deter aggression

No to the quiet, no to the calm;
I am noise – rancorous, riotous,
the beckoning of the storm, the storm
imbibed. I am not silenced by spectacle,
I am not deterred by passive aggression;
I am bespoke cacophony – tailored
from the finer wavelengths of thunder,
the cracking of bones and the soliloquy
of doors slammed by gales of infuriated
indignation. Do not sit there and listen;
sit the fuck up and shake in your boots
because I am unforgiving; I am not humble
in my honour and in my passion,
and when I wield my scythe, I yield
to nothing amidst a dance of destruction.
I will no longer allow my rough edges
to be shaved and sandpapered to civility.
I will clank about in that damn box of a cliché
until you grind your teeth in despair:
I will always have something to say,
I will always say it without hesitation,
You won’t just sit there and listen,
You will feel my wrath swell in your womb.

The spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve tweeted the reasoning behind the Strykers’ high-profile arrival in Manjib, Syria

.@CJTFOIR has taken this deliberate action to reassure Coaltion mbrs & partner forces, deter aggression and keep focus on defeating #ISIS