a season chained to the bunker, his neck in a similar leash as he put on his mother now and who then was reminded - unleashed - by Sam last season of his “true nature”. Or Cas, who’s been the victim of Rowena’s attack dog spell and unable to control himself and with that was unleashed, but has been turned into a weapon, a “heavenhound” so to speak by Naomi to do her bidding and to get rid of Dean. And last but not least Rowena, who may have been the one in chains for a good deal of S10, but who has been the one to yank Sam’s and Castiel’s strings, but now is the one put on lock down, leash around her neck…