Made a comic book cover of @chefpyro‘s Lizwire and Hellraiser!!
As our brave heroine commits to her duty as a servant of justice, she comes across an individual who decides to take the law into his own hands, a vigilante!!
Claiming to be fight for the safety of the people, can Hellraiser be trusted??? Find out in the issue!!!

a lil extra scene that takes place couple days later

Hey a lil bit of some pokemon OC!!!

Name: Ashton “Ace” Virgil

Age: Late 20′s

Residence: Goldenrod City

Ace is a dubious vendor of holdout weapons in the dark alleyways of Goldenrod city. Though true pokemon exist, Ace makes it a point that “You can never be too careful.” Pieces of his stock include blackjacks, switchblades, small knives, .22 revolvers and silenced pistols with ammo included.

I love that Pickle apologizes to Ishnifus for using a curse word in The Depths of Humanity song… like… is it out of respect? he’s worried about Ishnifus’ sensibilities and feels bad about cursing in front of him?? did he have low blood sugar and blow up at him one day and now just feels real bad about cursin around him?? ahah… I bet none of the other guys even bother… adorable…

my sister showed me this youtube the other day…. just a dude putting a red hot nickel ball on… stuff…. its strangely satisfying…. and something i could totally see the boys just… watching… together… the channels great to do that stuff so you dont have to, but i think the guys would get some terrible ideas and end up burning half of mordhaus in red hot nickel hahahhaa