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Another entry for the prompt game with the sweet @tonystarkstoga. Inspired by one of @susieeslei’s Tony&Natasha headcanons. Enjoy!

He could not find the room Natasha had told him about. Bucky’s eyes narrowed. He might have shaken off Hydra’s fucked-up version of a recruitment speech but he hadn’t gone from the Winter Soldier to being unable to find his way in the Avengers’ Tower. With a map.

“JARVIS?” Bucky asked the invisible computerised voice–and boy had that taken time getting used to–suspiciously. ”Is Natasha messing with me?”

“I do not believe so, Mr. Barnes,” the AI answered politely.

Bucky’s suspicion intensified.

“Is Tony messing with me?” Really, it wasn’t even a question. Why had Natasha ever been his first guess?

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to share this information with you,” JARVIS responded faithfully–which was all the confirmation Bucky needed.

Walking down the corridor for the sixth time in slow, measured steps Bucky stopped at a spot of ordinary wall he was 80 per cent sure was supposed to be a door.

“Alright, JARVIS, the easy or the hard way?”

There was a slight pause before the AI replied with something scarily close to exasperation, “Sir does not wish to be disturbed for anything less than an Avengers’ call.” 

“The hard way it is,” Bucky confirmed with a nod to himself. Then, without further ado, he slammed his metal hand against the wall.

It was just as well that he hadn’t used his full strength, because the ‘wall’ gave in without any resistance at all, and Bucky found himself stumbling through it gracelessly with a startled squeak.

He regained his balance within a split second of course, but he knew, he knew the footage of this would haunt him for the rest of his life time. He was going to kill them.

“I’m gonna kill them.”

“It has been noted down in your calendar, Mr Barnes,” JARVIS helpfully commented–which meant he was being a cheeky bastard again. “For the twelfth time this week, if you care to know.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and continued along the narrow path, determined but wary. Tony, he had learned the hard way, had an unhealthy obsession with trip wires and other hidden tricks and traps. He really didn’t need to give the rest of the team any more blackmail material than they already had–not that they were faring any better than he was.

The whole insanity had started two weeks ago. Naturally an absent-minded remark by Tony had been responsible for it.

“Are you telling me-,” Clint had demanded, a disturbing look of utter glee lighting up his eyes, after he’d recovered from chocking on his beloved coffee, “That there is a room hidden in this Tower in which you teach Natasha how to pole dance and none of us new about it?”

Tony, hair still sleep-ruffled and covered in a sweatshirt that had been Bucky’s at one point but looked much better on him, had blinked owlishly at them. “What kind of spies are you?” he had asked incredulously. Which they had taken as the challenge it was obviously meant to be.

And thus the grand search for the training room had begun. Personally, what with the faint vibrations of loud music Bucky was beginning to pick up, he felt confident that he was on the right track.

Four days later: 

“Are you telling me you found Tony and Natasha’s secret pole dance training room and instead of letting the rest of us know you decided to join in?”

“Wasn’t that the point?”

Five Times Tony Stark Was a Good Dad (And One Time He Wasn’t) Pt.2

Wow…I have no words, you guys are amazing and I’m so thankful for the amount of love this story has received! I really hope you guys like this chapter, it’s kind of long, I definitely had fun writing it and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please let me know if you guys have an suggestions! 

P.S. I glanced over this, so it’s technically considered un-edited, so forgive any mistakes!

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Peter tapped his pen against his Chemistry notebook rhythmically, eyeing the clock on the wall with keen interest as the seconds ticked by too slowly for his liking. He was ready to get out of here and back into Mr. Stark’s—Tony’s lab and work on some upgrades for his web-shooters. He had a few ideas he thought up last night and he was excited to run them Mr.—Tony. 

That one was still taking a while to get used to. 

Ned was scribbling down notes next to him, something Peter should be doing too, but instead he was sketching out a new formula for his web-fluid and he wondered if Ned would mind being a bro and letting him copy his notes after class. 

“—and I know everyone is anxious to get out of here, but if you could spare a few minutes of your time, I want to discuss the end of semester project with you guys—”

Peter fought back a groan. 

While admittedly, Chemistry was one of Peter’s favorite subjects and he had no problem knocking out the homework for this class, however, a project was something that was time consuming and time was something Peter was in short supply of these days. Ever since becoming Spider-Man, Peter’s attention to school and his work and his grades had started to waver. Luckily, May just blamed it on teenage rebellion and his commitment to his “internship” with Stark Industries. A few weeks ago, when Tony had shown up to his school completely out of the blue and offered him one on one time with him (and a rather starstruck Ned) and his lab, he held true to his promise of having Peter over again and now, Peter was over at the tower three or four times a week, working on upgrades for his suit or helping Tony with his suit (Peter wouldn’t admit it, but it still blew his mind that he got to actually touch the Iron Man suit, let alone help design new features for it) or Tony’s more recent project, developing new legs for a now paralyzed Rhodey. 

Tony was determined to make a set of robotic legs that would allow Rhodey to walk normally again and Peter was happy to help him. Besides Germany—and even then, after getting a plane dropped on him by Captain fucking America, Peter’s recollection of the events were hazy at best—he had yet to meet the iconic War Machine, but he could remember Tony’s agitation on the way back to his apartment, his fingers drumming on the leather seat, constantly checking his StarkPhone for news. Tony being Tony, he tried to hide it underneath jokes and sarcasm, but Peter could see the worry in his eyes, the tension in his jaw and he knew that Tony was afraid. Afraid of losing yet another person and he knew that his fear, his guilt at not being able to save Rhodey, pushed him to make him the best prosthetic legs that would best even human legs. 

And Peter knew, that if anyone could accomplish it, it would be Mr. Stark. 

Whoops, Tony.

The bell rang, bringing Peter out of his thoughts and he heard his chemistry teacher sigh, “Alright, I thought we had more time and I know you guys are ready to get out of here, so I’ve taken the liberty of typing up the project requirements, so please collect them on your way out and have a good weekend guys.”

Peter hastily shoved his notebook into his (new) backpack—he had a bad habit of misplacing his backpacks and was now on his fourth one—and walked up to the front of the classroom, where a small line had formed in front of Mr. Smith’s desk, students jockeying for a position at the front of the line in order to get an information packet and leave.

He ended up behind Flash, who glanced over his shoulder when he heard someone approach and visibly paled when he saw it was Peter, but tried covering it up with a dirty look before turning back around. 

Peter hadn’t heard much from Flash since Tony’s verbal annihilation of him in front of the whole school a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to be heeding Tony’s warning and keeping any unnecessary snide comments to himself. 

Peter overheard part of Ms. Potts’ rather…colorful phone call to Tony, his heightened senses picking up her ire with him until they got ten blocks away and her angry voice and Tony’s pleading had faded into the honking horns, the clanging of the trains and the thousands of voices in the restless Queens neighborhood. 

He wasn’t sure what became of that particular situation, anytime he’d ask, Tony would just distract him with a new idea for his suit or deflect his question with a sarcastic comment and finally, Peter just decided to give up. Whatever happened, though, seemed to work, because Flash hasn’t even bothered to even look in Peter’s direction and seemed to be going out of his way to not even be within ten feet of Peter, which was more than fine with Peter. 

When it was Peter’s turn, he grabbed two packets, one for him and another one for the slowly approaching Ned, who was still writing down notes in his notebook. 

Peter raised an eyebrow, “Dude, why are you still taking notes? The lecture ended like, ten minutes ago.”

Ned looked up, startled from his hasty note taking and for the first time since class had started, made eye contact with Peter. 

“Didn’t you hear Mr. Smith? Our final’s on Tuesday and I was finishing the review notes.”

At Peter’s horrified look, Ned paused, giving Peter a strange look, “Um, weren’t you paying attention at all?”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, giving a nervous laugh, “Uh, heh, see I was working on some new ideas for my,” he gave a quick glance around the classroom, and seeing a few lingering people, he lowered his voice, “you know, project.” He said, giving Ned a meaningful look. 

Ned just continued to look confused, “Uh, we just found out about the project, like, five seconds ago, how could you—oh,” he muttered, eyes widening in realization when Peter mimed his web-shooting, “—that project. Right, I knew that.”

“Uh huh,” Peter said, completely unconvinced, as he began walking out of the classroom and into the busy hallway, “so anyways, review notes—“

Ned, however, seemed completely oblivious to “Hey, do you think I can help you? You know, with your,” Ned took a surreptitious look around the hallway, “project? Like, I was thinking and you could use, like, an arsenal of your, stuff—“

A girl walking past them shot Ned a disgusted look and Peter flushed, “Look, Ned, I appreciate it, but Mr. Star—Tony, has it covered. I’ve seen the blue prints and he has like, five hundred different web combinations and they’re so awesome—“

“You’re on a first name basis with Iron Man?!”  Ned said loudly and the people still lingering in the hallway turned and glanced in their direction curiously. Peter laughed nervously, giving them an awkward wave before turning back to Ned, shooting him a glaring

Dude.” Peter hissed, annoyed. 

Ned gave him a weak smile, “Sorry.”

Peter sighed, shaking his head, “Look, right now, I need to worry about passing Chemistry and that starts with this project,” Peter said, staring down at the paper in his hands forlornly, “which sucks because I was supposed to help Mr. Stark with more Iron Man upgrades today and I had this totally awesome idea for my web shooters that I thought of in Chemistry that I was gonna run by him and now I have to cancel—“

“Cancel on who?” A familiar voice said from behind him. Ned squeaked in surprise, seeming to forget that he’d met the man before and even played with his robots, “and kid, what’d I tell you about the whole Mr. Stark thing? It makes me feel old and I’m clearly anything but old.”

Peter closed his eyes, wincing, before turning around and giving Tony a panicked look, “Uh, hi um, Tony, what are you doing here?”

Tony gave him an assessing look and Peter swore he could see a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes, but when he blinked it was gone, “I guess aside from a new phone, I also need to get you a calendar, you see it’s Friday and you usually come to the tower on Friday—“

“No, I know that, I just meant, well, usually Happy picks me up.” Peter said lamely, twisting his hands nervously. 

Tony raised his eyebrow, eyeing his hands, “Happy’s waiting in the car, I came to see what was taking you so long.”

Peter’s eyes widened, Oh, well, it’s just well, I uh, something’s come up so—“

Both eyebrows raised this time and Peter stuttered, “Uh, well, you see, um—“

“Peter’s flunking Chemistry,” Ned blurted out, “and we got assigned this ridiculous project today and it’s worth half of our final grade and we only have until Monday to do it—“

Ned.” Peter whispered harshly, shooting him a betrayed look over his shoulder. 

He at least had the decency to look sheepish. 

“I knew there was a reason I liked you, Ned,” Tony said approvingly and Ned preened at the praise. Turning to Peter, he nodded to the paper still clutched in Peter’s hand and held his hand out, “normally I have a thing with people handing me things, but c’mon, cough it up.” he said, wiggling his fingers and reluctantly, Peter handed it over and Tony read it over. 

“Chain reactions blah blah blah, build a model of a paper maché volcano and pick two chemical elements from below that can cause a chain reaction in the volcano and make it erupt, blah blah, science stuff, or if you can think any other natural disasters that can cause a chain reaction, blah and more science stuff, due Monday, worth half of you final grade—“

Tony blinked, “Huh, I didn’t know they were still making you do these things—seriously, a paper maché volcano? The education system needs a serious reboot.”

Tony folded the paper in half and then tucked it in to his suit jacket, “Right, well, this sounds important so we better get started—I’d say you could tag along, Ned, but the Audi only seats two, so.” He nodded at him and turned on his heel and began walking down the hallway. 

Ned was torn between staring after Tony’s retreating figure and staring at Peter with disbelieving eyes, “Dude, are you sure that spider that bit you is dead? Because honestly? I could go for a radio-active spider bite if it means I get to work on my school project with Tony Stark—“

“Underoos, you coming? We’ve got a few stops to make before we head back to the tower, so get a move on, a little pep in the step.” Tony said, stopping at the end of the hallway and gesturing to the door with a dramatic sweep of his arm.

“Good-bye, Ned.” Peter said with a roll of his eyes. 

“Well, fine—I’ll make my own radioactive Spider since you don’t want to share! An army of radioactive spiders, an army Peter—“

Ignoring the stares from the few students that were still at the school, Peter followed Tony out to the front of the school and to his illegally parked, sleek candy apple red Audi R8 Spyder. Peter practically salivated at the sight of the car—barely managing a half-hearted wave at Happy who was parked behind Tony in the town car—running his fingers reverently over the door handle, all but whimpering at the warm paint and fiberglass underneath his fingertips. 

He jumped when the wind rolled down with a barely audible hum, Tony’s body craning over the gear shift to stare at Peter impatiently, “Are you gonna stand there and drool all over my car or actually get in it?”

Peter flushed, hastily opening the door and situating himself in the plush leather seats, “Where are we going?” he asked as he closed the door gently.

Tony revved the engine, darting out into the late afternoon traffic, “My lab isn’t stocked with everything we need and I know just the place.”


Hobby Lobby to Tony, Peter was learning, was what most candy stores were to toddlers. 

He weaved in and out of the aisles with such ease that led Peter to believe that this wasn’t his first trip here and Peter followed him, for lack of any other options and watched in disbelief as Tony threw item after item into the cart, not even bothering to look at prices.

“Mr. Stark—there’s no way I can afford all this, May only gives me twenty dollars a week and this looks like it’s way more than twenty dollars—“

Peter looked down at all the supplies in the cart mournfully, his wallet physically aching at the amount of…stuff Mr. Stark had piled into the cart. This was supposed to be a little chemistry project and Mr. Stark was treating it like one of his projects. Expensive, flashy, but bound to impress, as usual. 

Tony seemed to be paying him no mind, however, holding up a box of plastic palm trees with an interest that would be amusing if dancing dollar signs weren’t obscuring Peter’s vision and making him vaguely nauseous. 

“Nonsense, kid,” Mr. Stark said dismissively, reading the back of the box with a quirked brow, “do you think twenty-five of these things would be enough? We don’t want it to be too tropical looking because Chile, believe it or not, has a nice balance between palm trees and regular trees—and hey, didn’t I tell you stop calling me that? It’s Tony or nothing.”

“Okay, Nothing,” Peter said cheekily and at Tony’s glare, his smirk faded, “s-sorry, uh, Tony.” 

Tony’s lip twitched into a smile, as he tossed two boxes of the plastic palm trees into their cart and continued down the aisle, giving Peter no choice but to follow.

“Seriously, Tony I can’t accept this—“

Tony stopped so suddenly that Peter narrowly missed hitting him with the cart, once again thankful for his quick reflexes, stopping the cart just shy of ramming him in the ankles. 

Tony turned to Peter, eyes unusually devoid of his signature sunglasses, giving Peter a rare opportunity to see the depth of emotions flash through his dark eyes.

“Kid,” Tony started, but stopped himself, letting out a sigh. He looked tired, like he was fighting an internal battle and losing and suddenly, Peter felt a surge of sympathy for the billionaire standing in front of him. 

“Look, my dad never…took an interest in this—stuff,” Tony said, gesturing to the cart full of merchandise, everything from a papier mâché kit, paint, fake grass to the plastic palm trees and those little foam building kit things Peter remembered making in kindergarten, “actually, I’ve never made one of these things before, can’t exactly turn one of these things in at MIT and expect to get an A in chem lab,” Tony continued with a snort, “anyway, my point is, I don’t really mind helping you with this, homework, projects, whatever.” He finished, waving a dismissive hand

Peter was taken aback, not expecting something that…vulnerable to come out of Tony’s mouth, especially in aisle eight of Hobby Lobby, but either way, Peter was touched. 

Uncle Ben always helped him with these projects and while he always said he was never as smart as his brother, Peter’s dad, he was still good at putting things together and as long as Peter did all the science-y stuff, as he liked to call it, he’d help him piece it together. 

Peter knew that Tony couldn’t ever take Uncle Ben’s place, no one could, and while he wasn’t sure why Tony went out of his way to help Peter, he knew Tony would never try to replace what Uncle Ben was to him. And Peter himself hadn’t quite figured out where Tony fit into his life, but he cared about Tony like he did Aunt May and Ned and possibly MJ, in her own little twisted way. 

And he knew that Tony cared about him, in his own way, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be dropping, what Peter was sure, well over three hundred dollars in Hobby Lobby for Peter’s dumb little science project that was soon becoming something to be featured at next years Stark Expo if Tony’s rough outline he’d drawn up in the car on the back of the project packet was actually brought to life. 

“Besides,” Tony continued off-handedly, “I already knew you were flunking Chemistry, your rather attractive Aunt called me and told me your grades were slipping because of the ‘internship’—which we’ll discuss later, by the way—so I thought that until they get back on level ground, we won’t be working on any upgrades anytime soon and focusing, instead, on getting you through the tenth grade.”

Peter opened his mouth to protest—his grades weren’t that bad, with all things considered. And while maybe they weren’t up to his usual standard (Peter had never gotten a grade lower than a B before in his life) they were still passing. Peter sometimes wished he had an average level of intellect, because if he hadn’t been such an overachiever with all the extra-curricular activities and maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the process, well, his grades dropping to B’s and C’s wouldn’t seem like the end of the world—but Tony was already off again, weaving through the aisles and tossing random things into the cart, that, at this point, Peter was sure had nothing to do with his actual project and were more so there because Tony thought they were cool.

“Do you think this place has food dye? A good volcano has to have red lava and no kid of mine is going to have a volcano with substandard lava. What do you think about actual fire coming out of the top of the volcano? Is that too much? Nothing crazy of course, just a few minor pyrotechnics to give it that extra pop—“

Peter rolled his eyes, but silently agreed that fire coming out of the top  would be pretty awesome, even if it was slight over-kill, and trailed after Tony, who was muttering something about color schemes and an earthquake involving batteries, and tried to ignore the smile that threatened at the corner of his lips at Tony calling him his kid. 


After their very expensive trip into Hobby Lobby—Peter still felt dizzy and vaguely nauseous at the memory of Tony, not even batting an eye at the grand total, whipping out a black Amex and swiping it without even a sign of hesitation that Peter may or may not have been searching for—they made their way back to the Tower, Tony gesturing to Happy to grab the bags as he took a call from Pepper about the newest StarkPhone release. 

Happy shot him a reproachful look, but it was replaced by something that resembled a smile, at least, by Happy’s standards, when Peter silently walked around to the trunk of the car and helped gather some of the bags. Peter, with his super spidey strength, managed to grab the majority of the bags, leaving Happy with two. 

“Show off.” Happy muttered grumpily, which Peter gracefully ignored and lead the way down to the lab, where Happy deposited his bags and made a quick escape before Peter could even blink. 

While he waited for Tony to get off the phone, Peter pulled up some ideas for his volcano on the internet and began scrolling through the websites google had offered up. 

He didn’t have much time to browse before Tony came down to the lab, trading his three piece suit that Peter was sure was worth more than six months worth of May’s rent, for his usual lab attire—an old band t-shirt and grease stained jeans, an outfit, Peter was sure, was still worth more than any meager possessions Peter had combined. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., please pull up the blue prints for Underoos school project,” Tony said, clapping his hands together and Peter was a bit taken a back by the amount of eagerness that gleamed in his eyes.

Following his request, the lights in the room dimmed and in the center of the lab, a hologram of a real life volcano appeared, scaled down to about an eight feet by ten feet measurement and glowing brightly in the dimness of the lab. Peter’s mouth dropped open in awe, his cracked phone lying forgotten on the lab table behind him as he made his way over to study the diagram more closely. 

It was the same sketch that was on the back of the paper explaining the project, only this time, Peter could see the added details that Tony must’ve added on the car ride back to the tower. Everything from the layers of the volcano, down to the last of the fifty palm trees Tony had insisted on buying. 

“This is amazing,” Peter breathed, eyes wide, hungrily taking in every detail. 

Tony hummed in satisfaction, coming to stand beside Peter, eyeing the hologram with a sense of pride he didn’t even bother to hide, “It is, isn’t it? I took some artistic liberties, modeling it after the actual volcano but adding more aesthetically pleasing attributes, like if Mount Vesuvius was in Hawaii. If there’s anything on here that you don’t like, we can take it out, scrap it and start over—“

Peter wasn’t really sure what possessed him to do it—he knew how Tony felt about emotional displays of affection, let alone physical displays of affection, but he was just overwhelmed with all the time Tony had put into this little chemistry project and the lengths Tony had gone to help Peter with it. No one, no one, had ever gone to such trouble for Peter, especially for something that was so small and seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of all the things Tony Stark had to do that were far more important than Peter’s Chemistry grade—but he found himself pressed against Mr. Stark’s strong chest, his arms that were still bony even after the spider bite, wrapping around Tony’s waist and squeezing. 

“Thank you, Tony.” Peter whispered, his voice a few octaves higher thanks to well, not quite completing puberty and the amount of pure excitement flooding through his veins. 

Tony froze, clearly caught off guard, arms flailing awkwardly at his sides before he settled them on Peter’s shoulders, squeezing them quickly, his discomfort with the situation quite obvious, “Um, is this a hug, right? It’s just, I’m not quite sure, it looked like you were reaching out to touch the hologram so this would be a little awkward if that was the case—“

Peter huffed a laugh, stepping away from Tony’s stilted body, cheeks flaming in embarrassment, “Uh, sorry, Tony, heh, my bad.”

Tony couldn’t help but smile, rolling his eyes and clapping Peter on the shoulder, “C’mon, kid, we’ve only got the weekend to do this, we better get started.”

Peter bobbed his head in agreement, taking one last look at the holographic blue prints still floating in the middle of the lab before he began wandering back to the lab table, where all of their supplies were laid out and ready for use. 

Before he could wander too far, a hand reached out and grasped him on the shoulder. Tony gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze, smile slightly unsure, but his dark eyes were sincere, “Don’t mention it, kiddo.”


“Alright, so test one—DUM-E, don’t make me regret putting you on fire duty again, one wrong move and you get demoted—Peter, hit the button on my mark, F.R.I.D.A.Y, give me a little mood lighting please and three, two, one—“

Tony gestured for Peter to hit the button and with a small click as Peter complied, they waited for it and—


DUM-E chirped unhappily from his designated spot by the corner of the lab table and Peter shared his sentiment. 

Tony visibly deflated, sighing, “Well, that was anti-climatic. Alright, Underoos, strip it apart, we’ve got some requiring to do—and hey, DUM-E, don’t think I can’t see your little trigger happy fingers, no fire, no extinguishing, capiche?”

If a robot could sound contrite, DUM-E’s little defeated hoot would fall into that category and Peter couldn’t help but laugh.


“Alight, test two on my mark—DUM-E, look alive—and three, two, one—“


The volcano exploded, red dye going everywhere, splattering all over the table, a flabbergasted Peter and an equally as surprised Tony. Flames erupted from the top, like someone flipped on a blow torch and couldn’t shut it off and right on cue, DUM-E blasted the volcano with the fire extinguisher a little too enthusiastically and Peter coughed violently, his heightened senses going into overload at the overeager assault. 

“Okay, DUM-E—DUM-E,” Tony shouted, snapping his fingers to get the overzealous bot’s attention, “That’s enough—no, DUM-E,” Tony said warningly when the bot’s claw reached for the trigger again, “do you want to wear the Dunce hat again? Because I will, so help me.”

DUM-E gave a petulant chirp and Peter reached over to give him a consoling pat on the head, to which DUM-E hooted brightly. 

Tony gave Peter an exasperated look, “First rule of parenting: don’t reward bad behavior and look,” he said accusingly, gesturing between the two, “you’re encouraging it.”

Peter scowled, putting a protective hand on DUM-E, “He’s just trying to help, he’s just…committed, see? No more fire.” Peter said, nodding towards the rather thorough job DUM-E did, where the previously flamed-engulfed volcano that was threatening to set the lab on fire was now extinguished, smoke curling still curling in the air and only occasionally letting out an ominous hissing sound that Peter tried not to think too much on.

Tony rolled his eyes, but seem to let it go and focus on the now fulling hissing volcano, “Okay, that was too close to an actual volcanic eruption and while cool, that’s not safe for any classroom, we’re not trying to reenact Pompeii or anything.” 

Tony gave the volcano a gentle nudge, jumping back when a flame flared and DUM-E, still on standby, gave it another keen dousing from the fire extinguisher. 

“DUM-E, that’s—no, DUM-E no—“


It took them a few more tries and a few more explosions and Tony eventually revoking DUM-E’s fire safety privileges and threatening to turn him into a blender, for them to get a volcanic eruption that didn’t burst into flames or just trickle sadly out of the soda bottle that was serving as their prototype for the volcano. 

F.R.I.D.A.Y. interrupted them in the middle of building the platform to remind Tony that he still had yet to actually eat anything and as if on cue, Peter’s stomach growled loudly.

He gave Tony a sheepish smile, “I didn’t eat lunch today.”

Tony sighed, rubbing his eyes, “Alright, c’mon kid, I can’t have you passing out on the lab floor, U still isn’t that great with a broom yet, let alone picking up actual humans, so let’s get you some food—you like Thai, right?”

Peter nodded the affirmative and he let Tony lead him out of the lab up to the main floor of the tower to the kitchen, gesturing for him to take a seat at the counter. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., pull up some menus for the kid to look at and while you’re at it, go a head and put in my usual order.” 

“It’s already been done, sir.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. responded as she brought up local Thai menus for Peter to peruse.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?” Tony asked the dutiful A.I.

“As my memory serves me, sir, you’ve never actually used those particular words to express such outwards displays of affection before, so no, you have not.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. replied dryly 

Tony frowned and Peter snorted in amusement at the sass, but stifled it at Tony’s glare. 

“Uh, I’ll just have two orders of Larb with a side of white rice and sticky rice pudding for later,” Peter said hastily, tapping away the menus. 

“Got that, F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” Tony asked and the A.I. replied in the affirmative. 

“Yes, sir, ETA is twenty minutes.” She confirmed. 

When the food arrived, they sat at the counter and ate their respective dishes and chatted amicably about their day. Tony watched as Peter all but inhaled his food, much to Tony’s amusement and slight concern that went unnoticed by Peter, who was too absorbed in his sticky rice pudding and shouting trivia questions at F.R.I.D.A.Y. for his history homework. 

He wasn’t sure if it was just basic teenage growing pains—Tony could remember his mother chastising his eating habits at that age, comparing him to a garbage disposal with the amount of food he could pack away—or if his metabolism, along with everything else in the kid’s DNA, had been enhanced as well. Which, come to think of it, wasn’t that far fetched and Tony made a mental note to hack into Oscorp’s files to see if he could dig anything up on the spider that had given Peter his powers and compare it to the serum that was responsible for Captain Righteous and his abilities. 

Tony found it ironic how he could care less about his own eating habits, but yet, here he was, watching as Peter basically licked his plate clean and the worry just continued to gnaw away at his stomach and he had to wonder if it ever went away. 

This thought continued as they finished their meals and went back down into the lab and continued working on Peter’s project that was shaping up to be pretty awesome if Tony did say so himself. They worked well together, both of them focused and bouncing ideas off of each other that always seemed to be on the same wave length and Tony lived for it. The only other person who ever shared his love for science was Bruce and he hadn’t heard from him since Ultron and that familiar ache settled into his chest at memories of what used to be.

But that ache was soothed when he turned to see how Peter’s attempts at papier maché were going and a small, fond smile crossed his lips at the sight of Peter, passed out on the lab table, head cushioned by the pile of newspaper, shoulders rising and falling in soft snores. 

Glancing down at his StarkWatch, he noticed they’d been down here for over four hours and it was heading closer to ten o’clock and after taking another look at Peter’s face, seeing the dark shadows under his eyes and ever growing bags, he deiced against waking the kid to take him home. 

Instead, he told F.R.I.D.A.Y. to text May and let her know that Peter would be crashing at the tower tonight and then he scooped the kid up from the chair in a bridal carry, tucking his head underneath his chin and made his way out of the lab and into the elevator, murmuring to F.R.I.D.A.Y. to take him to the penthouse floor. 

When they arrived to Tony’s floor, he ambled down the hall way, stopping a few doors dow from his room, to what used to be a guest room, but had been re-decorated and personalized for the kid currently snuggling into his chest. After the kid’s first visit to tower, Tony had decided to give Peter his own room in case he ever wanted it or needed it, whatever the reason, he wanted the kid to know that he had a place to come to, that he was always welcome here. 

He pulled back the dark blue comforter and matching sheets, placing Peter gently down on the California king bed, untying his ratty Converse and tossing them to the foot of the bed so the kid wouldn’t trip over them in the morning.  

Peter murmured something in his sleep and for a moment, Tony was afraid that he’d woken him up, but Peter simply settled against the pillow, snuggling further into the blankets and seemed to relax against the soft sheets. 

Something warm and unfamiliar unfurled in his chest at the sight of kid snoozing away in the too big bed and not for the first time, Tony was struck with just how young the kid was. Peter carried himself with such maturity and a level headedness that Tony had never seen before in some adults, let alone teenagers, that sometimes, Tony forgot that he was in fact, a teenager, who still had school projects to do and had a weekly allowance and worried about pimples and zits and when puberty would finally end and if the pretty girl at school even knew he existed, let alone knew his name and it made Tony so angry, to think that this kid had been robbed of a normal childhood.

Tony learned at a young age that the world was a cruel bitch and he wished, more than anything, that Peter could’ve been spared that lesson for just a little bit longer. Peter was just so good and kind and he deserved so much better than the hand that he’d been dealt. He didn’t deserve to carry the weight of being a teenager and a superhero all at once and looking down at the dark shadows lurking underneath Peter’s closed eyes, Tony vowed to himself that he’d do anything he could to shoulder some of that weight. 

He brushed Peter’s dark hair off of his forehead, a small smile dancing on his lips when Peter leaned into his touch. 

“Goodnight, Peter.”


It took them the entire weekend, but they got Peter’s volcano finished and the end result was worth all the time they’d spent in the lab. Tony couldn’t remember the last time he threw himself into something so heavily, the last model of the Iron Man suit or the first prototype of Peter’s suit or Rhodey’s legs, maybe, but despite the exhaustion, it felt good to be of use to someone again. 

And the giant grin on Peter’s face as he stood back and admired their work was worth any re-painting he was going have to the lab after the many explosions they faced in the beginning of the project. Red dye was literally everywhere, but chose to put that thought out of his mind for now and enjoy the look on Peter’s face as he took in his school project. 

It was Peter’s idea to use the earthquake in Chile as a catalyst for the volcanic eruption that occurred three days later. Underneath the board, they’d built replicas of tectonic plates that visibly shifted, simulating a real earthquake when they pressed a button. After the ‘earthquake’ was over, the volcano rumbled and hissed, steam rising and Tony got his wish for small flames to burst from the volcano—even though Peter was pretty sure that there weren’t actual flames involved with a real volcanic eruption, but Tony looked so excited at the the prospect of flames in a classroom that Peter didn’t have the heart to say no—and rocks tumbled down into the small town with roads, a replica of the ocean and little foam towns with little G.I. Joe figures serving as the town’s occupants. 

Peter was definitely getting an A

“This is awesome,” he breathed, turning wide brown eyes to Tony, “thank you so much, seriously, this is…” he trailed off, shaking his head in disbelief, “so much more than what I imagined.” he finished softly, looking back up at Tony with so much admiration and gratitude that Tony shifted awkwardly, unsure what to do. 

“It’s no problem, kid, seriously,” Tony said finally, clearing his throat, “like I said the other day, my dad never did…anything like this with me,” Tony paused, “not to insinuate that you think of me as your dad or anything, heh, it’s probably best that you don’t, I’m not the greatest role model and why do you think I never had kids? It’s not something I’m meant for, you know, the whole soccer dad vibe isn’t really my style and with the whole superhero thing too, I mean—“

Tony was cut off by Peter wrapping his arms around him—seriously, this kid had a bad habit of catching Tony off guard with all the random displays of affection—and settling his head on his chest. 

Tony, despite his hesitation with such obvious displays, he wrapped his arms around the kid and gave him a squeeze. He hated to admit it, but the kid was growing on him, a lot more than he originally planned. 

Peter pulled away, cheeks beat red, but a small smile was playing on his lips, “For what it’s worth, I think you’d make a great dad,” Peter glanced down at his shoes, scuffing them against the white tiling, “I don’t really remember much about my dad and Ben was the closest thing I’ve ever had,” he faltered, biting his lip, “but, you’ve kind of filled that void? I mean, you didn’t really take his place, but, you remind me of him, in a lot of ways? Like, he used to help me with this stuff and it just means a lot to me, that you’re here for me and I—“ Peter coughed, glancing up at Tony with a sheepish smile, “So thank you, for well, being you.” he finished lamely, blushing. 

Tony was taken aback by the kid’s confession, but his heart warmed, “Kid,” he began gently, putting a hand on Peter’s shoulder, “I hope you know that it’s not my goal to take your Uncle’s place or replace him in any sort of way,” he paused, considering his next words, “I just want you to know that I’m here for you, whenever you need me.”

Peter smiled and Tony clapped him on the back, “Now, c’mon kid, let’s get you home. Your hot Aunt probably thinks I’ve kidnapped you or something, I’ll have Happy drop your project off at school tomorrow.”


Peter did get his A, but there was a…slight mishap with the flames and Flash’s eyebrows (or lack thereof) and that was how he found himself, along with Tony, in the principal’s office, facing a very unimpressed Mr. Morita. 

“Mr. Stark, while it’s an honor to meet you, I wish it was under different circumstances. We encourage ingenuity here at Mid-Town and we wish for our students to get creative with their projects, but flames, in a classroom—“

“In my defense, that kid was standing way too close to Peter’s project to begin with—“

“And that kid, Mr. Stark, happens to be the kid you verbally assaulted out on the front lawn a few weeks ago—“

“Okay, have you met that kid? He was asking for it, what kind of name is Flash anyway? And besides, that kid was picking on my kid—“

Peter shrunk down in his chair, but he couldn’t hide the grin on his face. Peter could admit that the flames were too much,but he got an A and was no longer flunking Chemistry, Flash no longer had eyebrows and Tony called him his kid again. Whatever repercussions he was facing was totally worth it.


Thank you guys for reading! Let me know what you think or if you have an more suggestions for more stories or where you’d like to see this one go!

@bonza-bear @ohheyitssophaye @clara-angi @bsicthought  here you go guys, I tagged you like you asked ! :) if you want to be tagged, let me know! 

aylathebunny  asked:

1. Melatonin actually reacts badly with some medications so talking with your doctor is a spot on idea. I can take it but my dad can't because of meds. Boo. 2. OH MY GOD THIS REGENCY AU I AM GOING TO DIE. What happens when Rhodey and Pepper finally get there???

1. Yes, I probably should have thought about that in the beginning. Whoops.

2. I assume it’s a good going to die so thank you!!!

Pepper arrives a few months before the wedding ready to FIGHT. But politely. Sarah actually looks at this young woman and thinks “Yes, someone to put the fear of the Lord into my sons after I am gone.” And so she asks if Pepper has ever considered being the adviser for Tony and his husbands before the war. And Pepper looks at her, stone-faced, and says, “That was the plan, with the added bonus of Stane having me murdered before I could take on the job.” Sarah is horrified but impressed because Pepper is very much alive and Sarah has heard tell of an alpha with a voice as sharp as her spear and if she’s anything like the stories told– “Pepper is the best,” Tony tells Sarah seriously. Sarah smiles. “Better than your fiances?” It’s supposed to be a joke but Tony answers guilelessly, “Of course.”

(Bucky and Steve would be offended except then Pepper cuts in, “I’m not half as good without Tony,” and Tony squeaks and blushes and says “No you’re not be quiet!” and Pepper laughs and draws him into a hug more reminiscent of Bruce’s than a lover’s. It helps that Pepper gives them a look full of fire that says, without words, ‘if you ever hurt Tony I will destroy you with my pinkie finger.’ They get the unsettling feeling that Pepper and Natasha will get along just fine.)

Rhodey arrives for the rehearsal dinner because Sam was invited and he basically bullied his way into coming. Tony lets out the most mournful scream when he sees Rhodey, and the others are terrified for a moment because the sound had been so full of pain and anguish and the guards actually ready themselves to clear the room, but Tony falls to his knees in front of Rhodey’s wheelchair and throws his arms around his waist, sobs into his lap, and Rhodey is determined, okay, he drags Tony up into his lap and clutches at him, and Tony sobs, “They told me you were dead!” And Rhodey doesn’t say anything, even the tears rolling down his cheeks are silent, but his fingers leave bruises on Tony’s skin.

(Tony cries at odd intervals through the entire dinner but Steve and Bucky can’t even be mad. “All he could talk about was getting back to Anthony,” Sam tells them privately. “When he defected, he was determined to get back to him, smuggle him out. After he was wounded I literally had to threaten to take his chair away to get him to wait. I’m pretty sure he’s still pissed at me.” Tony nearly has an anxiety attack when it’s time to retire, clutching at Rhodey’s hands because he’s so afraid it will be a dream and Rhodey will be gone again when he wakes up. Rhodey tells him to stop being a dumbass.

They find Tony curled up on Rhodey’s lap in the dining room the next morning, snoring. Pepper’s drinking a cup of coffee. “I made sure nothing untoward happened,” she explains, as if she hasn’t been up the entire night crying herself. “Although nothing would have because it would have been like fucking your brother.” Steve and Bucky blanch but Sarah just laughs. She asks Rhodey if he’d like to stay when he wakes up. Groggy, Rhodey snaps, “Lady, you’re not gettin’ rid of me. I’m here. I’ll kick your ass. I’ll kick your sons’ asses. I’ll kick Tony’s ass.” Tony giggles wetly. “I like him,” Bucky decides. “Reminds me of someone.” “I’d never kick Tony’s ass,” Steve mutters, scowling. “I was actually thinking of Bruce but it’s nice to hear that, honey.”)

Anonymous said: Okay, but imagine this: you and Jeff getting your ears pierced together and picking out earrings for each other every year.

Originally posted by palepastelgoth


The whole thing started all because you and your best friend Tony had had a pact to get your first tattoos together. You were merely Freshmen in high school, but Tony knew a tattoo artist who didn’t care about parental consent which is how you found yourself during Spring Break getting stars tattooed behind your ear. 

But then as time passed and you really started to pay attention to other people that weren’t Tony, you found yourself fast friends with none other than Jeff Atkins. He was well on his way to becoming quite the popular boy during your Sophomore year in high school, and were quite surprised when that friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. 

“Come on, Y/N,” Jeff needles one day. “You and Tony have a special bond because you got tattoos together. I want something like that with you, too.”

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Tony finding out Brock is slowly dying


*takes deep breath*

Well. Okay then.

Tony doesn’t–

He should call Pepper. He really needs to call Pepper. And. Apologise. Yeah. Apologise sounds about right. For all that. All that shit he’s put her through. He really, really hasn’t given her enough credit, has he? He should–

Breathe. He should probably breathe first.

“You alright, boss?” FRIDAY asks with a concerned lilt.

But Tony can’t really focus on that. He’s too busy staring at his trembling hands, willing them to stop their stupid shaking. Willing his mind to shut the fuck up for once.

Of course it doesn’t listen. Whispers numbers and statistics he doesn’t want to hear back instead. Estimated chances of success that are too low to be worth the price, likelihoods of recovery that make Tony want to throw up.

He does.

Tony is running on two strawberries and half a cup of coffee, so it’s actually more of a dry-heaving that’s so painful it makes his body convulse and brings tears to his eyes. It doesn’t stop the numbers from running behind his closed eyelids.

His throat aches and his lips feel like sandpaper. He splashes his face with water. It doesn’t help.

“Boss? There someone I can call for ya?” FRIDAY asks. There’s definite worry in her voice now.

Tony doesn’t answer.

Runs the numbers again instead. Facts he’s pulled from book, websites, doctors. He hasn’t slept in over a day. The numbers won’t let him. And Tony knows, on some level, that this, this is why Brock–Rumlow, it’s Rumlow–hasn’t told him.

But he doesn’t care. Doesn’t care about proving Bro–Rumlow wrong. Not when–

Not when.

There’s no one to fight, is the thing. No enemy safe for the very body that keeps him alive in the first place. For now.

Tony turns around. Reaches for the whiskey.

“Boss, I d–”



Some eight hours later Tony throws back two aspirin and a big glass of water. Ignores the seven unanswered calls from Br–Rumlow. Pulls up a new hologram.


Because he’s Tony Stark and he built himself a heart out of scraps of metal in a damn cave. When he doesn’t like the numbers he’s given, he fucking makes himself new ones.

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Tony def let's ned and peter hang out at the compound on weekends (sometimes mj is there too) he is just so soft for those kids

peter is kind of annoyed that mr. stark takes a liking to mj, because mj doesn’t even care much about tony’s work, and she doesn’t even seem really impressed that he’s iron man. ned doesn’t seem to care, he’s happy to just be at tony stark’s house. but peter??? he’s been trying to get mr. stark to be his bro for months, and suddenly mj walks in and stark is literally calling her “kiddo” like?? wanna know who else is a kiddo?? pete-o??????

so one day mr. stark tells peter to come over so he can make adjustments to the spider suit, and he says that peter can bring his friends along.
and peter is wearing his suit and standing on a stepping stool while tony is trying to see if he can get the drone on peter’s chest to be able to pull the suit in, so that peter would only need to carry around the drone in order to carry around the suit itself. so far it isn’t going very well, but tony seems determined.

“hey, kiddo, hand me that flash light would ya?” tony asks mj, and peter huffs in annoyance. mj smirks at him and then tosses the flashlight to mr. stark

“you know mr. stark, tony, mr. tony, i couldn’t help but – ahem, i couldn’t help but notice that – and correct me if i’m wrong – but, you don’t have any nicknames for me and this isn’t really a big deal – well, kinda is bc i stress eat and not to really imply that this is urgent but i have eaten two full cakes this month so – ”

“i have nicknames for you, peter,” tony hums. “‘pain in my ass’ comes to mind”

“i thought you said he calls you underoos,” ned shouts from across the room, not looking up from his homework

“one time,” peter mumbles

“did you ever think that i get a nickname because i actually have something to offer him?” mj asks peter, looking back to her book

“that isn’t how nicknames work, it isn’t a bartering system and – hey!! what could you provide to tony stark that i can’t!!” peter says, and tony rolls his eyes bc how did he end up with children in his lab bickering about who tony loves more

“well i wouldn’t turn down being an avenger so there’s that”

“i turned it down for the greater good!!”

“or just because you’re a chicken”

“did you just call me a fucking chicken?”

“she called you a chicken,” ned shouts

“alright, marty mcfly,” he says pointing to peter “you need to hold still, the more worked up you get the more you fidget, and the more you fidget the more annoyed i get, and the more annoyed i get the more i wanna retire and die”

“and YOU,” he points at michelle “need to stop fucking with peter, all you’ve provided me with in a contact number for your cousin riri so that i can talk to her about her work, stop making peter act like he just watched me kill his dog”

“i always wanted a dog,” peter sighs “i would’ve named him sandwich”

“AND YOU,” tony yells, looking over to ned and the shrugs “you’re fine, keep doing what you’re doing”

ned shoots him finger guns and goes back to his homework

There were feathers in the hallway.

Tony blinked down at them slowly, then began picking them up. They were purple, a deep, rich hue, and each feather was as long as his forearm. He took a moment to be very, very glad that his parents were on trips and that Jarvis and Ana were out shopping, because he’d never be able to explain these.

There was a trail of them. Tony followed them, stooping to pick up each feather, because it wouldn’t do to for someone to stumble over any of them. It was… an awful lot of feathers. Like an alarming amount of feathers. He could probably make a suit of them.

They led to one of the guest rooms.

Tony should probably call someone. He remembered when Natasha had come into the mansion, how dangerous it had been. Natasha had told him that the only reason it had worked out so well for him was because he’d surprised her. Still, he was eighteen now. He should be able to handle it.

The feathers led to the closet.

Tony was never going to understand why these guys liked closets so much. Bucky and Steve had tried to explain it but he didn’t get it. Natasha hadn’t even bothered trying, just shrugged and said “I like it there.” He’d understood that a lot better than anything Steve and Bucky had said.

Tony stopped halfway into the guestroom, calling out, “Hello?”

There was a shuffling sound behind the door, but then silence.

He took another step closer. “He–llo! I heard you moving in there!”

The shuffling sound came again, then a noise like claws on wood.

Tony swallowed thickly, clutching the bundle of feathers to his chest. “…I’m not leaving until you come out!”

The door burst open so fast that he only had time to scream before whatever had been in it was on top of him.

Bucky and Steve fell out of the closet, scrabbling at the floor and leaving gouges in the wood. When they skidded out into the hallway they saw a giant black spider crawling across the wall, the red hourglass on its belly shining ominously as it leapt over doorways.

Bucky and Steve caught up to her a few seconds later, skidding over the floors. It was worrying, that they’d only heard that one scream. What if Tony couldn’t scream again? What if he–what if Tony was–

They crashed through the doorway, tearing the door off its hinges.

“Help,” Tony sobbed, hands bleeding around the barbed chain he was clutching. “Help! It’s hurting him!”

They stopped in shock. The hulking feathered figure in front of the human was trembling, one wing forced straight up by the chain, the other pinned against its side. Half of the feathers on the extended wing were just… shaved off. Some feathers were even cut in half, and the barbed chain was digging into the flesh hard enough that blood was starting to rise beneath it. It took a lot to pierce a monster’s skin.

Natasha swept over to him, form shifting so she had hands, one pair grabbing at the chain while the other carefully but firmly peeled Tony’s free. “Let go,  Котенок. It’s hurting you, too.”

“Natasha help!” Tony exclaimed, sobbing again.

“I’m helping, Котенок. You need to move.”

Steve slithered over to wrap his arms around the brunet as Bucky leapt forward to help Natasha, tail wrapping around his legs so he couldn’t lunge forward again. “Shhh. Tony, let them work.”

Tony turned so he could cry into his chest. “He couldn’t even ask me for help! He made–he made this terrible sound, Steve, it was awful–”

“It’s not–we’re going to tear his fucking wing off,” Bucky muttered, hands shifting, tugging lightly along the chain.

Natasha hissed quietly in sympathy as the feathered mass let out a long whine, wing shuddering. “We might just have to let it happen. This is a Death Chain. Maybe sacrificing a wing would be better.”

“No!” Tony exclaimed, pulling back and wiping his eyes. “I can–I’ll go get bolt cutters! We can cut it off!”

The monsters looked at each other before Bucky asked, “Will that work?”

Natasha shrugged. “I’ve never seen it, but then I’ve never had a human care.”

“I’ll go get bolt cutters,” Tony repeated, determined, and ran from the room.

Steve slithered over and gently curled his fingers under the chain as well. “You said you’ve seen these before?”

“Not everyone thinks monsters in the closet are an adorable fairy tale to soothe their children about,” Natasha answered coldly. “This isn’t the worst I’ve seen.”

The monster let out another whine, other wing trying to shove out from under the chain and shaving off a few feathers.

“Whoa, buddy!” Bucky exclaimed, reaching out to shove his wing back down. “Calm down! We’re trying to help you!”

Tony came running back into the room. “I brought two!”

Steve grabbed one of them from his arms and flipped it around. “Just tell me where to cut.”

“Um–uh–” Tony circled the monster anxiously, fingers trailing over the chain. “Here? Here. Steve, here!”

Steve lifted the bolt cutters and Tony helped him slide them into place. It took more effort than the human had expected, and one of the handles broke off. Tony started to hand him the second bolt cutter, but Steve just grabbed the blades and squeezed them together with his hand.

Tony would have gaped, but he was too busy trying to pull the broken link of chain out. Once it was free he said, “Okay, okay, you can pull–”

Do not pull,” Natasha ordered immediately. “We need to pick the barbs out or we’ll do just as much damage.”

“Okay,” Tony answered, voice small, and obediently began picking the barbs out of the monster’s skin.

It took a while, but eventually Bucky picked out the last barb and the chain fell to the ground with a dull clank. Then Natasha carefully pulled the feathers on the monster’s head back, away from his face.

“…Thanks,” he managed to grit out, voice gravely.

“Are you okay?” Tony asked, reaching out to push more of his feathers back.

The monster’s wings shifted, and then a pair of talon-tipped hands appeared out of the feathers, catching his wrists. “Blood is very hard to get out without water,” he croaked, then reached out to cup the human’s cheeks. “I scared you. I’m sorry.”

Tony sniffled quietly. “It’s okay.”

His name was Clint. He’d escaped from a circus and he’d meant to keep running but the chains had gotten too tight, and the mansion was so close. He hadn’t meant to come bursting out of the door so fast, he’d just tripped and flapping his one good wing had been the only thing he could do to keep from falling and tightening the chains further.

“I was supposed to scare children,” Clint said, voice much less gravely now that he’d had time to breathe properly and they’d given him water and a can of sardines. “I don’t like to do that.”

Natasha didn’t look up from winding bandages around Tony’s bruised and lacerated hands. “How does that feel?”

“Hurts,” Tony admitted quietly.

“You’re lucky a barb didn’t go right through your hand,” Bucky muttered, peering through fridge. “Steak?”

“I haven’t had beef in… decades. So maybe not,” Clint answered. He gave Tony a long, appraising look. “Most humans wouldn’t start trying to pull a barbed chain off something after it basically attacked them.”

Steve snorted from where he was carefully pulling the other man’s feathers so they were facing the right way. “Most humans don’t walk up to a monster and offer them soup when she could easily eat him.” He paused at the man’s wing, where most of his feathers had been cut off, before quietly asking, “Will they grow back?”

“…Probably,” Clint said after a bit too long. He looked back at Tony. He looked like a person that hadn’t been scared as a child. “If I could just have a few days to rest, I can get out of your hair.”

“You don’t need to go,” Tony hurried to say. “The mansion’s big! You can pick any room!”

Bucky sighed loudly. “You won’t be happy until you’ve adopted every monster you can, will you?”

“He’s hurt,” Tony exclaimed indignantly. “And whoever might still be chasing him! They can’t get to him here!”

“Let it go, Buck,” Steve muttered, smoothing his hands down the feathers on Clint’s back. “You know Tony.”

Bucky sighed again, quieter, but he did know Tony. He was a fixer. “How about meatballs?”

“That sounds awful,” Clint admitted. “But I’m so hungry that I don’t actually care. It’s better than anything I’ve eaten anyway, probably.”

“I’ll cook them so it’s easier on your stomach.”

Clint nodded, humming quietly, and then extended his wings. He’d basically been clipped. He wouldn’t be able to fly anyway. So maybe he’d stay a little longer than a few days.

“Oh! The feathers!” Tony gasped, standing abruptly. “I need to pick them up before Jarvis and Ana get home!”

Clint watched him go. “Should probably go help him. The feathers that were cut will have really sharp edges.”

Steve made a startled noise and hurried after him. With his scales, he was extra impervious to injury. And it would be just their luck that Tony would slice his arm open.

“He’s going to keep you,” Natasha decided, leaning her elbow on the table and her chin on her fist. “He does that.”

Clint shrugged. Steve, Bucky, and Natasha seemed to be doing pretty well for themselves. It wasn’t like it could be any worse than the circus.

How Is This Now About Me? (Tony Stark x reader)

Request: What about a Tony x reader where they were best friends in Iron Man 2 and she gets really pissed about the whole race car thing and is trying to figure out why he’s being so self-destructive, but at his birthday when he’s all drunk in the Ironman suit he gets rude and he finds out she has powers, maybe super-strength, when she gets into a fist fight with him before Rhodey intervenes. Then she’s there with him when he’s trying to figure everything else out and synthesis the new element? Thank you!

Tony Stark was many things, but most important to you over anything else, he was your idiot best friend who had suddenly decided that it was his greatest idea ever to go on a self-destructive fuck-it spree that now left you standing alone, watching him dive in even deeper.  The verbal berating that you had given him for the race car fiasco in Monaco seemed to have slowed the man down at first, but being here now, listening to him pee in his suit with a lopsided and inebriated smile on his face, you knew that your words had gone in one ear and out the other.  What you didn’t know was why he was so blatantly falling apart, and on such a public stage.

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Temp Fic Re-Post!

All right, gang. Here we are.

As promised, here are the eight fics I said I would re-post for a limited time. Tentatively, I plan to leave them up through the end of this month (deleting them for good sometime on the 30th).

Read them, download them, print them out and throw them in a fire pit. We are in September, after all, and I’m sure they’d make great kindling for a bonfire! Any method you choose, enjoy!

Sing the Body Electric (link):

When a well-meaning nutcase from the cosmos determines that Steve and Tony have one of the strongest soul bonds she’s ever sensed, she takes it into her own hands to ensure that Steve and Tony are able to have what she believes every soul-bonded couple wishes — and is made — for.

Too bad she doesn’t tell Steve and Tony about this before she weaves her little magic spell. Now, Steve and Tony are forced to come to terms with the fact that the week Tony spent as a woman was not as harmless an exercise as they’d originally thought.

And there’s no easy way to fix it.

Like a Bolt Out of the Blue (link):

Evidently, aliens aren’t the only thing that come out of wormholes. Future children also happen to fall out of them, too. Or maybe alternate universe is more likely.

Because there’s no way this is Tony’s future daughter that’s just appeared in his workshop calling him ‘Papa’ and talking about people and things he’s never heard of. And there’s absolutely no way he broke up with Pepper only to end up marrying some 'old man’ that probably can’t even get it up. That Tony Stark might have been that desperate for a ring, but he sure isn’t.

And Bruce and Rhodey are absolutely nuts if they think he constantly talks about the Cap because he’s secretly attracted to him. No, the guy is just a sanctimonious jerk that needs to be taken down a peg. It has nothing to do with attraction at all. Nothing.

OK, not too much.

If Only in my Dreams (link):

When Steve falls asleep in the middle of the Alps on Christmas Eve 1944, the last thing he expects is to wake up over seventy years into the future in a sleepy, snow-covered New York village right out of Currier and Ives.

And father to a toddler. And married to a man.

Which is why it’s clearly a Hydra plot.

They All Disappear From View (link):

Tony teaches Steve how to dance.

Which would be fine if Steve wasn’t so crazy about Tony. Now, he just hopes he doesn’t make a fool of himself in front of the first crush he’s had in seventy years.

Takes place a few months after the Battle of New York.

If the Fates Allow (link):

It wouldn’t be Christmas if Steve wasn’t having an existential crisis of some kind.

On this year’s agenda: Confronting the horrible realization that the serum that kept him alive in the ice for seventy years now keeps him from being able to age past the moment when he was first transformed into the peak of human perfection.

Which maybe wouldn’t be horrible except for the fact that this means he’ll remain exactly the way he is as he watches his loved ones grow old and die. And Steve Rogers has no desire to outlive his family.

(Just Like) Starting Over (link):

Seven years ago, Steve broke up with Tony because he thought it was the Right Thing to Do™ for both of them.

But he never asked Tony.

And now it’s seven years later, and Tony has decided to very publicly remind Steve of a promise he made to him once upon a time.

Or, Steve and Tony dated in college, broke up, and now Tony wants Steve back again.

Our House (link):

No matter how long they’ve been together, Steve and Tony will always be a couple of self-sacrificing idiots willing to make themselves miserable so long as they think the other is happy.

Or: Steve and Tony decide to sell their house and part ways forever because each thinks it’s what the other wants.

Let’s Start the New Year Right (link):

Two chapters, two separate years, two different New Year’s Eve celebrations by Tony and Steve:

Chapter One: It’s New Year’s Eve, and rather than spend it with the other Avengers at the party that Tony himself spent weeks planning, he and Steve decide to claim the night — and some new traditions — for themselves.

Chapter Two: Tony realizes he and Steve are that couple — the settled, domesticated, married couple that have responsibilities and obligations that keep them from hanging out with their friends on that most celebrated party night of the year.

Imagine Waking Up Married To Tony After A Wild Night In Vegas.

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(A/N: Set after the first movie) 

“You mean you seriously don’t know who I am? Me? Genius Playboy Billionaire Philanthropist Tony Stark? Ironman!!” 

You rolled your eyes, hastily pulling up your pair of pants. Friends warned you not to get drunkenly married in Vegas, but it had been a shot at both your perpetual singleness and dislike of liquor. So where exactly did you go wrong to end up sleeping with a man more worried about his fame than an accidental marriage?

“Look I’m in college right now working on two degrees. So it’s safe to say I don’t pay attention to anything outside of academics- will you please put on some clothes?” You replied irritated.

Tony ignored you, still flabbergasted by the notion of being unknown to someone. At first he thought it was some convoluted lie in attempts to get his money. After all this wouldn’t be the first time some crazy person tried to make him their sugar daddy (although drunken marriage in Vegas was a new one.) However that accusation went out the window the moment you started freaking out about being married to someone your dad’s age. Yup that was a low blow for him… 

“What are they? Engineering? Business? Physics? Anything business, science or math related? There’s no way you couldn’t have heard of me- hell, I’m every political science professor’s wet dream.” Tony pressed. 

You sighed clearly annoyed. “Classical literature and history. ”

“Really?” He asked, this time sounding annoyed. “You’re a history major, but you’ve never heard the Stark name?”

“Of course I have. I took a whole class centered around World War Two and Howard Stark’ s aide during it. It’s TONY Stark, I never heard of.” You stated. “ Now will you get dressed so we can get an annulment?”

Okay, he was now convinced you were telling the truth. An annulment meant a clean break, no splitting of assets, stocks or money. A positive for him seeing how Tony couldn’t remember any prenup during the ceremony. “I’m Howard Stark’ s son.” He blurted out, unsure for the first time ever how to word his question. 

“Congratulations. I kind of figured, after the whole Howard Stark thing. ” You said dryly. 

“I own Stark Industries.” Tony added. “Worth billions of dollars. ”

“Good for you. ” You muttered. “Are you going to put clothes on?”

“You didn’t sign a prenup. You could take me for all my money. ” Tony continued. He couldn’t tell if you were stupid or what. Seeing how you’ve been living under a rock though, he’d take the latter. 

“You’re a billionaire. Don’t tell me, you can’t afford a legion of lawyers to fight whatever tv advertised one I get.” You had a point there. “Look I came here to have some fun. Not to accidentally marry anyone- let alone the apparent heir of Howard Stark, okay?”

“Okay.” Tony nodded, still in disbelief. 

You clapped . “Great. Since we’re both in agreement, how about pants and a shirt?”

The billionaire looked down as if suddenly realizing his nudity. “You know, I think you’re the only person besides my assistant to ever tell me that.”

You shrugged. “I saw it all last night, no need to see it again. ”

“Well I feel used. ” Tony mentioned, gathering his clothes. 

“Would you feel better if I said you were the best I ever had?” You blanched

“Not with that enthusiasm.” He retorted, smirking. Vaguely Tony could remember a conversation last night similar to this. Actually he could remember several…

Glancing over at you, Tony finally appraised the stranger he accidentally married. (H/C) hair, (e/c) eyes, (S/C) skin, you were a pretty thing for sure, but no where near his usual type. Despite this he felt drawn to you. Drawn to your wit, brutal bluntness, independent attitude- and more than anything, he was drawn to your ignorance of him. To you, he was just some strange man you woke up married to. Just Tony and not Stark…it felt freeing.

“Shall we head out?” You suggested, shooting him a tired smile. 

“Yeah, of course. Let’s get this thing annulled before you figure out who you really married, and take all my money.” Tony joked. “But first let’s get brunch.“ 

 There were three days left of his vacation, and Tony was determined to spend them with you. Even if it meant putting off the annulment for a little while.

Stony high school au. Steve crushes on Tony, but Tony seems only interested in dating Loki or Doom (both of whom he bounces between). Determining that Tony likes bad boys, Steve enlists the help of Bucky and Natasha to make him look like a “bad boy”. The result is copious amounts of leather and fade away tattoos.

10 Years of SteveTony Fic Rec

As I’m sure you all know by now, today (March 14th) is the 10th anniversary of The Confession and the 10th anniversary of the SteveTony ship!

Since my fic wasn’t done in time to post today (homework and midterms are a bitch), and I wanted to post something today for the anniversary of The Confession, I’ve decided to post a fic rec with my all time favorite stevetony fics of all time! Here we go! Hopefully my anniversary fic will be done by tomorrow lol

It’s long, you’ve been warned. Also, this is in no way an exhaustive list of my favs and when I think of more I might add them lol

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Oh man - I can just picture smol! fresh faced Tony taking on MIT. No one really takes him seriously, he’s too young, too small and talks too fast, so everyone ignores him, but Cap Tsum is determined to make sure that Tony makes it through. The first time that Tony is ganged up on, Cap Tsum Tsum is ENRAGED - he does his best, but even he can’t take all of them on. So he does the next best thing…

He drags the bewildered bystander over (who heard Cap Tsum Tsum’s battle cry of rage), and together they save Tony. Afterwards, Tony is shy, but Cap Tsum Tsum is determined, and nudges Tony towards the bemused Rhodey. It only takes a short while, but Cap Tsum Tsum is estatic when Rhodey and Tony become good friends.

Asdklfjlhg, Yes I love this idea! 

Cap Tsum Tsum standing on Tony’s shoulder and encouraging him to say hi to Rhodey and thank him for helping and Tony is just so hesitant and shy but he eventually does it and Rhodey can’t help but wanting to stick by Tony’s side, especially when his own soulmate’s Tsum Tsum, a Carol/Captain Marvel Tsum Tsum, starts becoming really good friends with Cap Tsum Tsum. 

Now it’s Tony and Rhodey against MIT and their little Tsum Tsums will not hesitate to charge at anyone who wants to hurt them, especially when they tag team. They’re vicious little cuties. 

And when they take moments to hang out, make breakfast or something, their Tsum Tsums turn out to be very mischievous and there’s never a moment where they don’t duo up against them and play around.
Sixpence In His Shoe, Chapter 3
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Steve dedicates himself to a goal with his usual single minded determination, and Tony contemplates a nervous breakdown.


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Omg I am in love with your Dragon!Verse. Imagine the side effects working when Tony is in the shop with Bucky, and Bucky is following along with math Bruce has trouble understanding, and it clicks with Tony? And I really want Tony to hand him a Stark phone and Buckys shoulders just to relax. Steve trying to puzzle out why Bucky is following Tony all the time (Bucky finds him soothing) and then amused when Bucky finds out Tony doesn't feed himself and Bucky follows him around with food insisting

He eat, and Rhodey isn’t sure whats going on but he loves that the new guy is helping him try to make sure Tony eats properly. Tony is so confused. Bucky using those feelings he gets to determine when Tony is hungry or something. I just love this so much! So good, can’t wait to see more.

Yay! Someone else I’ve successfully pulled down the dragon AU-shaped hole with me!! Also how dare you leaving me SO MANY BEAUTIFUL IDEAS DO YOU EVEN REALISE WHAT YOU DO TO ME HERE????? 

Just, the idea of Tony not realising what’s going on with Bucky forever, not even when they’re kidnapped and Bucky goes in a rage to protect him, only for a really complicated equation of all things to make him realise that he’s linked to Bucky!!! Bruce would probably ask Bucky incredulously how he even knows that, only for Bucky to frown, unable to recall the answer (which in his case is usually a bad sign, so angst). Meanwhile Tony suddenly just gets it and for the first time actively looks for a link to Bucky in his mind–and promptly freak out when he finds it. Because of course he does.

I think this would happen at a point where the team doesn’t yet know about Tony (I still haven’t figured out what will lead to that revelation, and whether Tony tells them or something out of his control happens). So he’ll likely make some terrible joke about Hydra being at least educational that gets him a glare from Bruce and more panic from Bucky, and then he runs away strategically retreats into his workshop. He focuses very hard on keeping the link shut at all times after that, which further throws Bucky off because the voice is gone again, he’s lost it, and he doesn’t understand how or why.

The Starkphone thing happens probably right at the start, because like hell is anyone in Tony’s tower using something other than his tech. He probably marches up to Bucky all aggressive, expecting a fight of epic proportions about not accepting charity (aka Steve’s reaction). But Bucky is just wary and then, when he realises what Tony’s giving him, he just relaxes. He’s too relieved to finally have a phone that feels right, and Tony is thrown by how positive Bucky’s reaction is–he even gets a genuinely happy thank you??–and that’s how their tentative camaraderie first starts.

On Tony’s side at least, because Bucky is already obsessed with him, thanks to his mental voice. Also protective, so once he realises that Tony can get stuck so deep in his own mind he doesn’t even notice he’s hungry (and how he sometimes doesn’t show up on team dinners after he had a fight with one of the members) he starts slipping him food. It starts with snacks, but once he discovers a couple of cooking shows Bucky begins his quest in earnest. I think he might genuinely love cooking too. Doing something, creating something that doesn’t hurt anyone, and the trust the others show when they eat it, that’s just amazing.

The mind link is a huge help because it helps Bucky determine in what kind of mood Tony is, whether he’s likely to purposefully skip dinner to avoid someone, and stuff like that. 

Rhodey probably is a bit distrustful, because there’s a ex-brainwashed Hydra agent living in his best friend’s home, alright, he’s allowed to be worried about that. He doesn’t know what he expects when he finally gets some time off but what he doesn’t expect is to find is Bucky standing in the kitchen making cupcakes and Tony walking up and down, a Starkpad in one hand, a half-eaten cupcake in the other, talking on the phone with Pepper whilst working on the schematics JARVIS has pulled up on the fridge door. Every now and then Tony sneaks a taste of the bright pink frosting while Bucky pretends he doesn’t notice.

When Rhodey turns around and looks at Steve in silent demand of an explanation, all he gets is a shrug and a puzzled look. “We just leave them to it,” Steve explains. “It gets us cupcakes.”

During the next few days Rhodey watches Bucky feed Tony everything from sweets to vegetarian lasagne. He’s not sure what to think of the entire thing, but it’s nice to know that someone’s taking care of Tony.

He also understands Steve’s position a lot more. Those cupcakes are delicious, and until given reason to change his mind Rhodey isn’t going to say anything against Bucky.

(Rhodey also wonders if Tony realises how easily he accepts whatever Bucky hands him–but he knows his friend well enough not to point that detail out. Tony will notice it on his own eventually, and Rhodey will be there for him during the inevitable panic attack said realisation is going to lead to.)

Masked pt. iii

It’s been a solid month. (crazy crazy ass month.) Sorry for the delay but I hope it’s worth it. Another solid 3k+ words.

Warning, theres a lot of cussing and a solid amount of angst. 

Anyway, shall we get to it?

pt. ii

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Fuck-Boi Bucky accidentally falling in love with Tony.

I actually really like the idea of Bucky being a big time player and being used to having whoever he wants. Then he meets Tony who doesn’t fall for his charms and doesn’t actually like him to begin with. Bucky, at first, is determined to get Tony to like him and then fall in bed with him. But the more he stays around Tony and gets to see how truly wonderful this man is, he starts falling love with Tony. He panics because he’s never been in love before, love is something that he never truly believed in. Then Tony comes along and makes him question EVERYTHING. 

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So, thats my entry for the @frostironreversebang.

But the thing is, the most wonderful thing about this is that it inspired @dracusfyre to write the most wonderful story about it. People say that all the time, so i wont say it blew me off my feet. I was in a storm once and i never was blown off my feet, not even by wind.

But this one made me squeal. And I normally dont squeal. So thats that.

Just read it.

SUMMARY: Tony wasn’t born yesterday; whatever Loki is after, he’ll probably disappear as soon as he gets it.  But until then, he seems determined to drive Tony crazy, and Tony’s never been one to deny himself in the face of overwhelming temptation.