Skunks of the Americas

There are nine species of skunk, all endemic to the Americas. They are, of course, best known for their defensive spray, which they can project up to 12 feet (3.75 m). If got in the eyes, it can cause temporarily blindness, but even the surprise and the smell can provide enough of a window for escape.

The smell doesn’t just bother humans - most mammals are also deterred and won’t attack a skunk; the main predator of skunks is actually Great Horned Owls, as most birds have a very poor sense of smell.

Skunks used to be classified in the Family Mustelidae - the weasels and other musk-producing animals - but are now placed in their own family, the Mephitidae.

The Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is the most widespread in North America, found from northern Mexico north into the Canadian boreal forests. Like all skunks, it is omnivorous, but mostly eats invertebrates. It, and other skunks, will sometimes dig at bee nests, eating the guards who come out to investigate and relying on their thick fur to protect them from stings.

photograph by K. Theule/ USFWS - Mountain-Prairie Region

(via: Peterson Field Guides)

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I don't know how I feel about that... Everything in canon that I've seen has painted them more to be moirails than anything else. No real romance there. It's probably the main reason why I don't like it Nothing against you or DaveKat shippers though!

thank you i appreciate you not givin me a bad time about it, ^_^ if youre interested heres some screenshots from the wiki that i believe prove it, there was also convos between him and roxy implying that dave has “been in/ is in love” with someone- and dave actually asked dirk advice on how to come out- :0 of course this isnt ment to deter you from any of your ships or force you to ship davekat! im just telling you what i know :)

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YES. Would Hux be the kind of sick person who works through a burning fever and Kylo has to drag him to bed?

Absolutely. He works until he drops. Quite literally. Many a time Kylo has had to catch him when he falls over, then help him back to his room. He swears he doesn’t need to be taken care of, and a medical droid could very well easily suffice. But that does not deter our knight in the slightest.

No being that is
and self-determent
can ever be
inheritedly submissive,
any doctrine
claiming otherwise is
severely malicious.

For what is a human
if not allowed
to reach
for their dreams
in a state
of absolute freedom?

What evil compelled
these ancient
to differentiate
between men and women?

Why are there still so many
blindly following their

Inheritedly submissive - M.A. Tempels © 2016

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But now how would the Autobots react to humans periods and/or bodily functions

you’ve got a thing for human biology, dontcha.

Autobots (TFP)

  • Optimus Prime and Ratchet would likely already know what periods are. Optimus doesn’t really question the biology, nor is he grossed out by it. 6 million years of war tends to desensitize you from things so simple. Plus, it’s not like you can just not be on your period, so he gets you anything you need to feel comfortable. If you want, he will lay down with you against his spark and stroke a thumb gently over your stomach. Ratchet wouldn’t be grossed out by it either, and in fact finds the human body quite amazing, with how its biology just knows to dispel it of the unneeded egg. He’ll get you medication and supplements and blankets- anything you want, to comfort you.

  • Bumblebee wouldn’t be deterred by it either. He thinks that since it’s a natural body function, it’s pretty cool. You show him diagrams and videos of how the uterus sheds its lining and he’s super interested in how the body knows to do that. He’s… asked you to show him. With your own body. Not even as an excuse to make love to you, but he’s just way too interested. Don’t be weird, Bee.

  • Bulkhead and Arcee probably aren’t too interested in the science behind it, but if you’re in any kind of discomfort or pain, they will be sure to do anything for you to feel better. They will be the ones who take Raf and Jack out to the store so they can buy you (and Miko) any extra supplies you need. Because they’re all angels, Bumblebee encourages the boys to pick you up some chocolates as well.

  • Wheeljack and Smokescreen are both pretty grossed out by it, but it’s because they don’t understand why it has to happen. Once you tell them why it’s important that it does happen, they’re relieved. At least you’re not pregnant!
Eau Rouge kerbs stay unchanged for Belgian GP
Formula 1 chiefs have elected to make no changes to the kerbs at Eau Rouge for this year's Belgian Grand Prix, amid the ongoing debate over track limits.

Formula 1 chiefs have elected to make no changes to the kerbs at Eau Rouge for this year’s Belgian Grand Prix, amid the ongoing debate over track limits.

The area surrounding Raidillon – the left hander at the top of the hill past Eau Rouge – has long been an area of controversy with drivers getting a good benefit on to the Kemmel Straight if they can straightline it.

Last year, a kerb was placed parallel to the inside of this corner in a bid to deter drivers from taking liberties, but it was removed after Friday practice following complaints.

Instead, a series of white raised speed bumps to the left of the kerbs, that were in place last year, are the only physical deterrent to drivers.

Although these bumps do appear small, they contributed to a high-speed crash at the Euroformula Open race at Spa earlier this year when Nikita Zlobin was lifted into a backflip.

It is unclear at the moment if the FIA will choose to impose any form of penalty on drivers who abuse track limits in this area for the Belgian weekend, with team managers due to meet with F1 race director on Thursday.

At an F1 Strategy Group meeting before the German Grand Prix, teams wanted the FIA to abolish all track limits in a bid to spice up the sport – but Whiting did not believe such a move was practical.

Track changes

The FIA has confirmed that some of the run-off areas have been changed, however, as part of an ongoing review of circuits.

The kerbs and artificial grass on the exit of Turn 7 (the final right hander of Les Combes) have been extended as far as the end of the gravel traps.

While the artificial grass behind the kerb on the exit of Turn 15 (Curve Paul Frere) has been extended back towards the corner as far as the green painted section of asphalt.

I’m pretty sure that if drastic changes were made at Eau Rogue the drivers themselves would have gone to put everything back as it was beforehand.

F1 drivers by day, track avengers by night.



[✱ Well, it was probably the only consistency in Contempt’s overly-lacking life in the void. Messing with Cubesy’s shit, that is. He didn’t actually know if reorganizing the other’s entire library honestly bothered him or not, but it made Contempt feel like he had a purpose.

And that purpose was to be a little shit.

Remorse, naturally, was unable to deter him from his shenanigans – and thus remained in their sector as Contempt wandered off into the void. It doesn’t take him long to get there, nor does it take him long to sneak in and start fucking shuffling the books like cards in a casino.]

Astrological Days of the Week

Our entire calendar system is based on the lunar cycles. The word “month” derives from the word “moon.” Each lunar cycle lasts about 28 days and there are 13 of them in a solar year. Our current Gregorian calendar has deterred from natural rhythm just a bit, but if you do the math, 365 divides by 13 almost exactly to 28.08, which is subsequently where leap day comes from.

From the seeding of the New Moon until the First Quarter Moon is 7 days, with the Full Moon following 7 days later. Thus, the 28 day “moonth” divides evenly into 4 periods of 7 days each. The word “week” has its etymological origins from an Old Norse word “wikon,” which means “turning,” or “succession.” Appropriately so, when we understand that everything is a cycle.

Before telescopes showed us the unfathomable infinity of the cosmos, the ancients observed just 7 moving spheres in the sky. “Planet” derives from the Greek word for “wanderer,” so the Sun and Moon fell under the same umbrella as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. In divine perfection, each planet gained rulership over one of the week days.

Some origins are more obvious than others, depending on which language we speak.

With intent, we can apply this knowledge to our lives when we are trying to be more effective. For example, if we are trying to remove something from our lives, Saturday is the most favorable and Jupiter is the least favorable. This is because Jupiter rules growth and Saturn rules contraction.
In another example, if you are creating a resume, Sunday and Tuesday are best, ruling courage and outward projection of self. If you are trying to conceive a child, Monday, Tuesday and Friday are best since they each rule various aspects of conception, intimacy and love. If you are studying, Wednesday and Thursday are best for enhanced absorption of material and understanding.

Below is a list of each weekday, not limited to the following list of attributes, but representative of the myriad of similar manifestations associated with their unique vibrations.

Sunday: spiritual strength, individuality, identity, notoriety, success, fame, true self, shining, imprint, talent, ability, gratitude, infinite connection

Monday: women’s mysteries, dreams, prophecy, receptivity, emotions, fertility, intuitive insight, nurturing, home, family, medicine, healing, cooking, the past, heritage

Tuesday: courage, victory, initiation, protection, rebellion, strength, success, primal sexuality, power, war, conviction

Wednesday: communication, commerce, arts, transportation, change, creativity, travel, mental pursuits, intelligence, study, memorization, writing

Thursday: abundance, prosperity, growth, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, gambling, spiritual practice, global consciousness, joy, positivity, optimism

Friday: love, birth, fertility, romance, friendship, aesthetic, beauty, harmony, pleasure, passion, gentleness, pregnancy, partnership, music, arts, incense

Saturday: banishing, protection, elimination (apana), cleansing, endings, closure, limitation, relieving, releasing, spirituality, maturity (and accompanying wisdom), boundary, service, austerity, renunciation

In conclusion, regardless of symbolic observance, calendars are astro-logical!

Grateful to share this wisdom.
Much love, Catherine O’Neill

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Gut begonnen #6

“Bob Dylan”: das ist der Name einer Kunstfigur, die der 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota (“in the north country fair”) als erstes Kind einer jüdischen Mittelklassefamilie geborene, in Hibbing, Minnesota aufgewachsene Robert Allan Zimmerman um 1959 erfunden, deren Namen er 1962 offiziell angenommen und mit der er sich zeitweise identifiziert hat. “I’m Bob Dylan only if I have to”, hat er in einem Interview in den achtziger Jahren erklärt. Wer aber ist er, wenn er nicht Bob Dylan ist?

Heinrich Detering: Bob Dylan. Philipp Reclam jun. Stuttgart (2007).

Horoscope - Aug 10 2016

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You have the proper words at your disposal today to describe those feelings that are typically not easy to talk about. Fortunately, you won’t be deterred from speaking your piece while persuasive Mercury teams up with relentless Pluto, empowering you to press your point until you convince others that your position is a wise one. Nevertheless, there’s still room for improvement which means it’s crucial to listen to the critical feedback you receive. The Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.”

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Someone’s response to your actions might feel like an attack on your judgment. However, it may be that your thin-skinned reaction turns constructive criticism into a personal affront. Thankfully, clear thinking and strategic planning smooth out ruffled feathers with stabilizing aspects from Mercury to Pluto. Instead of escalating an unnecessary conflict by over-personalizing everything you hear today, sink beneath the surface and connect with the deeper message.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Mixed signals at work could prompt you to think you lost your way today, yet wallowing in self-doubt won’t accomplish anything. However, you are motivated to clear the air in order to improve the current communication dynamics. Thankfully, you can quickly develop a diplomatic strategy to resolve the tension while interactive Mercury trines evolutionary Pluto. Trust earned by hard work and accountability invites deeper discussions and important insights, which in turn can produce a sensible solution to an existing problem.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Your sensitivity to the plights of others is one of your greatest gifts, but it could be the source of deeply rooted angst today. You might be slightly overwhelmed because of the magnitude of trouble you see in the world or in the suffering of those around you. But instead of withdrawing to nurse your pain, you have a chance to help people by participating in meaningful dialogue. Rather than creating an emotional gulf between you and your loved ones, a supportive Mercury-Pluto trine opens communication channels so you don’t feel so alone. Reaching out places peace of mind within reach.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You seem to be at odds with the world today, but in your heart of hearts you know you’re right. Unfortunately, everyone is so entrenched in their own positions that there’s no resolution to be found. Tempers might flare at first, but Mercury’s trine to Pluto allows you to bring the conversation back to the real issues. Discussing what motivated the argument in the first place is your key to resolving the differences, no matter how deep they run. Author Dorothy Thomas wrote, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.”

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

There are many voices in your head fighting for your attention, and it is a challenge to choose which one to listen to now. You may struggle at first if you pretend to have a plan in place, yet admitting you don’t have an answer for every question reveals your vulnerable side. Mercury’s creative trine with surgical Pluto helps you cut through the clutter, dig down to the heart of the matter and communicate with conviction. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goal, especially yourself.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Your values might clash with those of your friends while the Moon in your 2nd House of Core Beliefs dynamically squares the Sun in your 11th House of Community, bringing you to the edge of verbal combat. You know what you want, you express it and you’re willing to show that you mean it. Fortunately, Mercury creates an agreeable trine with evolutionary Pluto, allowing you to magically transform a potential conflict into an intimate moment if you’re willing to join someone in unknown emotional territory. Author Gail Sheehy wrote, “The delights of self-discovery are always available.”

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Your emotional reaction is swift and strong today yet you must fight for recognition every step of the way. It’s as if everything feels more complicated than it is. People aren’t confident in your ability to keep your love light shining now. Mercury’s favorable trine to penetrating Pluto is ideal for addressing a delicate issue requiring careful communication. Thankfully, your perceptions empower your words and supply you with the information needed to prove your point. Your intuition is an endless resource if you are wise enough to use it.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You prefer to conceal your emotions today because you don’t want them to interfere with your professional activities. Your thinking is clear and deep now; your communication is concise and compelling. But working to bring your hidden feelings out into the open is only the first step to connecting with others. Ultimately, directing your attention to where it will do the greatest good is your smartest strategy. Your character’s strength is measured less by your words and more by your actions.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You may feel underappreciated by someone close to you today. Nevertheless, you have a clear understanding of your desires, so concentrated efforts can produce dramatic results in a short amount of time. Cerebral Mercury’s creative trine with incisive Pluto deepens your insights and sharpens your words to help you encourage coworkers and friends. In the final analysis, your positivity motivates others and then cycles around to lift your spirits. The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You can’t help but bring your emotions to work with you now, even if you wish you could conveniently leave them at home. Fortunately, you can create some distance between you and your desires without denying your feelings. But you must be brave and push past your resistance to establish a deeper connection with your colleagues while Mercury forms a harmonious trine with secretive Pluto. A meaningful conversation with the right person is priceless, no matter where it takes place.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Everyone seems so practical today that it appears like you have nowhere to fit in and call home. Your emotions are so strong that you might feel a sense of alienation from those closest to you. Nevertheless, you possess plenty of perfect answers, if only you could figure out a way to get your message across. But be careful what you say when Mercury receives a passionate blast from potent Pluto, giving your words tremendous power. Your intensity can scare others away now if you put it on full blast. Ultimately, communication works best when it flows both ways.

Source : Rick Levine

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Aphrodisiac virus makes plants super-attractive to bumblebees
The benefits of a viral infection for tomato plants may outweigh the costs – infected plants attract more pollinators and therefore produce more seeds
By Nenad Jarić Dauenhauer

Going viral is a good thing. Viral infections can help some plants attract more pollinators and produce more seeds, essentially boosting – rather than hurting – their evolutionary fitness, a new study has found.

Plants are known to emit volatile chemicals that deter herbivores or attract pollinators or seed dispersers. Some viruses can change those volatiles to attract insects, such as aphids, that damage plants but help transmit the virus between them.

Now, a team of researchers lead by John Carr from the University of Cambridge has shown in greenhouse experiments that a cucumber mosaic virus can change the types and amounts of chemicals emitted by an infected tomato plant, so that it attracts more bumblebees to pollinate it. As a result, the plants in their experiments produced more seeds.

Without pollination, the virus affected the plants negatively, decreasing their seed production, compared with non-infected plants. But when bumblebees were present, it had the opposite effect.

When the researchers then modelled what would happen under natural conditions, they found that such viruses could indeed enhance plant attractiveness to pollinators enough to make up for loss of fitness due to infection.

This means that the benefits of the virus could outweigh the drawbacks, allowing genes for susceptibility to persist in plant populations.

“To my knowledge, this is the first evidence that virus infection can make plants more attractive to pollinators,” says Carr.

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Oklahoma noose display not meant to be racist.

Old White Racist: *makes a racist display featuring nooses*

Public:  We are outraged at this racist display!

Old White Racist:  Oh it’s not meant to be racist, just a warning against thieves.


MOUNDS, Okla. - A display of nooses shocked motorists along an Oklahoma highway.

CBS Tulsa affiliate KOTV reports the display was up for only a short time, and had been placed there because the homeowner was trying to deter thieves.

The nooses were hung in a tree with a sign that read: “It’s best not to be hanging around this area after dark.”

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice told KOTV the homeowner removed the signs voluntarily after a day or so because of the negative attention on social media and possible danger of people stopping on the highway to look at it. Rice said the display was not illegal.

KJRH-TV reports that the owner of the display, Merle Martindale, says it was not meant to be racist, just merely a warning to any potential thief.


So apparently, you can just take a widely recognized symbol of historical bigotry and completely ignore all of the negative connotations.

*paints sign featuring a swastika that says “I better NAZI you round here after dark”*
Oh, I’m not anti-Semitic.  I just don’t want trespassers.

*burns some crosses on Black neighbor’s yard*
Oh, I don’t hate ni- Blacks, it was just cold and I thought they’d like a campfire.

If you are a bigot and you are bold enough to put your bigotry on display then own the fuck up to your bigotry.  I’m so tired of weak ass shadow racists who act like they didn’t know whatever they did was hella offensive.  You DID it because you WANTED people to be offended.  Why are you backing down?

And I’m especially surprised at this fool’s behavior during this our great season of Donald Trump’s America.  Aren’t the racists supposed to be bout that life currently?  Aren’t they Making America White again and to hell with anyone who gets in their way?  C’mon, Merle, you gon’ hafta do a lil bit better than this if you want to be invited to the next White Supremacist Rally and Inbreeding Showcase.