Imagine bailing Sam and Dean out of jail

“Are these the two you’re looking for?” The Winchester brothers looked up when they heard the officers voice, Sam smiled when he saw you, Dean just scowled.

“Yeah that’s them.” You nodded to her, thanking her for the help.

“I’ll go get the paperwork.” She scurried off quickly, leaving the three of you alone.

“You called your girlfriend?!” Dean’s tone was less than joyful as he rolled his eyes and slapped his brother hard on the shoulder. “Really Sammy?”

“I don’t see a queue of people here waiting to bail you out Dean.” You rolled your eyes back at him, your disliking for the older Winchester obvious. You and Dean didn’t have the best relationships and Dean detest that his brother was involved with you, calling him stupid for doing so. But you both knew the danger that came with hunting and you didn’t care. Deep down you knew Dean’s bitterness came from a much softer side, his brother was all he had and he was scared of losing him. Whether that be to a demon using him to lure you out or to you yourself convincing him that maybe he should leave hunting behind him. “So suck it up or I’m leaving you here.”

“I don’t know who else to call.” Sam admitted with a sheepish shrug, rubbing slightly at the skin Dean had hit.

“How about Jody or Donna?” Dean listed the first two names that popped to his head, instantly regretting his choice.

“And risk their jobs?” You scoffed at his idiotic suggestion.

“Just hurry up and sign the damn paper work.” He sighed turning his back on you as he continued to mumble. “I need some pie.”

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You happy or angry that Suicide Squad won the Oscar?

There’s a lot (and I mean a LOT) of things I disliked about Suicide Squad, but in all fairness I really do think they deserved to win an award for the film’s makeup. I detest some of the designs (like Joker’s tats) but the look they put together for Killer Croc was incredible–he seems like a character that would be challenging to bring to a live-action format because he’s got such an incredible appearance, but they did an excellent job and deserved to win for that alone. 

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Now if they’d won for Best Picture I’d be like ://// haha

I get really upset every time I see someone say that Derek and Stiles hated each other, and people say it all the time, and it’s really getting to me at this point because I do not believe that they ever really had reason to hate, as in not being able to stand each other, detesting/loathing each other. And what I hate even is more is saying that SCOTT BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER BECAUSE NO.

Stiles was the first one to trust Derek. He didn’t think Derek had ill intentions. When he saw Derek drive Allison home from the party , Stiles saw it as a nice and kind act and he didn’t think there was anything to be wary of - until Scott started claiming Derek was the killer and Stiles of course trusted Scott more than someone he (as far as we know) only heard about, someone who lost almost his entire family in a suspicious fire and who then disappeared. Stiles probably recalled all the villain stories he’d heard/seen/read and concluded, hey, Derek had all potential to be that villain. Except that Allison was safe at home like he had expected in the end. Nonetheless SCOTT GOT BETWEEN DEREK AND STILES FIRST and was the reason that Stiles suddenly had no idea what to do with Derek because he was unsure what was going on. And Scott stayed wary and uneasy around Derek long after Stiles fully trusted him.

Stiles’ first instinct was to trust Derek.
Then Scott ruined that and kept ruining it, even when Derek proved otherwise.
Then suddenly Scott went to Derek for help with his shift, whereas he totally disregarded Stiles’ attempts to help. Scott was becoming a part of something that Stiles couldn’t be part of and so it probably felt like Derek was taking away the only friend Stiles had. Derek, who Scott claimed was dangerous. He knows Derek’s a werewolf, which could very well justify him being dangerous.
Then they find half of Laura in Derek’s yard, and yeah, Stiles is scared. He has all right to be. (Fear doesn’t equal hate though)
This new werewolf thing is way over his head, and it’s distancing Scott from him and people are dying and they don’t know what’s going on, and Derek is suspicious.

I don’t see any hate in that.

Stiles might say he wants Derek dead but we see in later seasons that that’s just one of the things he says. I mean, he looks terrified of Derek dying from the wolfsbane bullet in Episode 4. He doesn’t actually want to experience Derek dying. As early as in Episode 4. And I can’t remember when I last watched the show and which episodes I watched but as far as I can remember their relationship only builds and gets better after that.

None of the behaviors showcase any hate to me. They’re in life threatening situations, they don’t trust, they CAN’T trust, and they threaten each other because of that, they are rough toward each other because many lives are in danger and because they are in over their heads, not because they personally have something against each other

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RFA+V+MC reaction to being in a situation like "say no to this" from Hamilton

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- you had gone to visit your family for the holidays and Zen was feeling a bit down since it was Christmas and he was spending it alone again

- when one his co-workers, the leading actress in a play he was starring in, beckoned him to spend the night after a long day of practice, the Beast inside him was definitely tempted and Zen hated himself for it

- he’ll try as much as possible not to give in because it was just plain wrong for him to do that when you trusted him with all of your heart

- but eventually, as much as he wanted to say that he was able to suppress himself, he couldn’t.

- he detests himself and what he’s done afterwards. after everything that he told and promised you he did this

- once you get back he immediately tells you what happened and asks for your forgiveness and swears not to do it again

- the trust you have with him isn’t the same as it once was and Zen fully accepts the consequences for what he’s done


- Yoosung never thought he’d miss you this much when you went abroad for a month-long summer program

- the loneliness was unbearable and he had this overwhelming insecurity that maybe you found someone new already while you were in another country

- so when one of his classmates, invites him over to her dorm for a ‘study session’ and things get more heated up, he can’t help but give in

- the moment he wakes up the next morning he just feels an overwhelming sense of guilt

- he can’t even bring himself to face you when you come back but eventually he ends up confessing everything

- you can’t believe him for what he did and for thinking that way but at the same time, you can’t bring yourself to leave him either

- as much as possible you’ll try to forget about the incident


- she hadn’t seen you in some time because you were away at a job conference that felt like it lasted forever

- at the same time, you weren’t really answering your phone or email that much since you were so busy and she fully understood why 

- but at one point, she was getting silently pissed off at you for not answering in a week

- one of her friends knows what’s up and she’s been into Jaehee too for some time and takes the opportunity to ‘comfort her as well’

- it all passes by as quick as a whirlwind and she wakes up with the realization of what she did

- she quickly cuts off all relations with that friend and tries as much as possible to keep it a secret from you


- he was gone on a really long business trip and he can’t help but miss you every single day

- one night, he gets a bit tipsy from drinking too much wine in a business meeting with some bothersome clients

- his driver doesn’t come to fetch him on time so he ends up carpooling with a woman from the business meeting since he’s desperate to get home to get some sleep

- but then her true intentions are revealed once they reach his hotel room and Jumin doesn’t know how to react

- she offers him wine which fogs his senses even more and before he knows it


- immediately regrets what he did and he bribes the woman with as much money as she wants so that you wouldn’t hear about it


- he’s only ever cheated on you once when you had to visit your family in another country

- he knew it was only a one night stand and that he was never ever going to let you find out

- by the time you came back home everything was pretty normal and okay

- until the woman he had an affair with came over to his house and walked right in because she knew exactly what the password was and he forgot to change it

- you immediately get the hint when you see her and you leave his house without a word

- he tries desperately to get you back but in the end he can’t blame you for leaving him

- he hates himself even more now for losing a person like you because of something stupid and selfish that he did


- he always thought that he would never cheat on you not even once

- one of your neighbors asked him to walk her home one evening after she ran into him in the supermarket and being the nice guy that he is, V agreed

- however, it became clear once they reached the house that she was asking for more

- V adamantly refused but then he stopped protesting once she started kissing him

- one thing led to another and the next morning, V woke up with his head in his hands and another woman next to him

- he quickly stops communicating with her at all and tells you what happened as soon as you get back

- he knows he’s hurt you really bad and tries to make it up to you in any way that he could

“It has always seemed strange to me…The things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second.”

― John Steinbeck, Cannery Row

Leia’s “Oh, what, me? I don’t know what at all you’re talking about! I’m totally innocent here!” act is, in fact, spectacular here. And works in context.

They both know exactly what she’s done. But Vader simply can’t prove it on a technical level. And how pissed he is.   

It’s not a plot hole. It was some epic trolling from Leia to this absolute mad man she detests.

For 27 months now I have been saving your place. In this period of waiting I have searched for you in crowds but have only seen you in my dreams. The void in my heart persists because although I see parts of you in other people, they are not you. On your eighteenth birthday, I sat down and cried because on your seventeenth I still had you. When you turned nineteen nothing had changed and I thought you would be the death of me. I now detest the month of April. Every time I picture our paths intertwining again, I imagine you staying and choosing me as I have chosen you over and over again without fail. And every time I hear your name my breath catches and my heart flutters. But do I fill even the smallest crevice in your mind?
—  screwful 

Granted, I was rather indifferent during my Catholic school education. But I’m pretty sure Jesus Christ was not a gun-toting, pro-capitalist, pro-Trump mad man who supported armed police killing black people for no reason and hating immigrants and listening to Alex Jones 24/7.

Silly me. I thought he was all about peace, niceness, pacifism and helping the poor. Jesus detested rich people. 

OK, so Jesus with an AK47 killing everyone John Wick-style would have probably made The Bible more interesting and exciting, admittedly. But that’s besides the point.  

Hello - Newt x Reader

Prompt: A little drabble! Soulmate AU where everyone is born with the first words their soulmate says to them tattooed on their wrist. Reader is completely fed up with her quest to find her soulmate, as the only hint she has is the incredibly vague black letters that have always been stamped across her wrist.

Warnings: Swearing, bullying, use of alcohol, harassment and unwanted advances

God, you hated your soulmate tattoo.

What sort of a soulmate tattoo was “hello”? You had detested it your entire life. What vague-ass higher power had decided when they gave you your tattoo to stop at “hello”? How would you know for sure when you met your soulmate? Couldn’t they have elaborated a little bit? Just a few more words? A proper sentence that you could actually recognize your soulmate with? But no, you were stuck with the most common greeting in the English language tattooed permanently into your skin. Hello. What absolute bullshit.

Every time someone greeted you with that simple phrase, your eyes would narrow, you would square your shoulders, and you would spit back the most distinct and unmistakable response you possibly could. You were not going to be the soulmate couple that had “hello” on both of your wrists. Your lucky, lucky soulmate probably had something ridiculous, like “Whatever you say,” or “Did you know that a hippopotamus’s sweat is red?” because you absolutely had to stand out, and you made sure that your replies to “hello” always did. There was no other way to be sure that anyone and everyone who said “hello” to you wasn’t your soulmate.

What a useless tattoo.

All throughout your school years at Ilvermorny, you were completely embarrassed to show people your tattoo. Unfortunately, when your classmates found out, they had great fun sending people you had never spoken to before up to say “hello” to you.

Your reaction was always hilarious, so they kept doing it. Your responses ranged from “Go fuck yourself,” to “Nice try guys, but I’ve already spoken with her before,” to straight up punching one student right in the jaw when he got a little too friendly with his hands as he delivered his “hello”.

You started to feel a little bad for your actual soulmate as your replies increased in hostility. They probably had a particularly colorful quote of yours. “Go to hell,” perhaps, or maybe “Who the fuck put you up to it this time?”

When you graduated, your defensive nature had thankfully melted a little. You had switched to solely offering people fun animal facts whenever they said “hello” to you, and it was far less stressful. “Seahorse mates hold each other’s tails so they don’t lose each other,” was a favorite of yours, as was “Cows have best friends.”

One evening, you were at a bar with your roommates Queenie and Tina, and you were in no mood for advances from anyone. You had decided to date, as many people with soulmates do, just to pass time while you waited for your soulmate to arrive, but your recent significant other had found their soulmate and left you in the dust. It was incredibly depressing, and you just really wanted a drink.

A man waltzed up to you, sliding into the chair beside you and offering a hand to shake. “Hello,” he said with a grin. You looked over at him, as annoyed as you were drunk, and reached out to flip his arm over and look at his wrist.

“Alright, let’s get this over with I’m not in the mood to think of a fun fact,” you grumbled, pulling back his sleeve to look at his wrist.

It wasn’t really with disappointment that you read the words “I’m so sorry I ran over your dog,” in black ink on his wrist, and you patted his hand drunkenly.

“Good luck with that one, buddy,” you slurred, getting to your feet and heading toward the door. He blinked after you, bewildered, and then returned to his drink.

Such was a usual encounter for you, and by the time Tina dragged a certain magizooligist into your home, you were sick and tired of your goddamn animal facts.

“Queenie, (y/n)!” Tina called out to you. You peeked your head around the corner where you were helping Queenie mend dresses, and you saw with a pang of confusion that Tina had brought two men along with her.

Queenie voiced your amazement, grinning and chirping “Teenie! You brought men home!”

You approached your friend, not bothering with the fact that you were clad in only a slip, and you blinked at her in disbelief. “Who are they?”

“This is a no-maj, and this is Mr. Scamander. He’s responsible for his injuries,” Tina said wearily, pointing her finger at the sweaty, overwhelmed man who offered you a disoriented half-smile before fixing his gaze back on Queenie, who giggled.

Mr. Scamander gave you a little wave. “Hello,” he said.

You let out a slow puff of air, your frustration resurfacing as your hand shot forward to grab his wrist. “Merlin’s Beard, just show me the goddamn tattoo,” you grumbled without thinking. You were in total shock when you slipped his sleeve back and found yourself face-to-face with your own words.

You looked up at him with wide eyes, and he looked just as startled. A hush fell over the room, and you felt your face grow hot. “Sorry about that,” you mumbled apologetically, unable to drop your gaze from his.

“That’s quite alright,” he said softly, his lips twitching upward in a small smile. “It’s quite the conversation piece,” he teased, and you found yourself chuckling.

“You had better be worth all the trouble my ridiculous tattoo has caused,” you teased back. The other three people in the room were watching the two of you, completely taken aback.

“I think for the most part people usually find me to be more trouble than I am worth,” he confessed, his eyes sparkling.

You dropped his hand at last, your face red and your heart pounding with embarrassment. “We’ll see about that,”

This is such a silly idea but I had to write it down so here u go

def not my best work but I hope u enjoy!! I literally didn’t even proofread this so it’s probs full of errors and bad transitions but pls enjoy this dumb little drabble!! (two fics in two days, who am I and what have I done with puk)


They don’t know who we are. Not really. They don’t know what we’ve done, what we’ve managed toguether.

So let’s go show them they picked the wrong damn fight.

The Donald Trump inauguration seems like the ending of a super dark Marvel movie, in which the bad guy wins and Captain America can do nothing but be sad, weepy and teary (in a sufficiently manly manner, of course) in a dark room all by himself.

I am not even kidding here, people.

Chris Evans does truly detest Trump.