Y es increíble como una persona puede sacar lo mejor de ti. Incluso cuando todos te ven frío, detestable y malo. Esa persona te sonríe, te mira y se queda ahí, contigo, aunque sea realmente difícil.
—  Recordando los mejores días de mi vida

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could you help me a bit with the goddess astraea? ,maybe just give me a quick run-down on things about her? i really enjoy her idea.

  • Virgin-Goddess of Justice
  • She dwelt on earth during the Golden Age but later fled due to the Bronze Age
  • Is said to have blessed the people that she met during the Golden Age
  • During her time it was very relaxed, people were kind but not much happened - no exploring or crossing the seas.
  • She began to detest humans due to the new age’s cruelty thus the reason why she left
  • She then became the constellation Virgo
  • Closely identified with Dike and Nemesis who also involve justice
  • The daughter of Zeus and Themis or Astraeus and Eos
  • Is described as being “star-bright”

The only girl group in Korea that I only care about is So Nyuh Shi Dae and they are the only group that I support insanely. To be true SONE , you gotta support both SNSD OT8 & JESSICA NOONA ! They are part of what SNSD is today. Don’t hate SNSD for Jessica’s leaving , don’t get Jessica for her departure ! Instead , love what they does and support them till the very end ! If you can do that , you are the True Sones ! True Sones forgive and forget , not hate and detest ! Fighting SNSD ! FIGHTING TAEYEON NOONA ! FIGHTING JESSICA NOONA ! FIGHTING SUNNY NOONA ! FIGHTING TIFFANY NOONA ! FIGHTING HYOYEON NOONA ! FIGHTING YURI NOONA ! FIGHTING SOOYOUNG NOONA ! FIGHT YOONA NOONA ! FIGHTING SEOHYUN NOONA ! All the best for your careers and HAVE FUN FOR PHANTASIA !!

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Put your music on shuffle and put down the first 7 songs that come on and your favorite lyrics and then send it to your 3 favorite blogs. <3

aww thx

1 tally it up, settle the score - sws

I promise, this is personal

2 amanda - green day

Is this a kind of love that only hate would understand

3 poppin’ champagne - atl

Lately I’ve been wishing
The television set would show me more
Than just a picture of the things I’ve grown to detest

4 feeling this - blink-182

Show me the bedroom floor
Show me the bathroom mirror
We’re taking this way too slow
Take me away from here

5 just what i needed - the cars

I guess, you’re just what I needed
I needed someone to bleed

6 bite my tongue - ymas

I’m married to the music
For better or for worse
You say that I’m privileged but
My gift is my curse
I can’t recall the last time
Someone asking how I was
Last I checked I was a fucking wreck
I called for help and no one showed up
So I sit in the dirt

also I wanna hate every part of you in me

7 message man - 21p

You don’t know my brain
The way you know my name
You don’t know my heart
The way you know my face
You don’t know what I’ve done

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3 sentence: transgender namjoon & dresses

It was hard for her in terms of dressing to fit with who she felt she was, as dresses tended to fit in a way she detested and shoes often failed to fit her feet - this, she guessed, was why skirts and crop tops were always her go to. Honestly it weighed her down, but it was Jimin who would also encourage to try different stores, offering to join to give a second opinion. “That’s it,” His smile stretched across his face as she opened the door of the changing room, “It looks great on you.” And as she turned to face the mirror, Namjoon knew Jimin was right.

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Y’know, if it didn’t pollute the goddamn air I was trying to believe and stink up the place and leave gross cig butt litter and let’s not forget the toll it takes on lungs, I might not have such a freakin’ problem with it!!!

Smoking is one of the vices I detest the most. Don’t mistake me though, as I ain’t hating on the person but I damn sure am hating on the behavior.

by hamilsin

Hamilton was a strong man. He’d detest anyone who attempted to tell him otherwise. The universe sought nothing but to destroy and desolate his spirits from the very day he set foot on this Earth.

Words: 355, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Hamilton - Miranda’

Don’t make art to show off (how special you are). Don’t make art to express yourself (throw a visual tantrum). Don’t make art to communicate (esp concepts. There’s little that’s more detestable than a concept that needs to be called a concept).
Make art that helps you make art. Make art that helps you make sense out of things. Make the things that you want to exist next to.