My friends are awesome.

I just got a late birthday package in the mail from two of my best friends.

The card unfolded into a “Where’s Waldo”

And it inexplicably had a tiny samurai sword taped into it with the message “It’s dangerous to go alone. Use this.”

Inside, there were nerdy stickers:

Moleskin notebooks:

A snitch necklace:

Awesome underpants:

A Batman bobblehead:

An awesome t-shirt:

Two fancy chocolate bars, and (because I love mint-flavor) a shit ton of mint M&Ms, and mint oreos:

In closing. My friends are awesome:


you know how sometimes you think you hear your cell phone ring tone even though your cell phone isn’t ringing

well I mostly hear my partners ringtone because my cell is usually off because having a cell phone gives me anxiety which would be normal except

his ringtone is of that video of the parrot going “OH THATS MY JAM OHHH OHHH THATS MY JAAAAM" 

so like in my head I faintly hear that parrot and it makes me want to cry

I was with a friend and her boyfriend at the mall.

Her boyfriend and I were waiting for her in Victoria Secret and we saw a little sign with a horribly skinny model in her underwear. I mean, you could see every rib, her hip bones, and sternum. My friend’s boyfriend made a face and started going on about how gross it was. “That’s just perpetuating bad body image in women!” And then he took the sign and hid it behind a mannequin. My friend has a good boyfriend.