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I’m one hell of fired up ccimetrical black swordsman datebayoo !!!

My beloveds that can be hilarious but still kick your ass !!!

Bethyl has NOT ruined the fandom

You know, there is so much real life bullshit – pain, disease, death, children developing cancer, parents losing children, homes being destroyed, natural disasters…  I don’t understand people’s bloodlust for my opinion on the coupling of fictional characters.  

They ramble on about how Beth is a stupid, young teenager.  How many 18 year olds are fighting for our country right now? Fighting and dying overseas ?  Coming home damaged in ways we cannot comprehend just to be told they are dumb kids?

They call a possible pairing between two consenting adults Pedophilia, making a mockery of those who were ACTUALLY abused.  

They scream that we are demonizing victims of abuse, yet cheer when Beth gets hit with a baton and threaten violence on the actress who plays her?  

They call NR an attention whore, hate on his life choices, call him ragged and old yet will knock over small children and trample animals in an attempt to get a selfie with him.

They rant on and on that we hate on Carol and MMB, yet the vitriol they spew at EK and NR is an ‘acceptable opinion’. 

The same people who call us mindless children are the ones who make up names like Barfylers, Bitchlyers and Deth Eaters.  Who fill multiple pages with their hate of everything from EK’s music to NR’s cat?

I am tired of the crap.  It would be nice to go SOMEWHERE on the internet where the names Beth or Carol don’t cause mass chaos.  

Where my blood pressure will stay normal and my anger will remain in check. 

There are so many things in REAL LIFE that matter more than my opinion on Beth and Daryl. 

No one is changing my opinion. 

And, better yet, no one is changing the opinion of Scott Gimple, AMC or any of those associated with The Walking Dead.

The fans of Beth and Daryl did not destroy the fandom.  The fandom encompasses more than 20 million people.  Do you think that TPTB give a shit about a few thousand asshats?

Face it, they don’t.  We can ALL stop watching and it wouldn’t make a dent in their viewership. 

So, just stop acting like you are being bullied.  Stop saying we ruined the fandom.  Act like the adult you claim to be.  And do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. 


A plea to my fellow deth eaters

Guys, we have a seven month series gap and I know that kind of time can be hard on a ship… BUT NOT THIS SHIP!!!
Can we please keep the Bethyl tag going with fanfiction and gifs and prompts?
It’s the only way I can get through this.